Tyrannosaurus Wrecks is now in paperback — with a preview of Bear Bottom

In all the excitement over the launch of Charlie Thorne and the Lost City, I haven’t done much promotion for my other book release yesterday:  Tyrannosaurus Wrecks, the sixth book in the FunJungle series, came out in paperback.

And if it wasn’t enough to have a new paperback FJ book, this one has a sneak preview of Bear Bottom, book seven in the series.  You can read the first chapter: The Selfie of Doom.

Or, you can just wait until May 11 for the hardcover release of Bear Bottom, and then read the whole thing at once.  Your call.


187 thoughts on “Tyrannosaurus Wrecks is now in paperback — with a preview of Bear Bottom

  1. egg –

    Why would you want spoilers??? Everyone, do not give spoilers on this site, please!

  2. It’s funny how like a bunch of people are talking about pre ordering at target, and I’m just sitting here thinking “Well I don’t have target here”. So, I’m just going to get it on my e-reader the day it comes out, mainly because I like most books on e-readers rather than paper.
    – the investigator

  3. I like the paper books because I think books smell nice( I know it’s weird).

  4. Victoria-

    Ooh, that’s a tough one. I would probably say Charlie overall, but Ben’s a little bit stronger in math I think.

  5. Rubber Mask-
    I prefer the Hardcover books because the spine smells like maple syrup. XD

  6. @DookieFace-
    XD, When has it smelled like maple syrup?
    I just like the smell of actual books, Paperback/hardcover. Although, Hardcover is more satisfying to hold if it has no paper jacket around it. XD

  7. The One And Only Agent E~

    I agree, I think the paper jacket looks cool, and it’s great as a bookmark when I’m done reading, but it always slides up and down, so every time I start reading I take it off.

  8. Hi Stu-

    I’m extremely excited about the new books coming out, especially the FunJungle books, (if my name isn’t clear enough) but I do have a few questions.

    Most of the earlier books had plots that had something wrong that happened at FunJungle, and the newer books have more subplots outside FJ, which I like, but will we see more action at FunJungle?

    Also, the FunJungle employees, which have been a vital part of the earlier books, (Charlie Connor, Arthur, and Freddie) have been appearing less and less, will we return to see more of these characters? All of them have been written great by you, especially Kristi Sullivan.

    Looking forward to seeing all these new books,

  9. guys!!!

    I just got my personalized copy in the mail!!!!! I am already on the 15th chapter!! yesssss it is so good! (My brother is jealous of me!)

  10. FJFanatic –

    I have started to set the books away from FunJungle because I worried that the series was going to start feeling repetitive if I kept it there much longer. (Plus, you can only have so many crimes at a workplace before the public stops showing up.)

    The action might return to FJ again in future books. I don’t know. And as for minor characters… I can’t possibly work every character I have used back into the stories over and over. Especially ones who have been accused of a crime before. You can’t have a mystery series where the same characters are suspects over and over.

    So… if it makes sense to bring a character back, I will do it. But I’m not going to bring people back for no reason.

  11. Hey guys so I have a theroy. In the comment above stu said he didn’t want the series repetitive and didn’t have many ideas. I feel like the new FJ book coming in 2023 probably doesn’t have a plot yet but stu wants to write the book. I mean like he probably has a general idea of the plot, but it’s not really developed. Like some people were talking about why the fj8 is so far in the future. And I feel like SS and CT are ahead of FJ8 because CT is so new that lots of plots haven’t been used so lots of stories can be written along the scientists theme he talked about on the CTALC launch, and ss is well……, SS, so that can take place anywhere, so it’s hard to get repetitive with something like SS. That’s just my theroy. But what do you guys think about this

  12. One and Only Agent E and Lilliput-
    Thanks! It might be wrong that’s just a theory, but if anyone else has theories I might change mine if theirs make more sense.

  13. Hi Stu,
    You probably don’t know this yet, but when Revolution comes out in paperback will there be a preview on SSAS?

    Looking forward to Bear Bottom!

  14. best books ever!

    I answered that question in this very post! The preview is in the back of the paperback of Tyrannosaurus Wrecks.

  15. Agent Jo –

    There will probably be a preview of SSAS in the back of the SSR paperback — but it’s very likely that SSAS will come out before the SSR paperback (or on the same day) since we moved up the SSAS release date to Aug 31.

  16. Stu- Don’t paperbacks usually have previews? Like SS has a preview of Poached (or my copy does) and most of my FJ books are paper back except for TW, and they all have previews.

  17. Mr. Gibbs-

    After you finish writing a book, and it’s edited and ready to go, how long does it usually take to publish the book and distribute it to stores?

  18. Mike Brezenski –

    Yes, that’s very common. My copy of SS has a preview of SC. It takes time to print books in paperback because it takes more time and effort to make the binding good enough to be firm, but bendable too. If bendable is a word…

  19. Jessica Shang –

    I am usually doing final edits up until the last moment possible before the book has to be locked for publication. So that might be around 3-4 months before the publication date.

  20. CodeHacker-

    Just share your thoughts on Stu’s books and about the very strange discussions that happen here.

  21. oh hey ma -coug cough i mean codehacker basicly you can just ask questions to mr gibbs and talk with us cant beleive ya found the website couse

  22. Welcome, CodeHacker!
    Just share thoughts, talk, ask questions, ask Mr. Gibbs questions if you wants, etc.

  23. welcome to the gibbsverse. I am your personal chauffeur, Marcus. (not really. and that’s not my name.)

  24. CodeHacker-

    Just comment whatever you have to contribute. Except for spoilers of course… 😉

    I don’t comment often.

  25. CodeHacker-
    Hi! Welcome to the blog!You should look at all the newest blog posts, not just this one, because people comment on a lot of them. So look at the past six-ish posts. You can do this by pressing the ‘blog’ button at the top, or you can look at the top right side.

  26. Mr. Gibbs-
    the audiobook of CTATLE isn’t voiced by the person who did the ss/fj series, so will the other person do the second ct or will the regular person do it? (You may not know, and the way I wrote that is really confusing, but…just wondering:)

  27. Hello, Mr. Gibbs,
    What is your favorite part about being an author? Also, if you could have any job you like, what would it be?

    P.S. I just finished reading Charlie Thorne, and saying it was amazing is an understatement. (Although the same goes for all of your books.)

  28. @CodeHacker-
    This is the Dookieface automated message system. Firstoff, thank you for choosing stuartgibbs.com. I can guarantee that this website is lovely. If you would like, you can talk about your favorite books that Stuart Gibbs has written and also the random discussions that occur on this website. Once, my boss @Dookieface talked about bacon burgers and where the best bacon burgers were. Once again, this is the Dookieface automated message system and thank you for choosing stuartgibbs.com. 😉

  29. Claire Hutchins –

    The same person who read the original CT, Emily Woo Zeller, will read the audio of CT2. I felt it would make sense to have a woman read this series, rather than a man.

  30. Erica Ripley –

    Hearing positive reviews like yours is definitely one of the best things about being an author.

    This is the job I always wanted. There is no other job I would rather have.

  31. Hi Stu, I’ve have all your books, and they are so good, I can’t use words to describe them. I have read them like 40 times each, even CT2. My favourite ones are the CT series, and I heard CT2 had a great print run. In my opinion, it should have like 1000000 copies. I’m wondering when the characters build more character? If the series will have B&N exclusive.
    -Nathan Hale

  32. Nathan Hale –

    Sorry. Can you explain your question? Are you asking if I’m going to develop the characters more in future books? Yes.

    As for whether the series will ever have a B&N exclusive edition… That’s up to B&N.

  33. I’m re-reading The Big Game, and I’m on around chapter eight. Just imagine you walk up to your house, and it isn’t there. Then you call up your mom/dad and are like “Mom/Dad. Our house is gone.”

  34. Ben Ripley-
    First off, thanks for sharing my petition. If you haven’t signed it already, please sign it.

    There’s just one thing: the link that you gave certainly works, but you can also use https://www.change.org/SpySchoolMovie. It leads to the exact same thing, so you can use whichever one you want, but one is much faster to type and easier to remember than the other. 😉

  35. CodeHacker-
    One last piece of advise: go to Mr. Gibbs’s post http://stuartgibbs.com/2020/10/10/heres-why-i-cant-answer-certain-questions-you-have-about-my-books/. It’s all about questions that you shouldn’t ask him because he doesn’t have an answer to it. Also, read his FAQ page. This can be found at http://stuartgibbs.com/about/. Some other answers to questions are there. If you have a question that’s not on his FAQ page and is something that he can answer, you can ask him here or email him. His email is on his FAQ page.

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