Tyrannosaurus Wrecks is now in paperback — with a preview of Bear Bottom

In all the excitement over the launch of Charlie Thorne and the Lost City, I haven’t done much promotion for my other book release yesterday:  Tyrannosaurus Wrecks, the sixth book in the FunJungle series, came out in paperback.

And if it wasn’t enough to have a new paperback FJ book, this one has a sneak preview of Bear Bottom, book seven in the series.  You can read the first chapter: The Selfie of Doom.

Or, you can just wait until May 11 for the hardcover release of Bear Bottom, and then read the whole thing at once.  Your call.


187 thoughts on “Tyrannosaurus Wrecks is now in paperback — with a preview of Bear Bottom

  1. I think Spy School At Sea is a cruise to Galapagos for some reason, wait may be Charlie is there idk

  2. @RandomLlamma-
    Cool! For me, it comes two days AFTER my birthday. >: /

  3. Mr. Gibbs,

    I am very confused. Most of the time I see the word rainforest without any space in between the ‘rain’ and ‘forest’ but on page 212 of CT2 there is a space between ‘rain’ and ‘forest.’ Which one is correct?

  4. Ben Ripley –

    If you click on the words ‘Middle Grade Madness’ it brings you to a page with a link to viewing the event.

  5. Proud Member –

    If the word rainforest is written one way 100 times and another way once — why not assume the once is a mistake?

  6. When you preorder a book is it supposed to arrive the day it comes out? That’s what has happened with most of the books I have preordered in the past. I preordered CTATLC about a week before it came out, no my copy still hasn’t arrived. I’m confused.

  7. Caden Gardner –

    I am an author. I am not a publisher. I don’t handle publishing or distribution. Ideally, you should receive a preordered book the day it comes out, but that might depend on who you ordered it from, and things like the weather. I don’t control any of that. Try contacting the store you bought it from.

  8. Hi Stu and everyone here. I’m Charlotte. I once pointed out that it would be awesome if they traveled to Egypt and got into a camel chase and I was thrilled to find out that in the last page of Charlie Thorne, they booked a flight to Egypt. (sorry about the spoiler alert for those who didn’t read the new Charlie Thorne book) I really suggest the camel chase and I was really happy that they got to go to Egypt like I recommended. Maybe it will be called Charlie Thorne and the lost pyramids. Idk but I hope the suggestion will be made. I always wanted to visit Egypt. Although it was probably a coincident that they went to Egypt and I suggested that but like Charlie Thorne always says, …there is no such thing as a coincident. (P.S PLEASE add the camel chase!)

  9. I have FG 6 allready is there any where i can get a preview of bear bottom without buying funjungle 6

  10. Abe –

    Sorry, but no, there isn’t. You could always just go into a store and read it, I guess.

  11. Also stu- I am able to buy Bear Bottom off target right now and it says if i purchase it it will ship to my house in 2 weeks. Is this supposed to happen? (and it’s not a pre-order)

  12. Which state cause mine I’m CA all websites say May 11 release. Maybe a link or so thing cause then we can all read. LOL

  13. Stu-

    On amazon it says you can listen to SSAS on audible, but it still hasn’t came out yet. Can you listen to it.

  14. Caden Gardner –

    I preordered the same book and it arrived the day after it came out. And that was Amazon.

  15. Mike B –

    That doesn’t seem right. I doubt Target could ship you the book in two weeks because, as far as I know, they won’t even have the books until May.

  16. Ben Ripley –

    If a book isn’t out yet, then you can’t listen to it. It hasn’t even been recorded yet.

  17. @Mike B~
    I went to Target.com to see if it WAS out, and it says it’s for preorder.

  18. Zak –

    I start developing ideas for each SS book about a year or two before I start writing it. They I do research, brainstorm, outline, and eventually start writing. I do around 10 drafts of each book.

  19. Charlie Genius –

    I have removed your comment about the woman who reads my Charlie Thorne series. In the future, please think very carefully before posting something mean-spirited about someone else’s hard work.

  20. Stu-
    Random question: Do you have an approximate length of time in between your blog posts or is it randomized?

  21. Hey guys please help me out. So I have about $250 savings and don’t ask me wut I’ve been keeping it for. I don’t even know maybe collage or something. So I want to buy and not borrow a Ctatlc but also don’t exactly want my sis to brag that she has nor money. My mum won’t buy it for me soo any advice?

  22. Earlier in this blog you mentioned you write 10 or so drafts for each SS book. I think your readers would be very interested to read those, I know I am. Maybe after you finish writing new installments to the series, would it be at all possible to publish them somewhere? Possibly self publish them on Amazon? I think those would be hit and probably make you a lot of money.

    Thank you for your time.

  23. Commander Black –

    Sorry, but the entire reason that authors write multiple drafts of a book is because we are trying to make the book better with each draft. If we wanted to publish an earlier draft, then we wouldn’t have kept rewriting.

    So… No. I am not going to publish earlier drafts of the book. I would prefer that my readers only read the finished product.

    Also, I am pretty sure that self-publishing an early version of the book would be in violation of my contract with Simon & Schuster.

  24. Mr. Gibbs

    When a book of yours is bought online like Rakuten Kobo, do they take part of the money or are they a non-profit webstie?

  25. Zak –

    As far as I know, Rakuten Kobo is a for=profit website. Bookshop.org is not a for-profit website. All profits from that go to independent bookstores.

  26. Hi Stu,

    My copy came late from B&N, so unfortunately I was not able to read CTATLC the day that it came out, but….

    I had originally planned to read a chapter a day to somewhat last until Bear Bottom, but literally as soon as I had picked it up THAT thought went out the window!!! CTATLC might have been even better than the first one, which I actually did not think possible. The writing!!! The plot!!! And dang, I was so engrossed in the book that I actually felt awe, fear, and cold shivers (lol it was such good writing) when they figured out what Darwin’s treasure was!! (No spoilers here.) It was such an intriguing, interesting, amazing book, I read literally the whole thing cover to cover in a day.

    Just… solid perfection. The one flaw with it is now I have to wait for the third one:)))))

  27. I have a theory. We’re going to start by saying that Funjungle takes place slightly in the future. But, remember, in Poached, there’s a manager at Funjungle named Trixie. Of course I’m probably getting her name wrong and this is all moot, but I think I’m right. And if Trixie in SSR was studying to be a biochemist, that’s related to animals. So, what if, the Trixie in SSR is the Trixie in Poached. Probably a bit out there but didn’t Stu say that there was an Easter egg connection between two series’?

  28. Yeah, I can’t wait to read it!
    Also guys – question – who is your favorite Marvel character/hero, and what is your favorite Marvel movie?

  29. Oh. Wow. The Lost City is so good.

    I also have a question for all of you,

    Who do you think is better at math, Ben or Charlie?

  30. Victoria
    I think Bens smarter than Charlie
    Spider-Man, and either far from home, or homecoming.

  31. Trixie’s Twin –

    I really don’t know how the book page size is decided. That’s up to my publisher.

  32. That one guy-

    I don’t think Trixie was studying to be a biochemist. Erica’s cover was that she was studying to be a biochemist at SS.

  33. That one guy and aiden- That is a good theory, but aiden I’m pretty sure she was at a school and at the memo after ssr, it says (well it’s a blacked out word but im 95% sure it means trixe) that someone wants an animal( again, pretty sure it’s trixie). And erica also says trixie loves animals. So I personally think it’s a easter egg but that’s just me.

  34. @That One Guy, Aiden, & Mike Brezenski-
    I have Poached in front of me, scanning for the name “Trixie” along with her last name.. so far I see “Kristi,” who seems to be the Koala Keeper. That one guy, if you mean the Koala keeper, no.
    But I’ll keep scanning. But also: There an Xavier Gonzales in SS #1. I think that might be an Easter egg, and, in that case, FJ takes place in the past, which I could understand better than in the future.
    Mr Gibbs-
    What year does FJ take place?

  35. One and Only Agent E –

    The idea is for the FJ series 9and the SS series) to feel like they are taking place right now. Which is why I never name a specific year.

    Obviously, this doesn’t work so well when there’s a pandemic, but they should feel like they could take place at any other time.

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