Tyrannosaurus Wrecks is now in paperback — with a preview of Bear Bottom

In all the excitement over the launch of Charlie Thorne and the Lost City, I haven’t done much promotion for my other book release yesterday:  Tyrannosaurus Wrecks, the sixth book in the FunJungle series, came out in paperback.

And if it wasn’t enough to have a new paperback FJ book, this one has a sneak preview of Bear Bottom, book seven in the series.  You can read the first chapter: The Selfie of Doom.

Or, you can just wait until May 11 for the hardcover release of Bear Bottom, and then read the whole thing at once.  Your call.


187 thoughts on “Tyrannosaurus Wrecks is now in paperback — with a preview of Bear Bottom

  1. Mr.Gibbs-

    You said that you are revising up until the final cutoff date for publication, usually 3-4 months before the release date. Does that mean all of the major events in SSAS is done, or can you delete one as you see fit?

  2. IDK MY NAME –

    SSAS is really mostly done and past the point where i would make any major changes. But I am still tweaking it to make it read as well as possible.

  3. Oh dang. I missed like two virtual events (I don’t remember the names of them). Could you please send me a link where I could watch it, if possible? Thanks.

  4. Stu- I was getting some nostalgia by reading old blog posts and noticed, on your 1st post it was published on May 12, 2010 but the 1st comment isn’t until Jan 4, 2016. Did you always have comments, or just enable them a couple of years ago?

  5. Mike B –

    I always had comments enabled. It’s just that it took a long time for me to build up a fan base.

  6. Mr Gibbs-
    I read the preview of bebar bottom, and are there really tourists that dumb? I’ve been to yellowstone a few times, and I’ve never seen any tourons when I visited, or I at least didn’t notice them. The stupidest thing I remember someone doing was getting 20 feet away from a deer and throwing snowballs into a geyser.

  7. Aidan –

    First of all, remember that I write fiction. A lot of things I write about don’t necessarily happen as much as Teddy encounters them.

    Second, I have seen PLENTY of people in Yellowstone getting way too close to wild animals. And throwing snowballs into a geyser isn’t really that intelligent.

  8. Mr. Gibbs-
    I know, I just figure some things would be exaggerated

    it probably isn’t a good idea, but no geysers exploded and nothing happened to to them iirc

  9. Koop totuga –

    Honestly, SSR didn’t come out that long ago. And yet, plenty of new books have come out since then. I even have a new book out myself: Charlie Thorne and the Lost City.

  10. @Hi!-

    It won’t let me join. It says my password is incorrect, even though I just made my account. Sorry.

  11. Just a question:
    SPYDER does evil for a reasonable price. For some things, they do like melt Antarctica to get more money via hotels/amusement parks/ really anything. But, they say SPYDER does Evil ‘For a reasonable price’, so is someone paying them to do it, or do they do it for themselves? And if someone pays them then, who?
    Thank you for reading and I love your books!
    Thank you

  12. Newt Scamander –

    Who pays SPYDER is a very good question. Let’s just say that there are no shortage of wealthy people on earth willing to pay someone else to do their dirty work.

  13. hi its me brrrrazil do you remember me I have not been here in a long time so I’m here now 😀

  14. It was cool! I got Ethan. Even though it asked you your gender and I said girl…whatever it doesn’t matter, but I thought that would mean that I would have a female character. Also, on a completely random different post, apparently Erica is short for AMERICA and im a big fan but i had never seen that before and thought it needed to get out there……!!!!!!! I was um very shocked

  15. The discord isn’t good…you have to be 13 or over to access it. Just cuz I’m in 5th grade, I cant do it! It isn’t fair, 5th grade is like the age where kids are most interested in stuart gibbs’s books anyway! >:(

  16. Cats-

    Meh, Discord is overrated. Sure it’s fun to talk to people but it really isn’t all that much

  17. I’ve never bothered to join the Stuart Gibbs discord even though I can. You guys can’t?

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