Bad news about the Spy School movie — for now

Hey everyone –

I know you have been waiting a long time for an update about the Spy School movie — and I am sure this is not what you were hoping for.  It’s certainly not what I was hoping for.

After 54 weeks of doing nothing with the movie script, Disney decided that they were not going to move forward with the Spy School movie.

Why?  I don’t really have a great answer for that.  I was told that Disney had some concerns with the story involving kids in real danger — which you’d think they would have been able to figure out was part of the plot long ago, given the title.

Sadly, this kind of thing happens a lot in Hollywood.  As I keep saying, it is very hard to get a movie made.

This does not mean the movie will never get made.  My agents can now try to set the project up at another movie studio or streaming service.  We will see what happens.

In the meantime, feel free to write angry letters to Disney or cancel your Disney + accounts in protest.

683 thoughts on “Bad news about the Spy School movie — for now

  1. That’s too bad to hear. Good luck with getting it made in the future!

  2. Hey Stu! I’m sorry Disney wasn’t competent enough to observe that a movie titled “Spy School” indicates any child actors involved would appear to do dangerous things. I also know that you don’t have a hand in most aspects of the movie after production begins; You are the author. I definitely think that Spy School would be a great movie. Most movies with kids and spying are really weird and fake, and your books give us the power of imagination. Even if your books don’t get turned into movies, I still want you to know that the details in the book help each reader to have their own understanding of the book. We each have different versions of Erica, Ben and Zoe. No matter what, your books will continue to inspire others, sparking our imagination.

  3. Mr.Gibbs, it was so hard to read a book cover to cover until I saw your books. Your spy school series of books have really turns my judgment about around. I can’t thankyou enough for coming out with these books. I have become I new reader with your books I could read your books forever. I am so angry about disney+ dropping the Spy school movies. They don’t know what their missing I hope another studio can pick it up. Mr.Gibbs please continue to writing amazing books.

  4. hi Mr. Gibbs my name is cooper I am 11 years old and live in North Carolina and I just wanted to say that Disney is making a tremendous!! mistake not producing your movie and I will be composing a letter expressing my outrage at them I listen to your audiobooks of spy school every night to fall asleep and I was wondering when you will be touring again and if you come to North Carolina I will definitely be attending because I love your books and greatly hope that I may get to meet you someday i appreciate you for your laborious work on your novels- signed cooper Sullivan

  5. Monstrous Fan –

    If you would like to email me, there is an email address at the bottom of my FAQ page.

  6. Spy school fan –

    My agents are well aware of who all the major studios are and are working with all of them.

  7. Hi mr Gibbs, Im a huge fan. I have read each and every one of your books at least twice. Please keep making the space case series books. It sucks that Disney+ isn’t making a movie, I hope there will be one though. Thanks for reading this. -from Emirali age 11

  8. Emirali –

    I am very pleased to hear that you have enjoyed my books so much. I wish I could continue the MBA series, but I have explained my reasons for ending it on my blog.

  9. Hi, Mr.Gibbs my name is Jackson Gregory from Memphis TN. 11-3-21 you had visited my school via zoom. Anyway i have a idea for the 10th book, its called quitting Spy School.
    Its about when Ben has too much assignments he angry then he gets a annoying sidekick
    Jackie Davis Jr so he quits. Or it could be called Spy School Rouge.

    From Jackson.
    P.S. do your think we can zoom one day?

  10. Jackson Gregory –

    Unfortunately, I can’t really take suggestions from readers — especially about books that are due to come out within a year. I have been working on SS10 for well over a year already (and have thought through ideas for additional books) beyond that.

    Also, schools pay for me to do Zoom visits because they take time away from my writing. So I really can’t afford to take the time to Zoom with fans. Sorry.

  11. Mr. Gibbs,

    I am a huge fan of the Spy School series. One of my friends doesn’t read much and I lent him the Spy School books and he loves them. I’ve wanted a Spy School movie (or a TV series) to happen ever since I picked them up to read, and I’ve read your articles on the potential movie, and my only question – for now – is if a movie was made and it succeeded how would you work on sequels if the actors will keep on aging? You’ve mentioned that the movie will be live-action, but for the aging problem do you intend to ignore the age or make the characters older than in the books (kind of like how they hired Tom Holland who’s in his 20s to play a 15-year old Spider-Man)?

  12. Daniel McMichael –

    Honestly, I don’t know how to answer the aging problem. That’s something that is always discussed with the studio, and it’s really up to them to figure it out.

    When the movie was at Fox/Disney, at one point they suggested making Spy School and Spy Camp at the same time to prevent aging between them — but of course, that didn’t happen.

  13. Stu,

    I might cancel my Disney + subscription because of this but the thing is that won’t work. if we can get lots of people saying that they want it then Disney might change there minds but Ik your agents are taking care of it and I know that though there not even close to as amazing as you they will figure it out.

    -I’m a spy

  14. Hi! I Love the Spy School books SOOOOO much! My brother recommended them to me and I finished the entire series in a week. 🙂 I love your characters, and I absolutely cannot wait for Spy School 10 to come out! Thanks for writing amazing books!

  15. Stu,
    I am a big fan of your books my friend recommended them to me and I finished every book in one day. Also the day I saw spy School at sea on amazon I pre ordered it. I am so excited for the graphic novels and SS10. I am so sorry about the movie I really Hope you can get a studio to produce your movie if not they all just suffered a huge lose. I am 12 years old and super excited for SS10.

  16. Stu
    I am 12 and from Atlanta, Georgia. I loooovvvveeee your books I read every one in a day.
    Disney is at a lose for not making your books into a movie it would be epic. I really hope you can find a studio to produce your movie. Also does Ben like Zoe or Erica more?

  17. Spy Kid09 –

    If you have read my entire series to the end of SSAS, it should be pretty obvious who Ben likes.

  18. I guess disney doesn’t like the idea of kids anniliating nucler missles and arms that shoot exlplosives.

  19. I was really hoping for a spy school movie to come out so I could watch my favorie book series on TV and also so I could envision the characters in the book. I hope they can make the movie at some point!

  20. Personally I think a FunJungle movie would be much more interesting and successful, as there are already plenty of spy shows like Spy Kids and not a ton of movies about zoo’s.

    Also I’d like to suggest that you (even though you aren’t a casting director) somehow get George Clooney to play Alexander. He’d be so perfect in that role.

  21. So, you really do have a problem with large corporations and companies. I think all the hidden jibes at them were the second best thing in the books. After the sarcastic humor, of course. All your books are amazing!

  22. Hi Mr Gibbs,
    First of i would like to make it clear that i love your books and they have inspired my to try and Wright my own book. As for the movie thing I don’t think you should make a movie, I think you should make a TV series insted. I think this because movies our too short. Your books our so in depth and in detail and the scene changes alot. Frankly if you made a movie out of one of your books it wouldn’t be enough. That’s why you should make it a TV series insted. This allows you to really spend time setting up the plot and characters so it makes sense. I have watched allot of TV shows based on books and I enjoyed them more then movies based on books. I hope you will consider my opinion.
    Best of luck,

  23. That’s a bummer, but it’s probably for the best. I mean if supposedly the spy school script was green-lighted and they produced the movie, what would be next? Would they just make a singular movie and forget the character development and plot arch of the rest of the books in the spy school universe or would you try to make this a movie series where each book equates to a singular movie? And in the second case we have the issue of the fact that timeline-wise each book occurs only a few months between each other, with Ben being relatively the same age between books 1-9 thus far, meaning that even if we got an actor that was twelve years old in the first movie, by movie nine (if we get that far and one movie is produced each year) the actor playing middle-school-aged Ben would be in his twenties. So to circumvent this issue we would have to either A) have multiple different actors playing the characters between issues B) cut out certain books from the supposed movie series or C) smush the books together into a shorter series or television show. Either way we would have to make sacrifices to actually put out spy school as a film, and this would make it very hard to portray the plot line of the book series accurately or to a standard that matches the books.
    I trust that whatever decision you land on encases your vision,

  24. I can’t believe that I am SO SORRY and I wish I could do something. I am writing a book and if I want it to be a movie I am going to do it myself just so this kind of thing doesn’t happen once again I am SO SO SORRY ?

  25. Dang it I was really hoping to be able to watch the spy school movie I love the series and I just finished spy school secret services. Disney has there reasons but I think there just trying to protect them selves with back fires and being cancelled and losing money. Although them kind of saying no to the movie may lose them a lot of money and I know a lot of movies that are Disney related that have violence.

  26. Mr Gibbs, i am truely sorry to hear that the movie was cancelled. Your readers and fans bring you support and i very much hope you will keep writing for as long as you can. You brought me happiness through your books during the pandemic. Thank You!

  27. Dear Mr. Gibbs,

    I would suggest you go to Netflix and ask them to make the Spy School movie (s). Netflix has made movies such as these before. Ex. Spy Kids, Spy Kids 2.

  28. Jawa –

    Netflix has said no… for now.

    And Netflix did not make the Spy Kids movies. Those were made decades before Netflix even existed.

  29. I am VERY angry that Disney+ is not making a movie out of your books, I think that if these books were movies that they would make lots of money and lots of people happy and they are making a HUGE mistake but ofc every fan of yours knows that. I just wanted to say that your books gave me the inspiration to start my own Spy School, I have a seven-year-old from my neighborhood “enrolled”. I am only 12 but it is still so much fun. I call it the “IAIA JSS”, which is the “Important Association for Intelligent Agents Junior Spy School”. He thinks he is in the junior spy program, to work for the IAIA. It is so much fun for both of us, but probably even more fun for him because he believes in it.

  30. I love your books so much! I can’t wait till you make the movie. Also, I am so angry that Disney didn’t let you film the movie. Yes, their kids were in danger but they didn’t die.

  31. Your books are the best Stuart! I feel like a spy school movie would be the best and that Disney is missing an opportunity on making one of the best known movies of our time.
    🙂 p.s by the way I am cancelling my disney plus subscription.

  32. Dear Mr.Gibbs
    I am a 13-year-old in Keller texas and I LOVE your books since I finished the first book I have wanted a movie ever since. This is terrible, I will be sending a nasty letter to Disney about this. Also, I can’t wait for SS10 and all of your other new books to come out I am reading them all.

  33. Mr. Stu-

    So sorry to hear about that! I’m sure that must be incredibly frustrating to work on the movie scripts and then to have Disney tell you no. Also, I’m surprised about Netflix, I thought they would take SS for sure! Anyway, DEFINITELY keep trying and I’m sure a production company will come to their senses and say, “HECK YES!”

    I also can’t wait for the new SS’s and for another Charlie throne to come out! I love your books SO much!

    If you need any help from your supportive fans just let us know and will send a bunch of letters to all the movie company’s!

    Sincerely, Jackson

  34. So sorry that there might not be a Spy School movie but, most of the time the books are better than the movies. I hope you keep writing more, just finished reading Spy School British Invasion, loved it and the ones before.

    P.S I hope it’s on Disney+ I don’t have Netflix.

  35. Hi Mr. Gibbs, I really love your books! I just finished Spy School at Sea. I loved it! My favorite books are Charlie Thorne and Spy School. I was wondering. . . do you think that any of the main characters will end up dying? Also, I have never been a fan of books made into movies, and I feel the same way about your’s. I love the books so much, I think that they don’t even need a series!
    Keep up the amazing work,

  36. Zoe –

    I am not planning on killing off any major characters. I don’t think it’s necessary in a book series for younger readers.

  37. Hello mr Stuart Gibbs. I hope you read this. I love all your books and hope you write more. Could we maybe zoom someday? Again, I love your books. I hope you can make an actual Spy School movie one day. Again, hope you read this, and love spy school especially.

  38. I don’t want to post my name –

    I can’t really zoom with individuals, but if you would like me to visit your school via Zoom, there are instructions for that on the School Visits page on this site.

  39. Hi Mr. Gibbs, I’m Sepehr and I’m very upset that Disney refused to make a spy school movie. The Spy School movie has not been made for two years now. You can tell how long we have to wait

  40. super –

    actually, I CAN’T tell you how long you have to wait, because I don’t have any idea how long this could take. It might never happen. I wish I had better news.

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