Bad news about the Spy School movie — for now

Hey everyone –

I know you have been waiting a long time for an update about the Spy School movie — and I am sure this is not what you were hoping for.  It’s certainly not what I was hoping for.

After 54 weeks of doing nothing with the movie script, Disney decided that they were not going to move forward with the Spy School movie.

Why?  I don’t really have a great answer for that.  I was told that Disney had some concerns with the story involving kids in real danger — which you’d think they would have been able to figure out was part of the plot long ago, given the title.

Sadly, this kind of thing happens a lot in Hollywood.  As I keep saying, it is very hard to get a movie made.

This does not mean the movie will never get made.  My agents can now try to set the project up at another movie studio or streaming service.  We will see what happens.

In the meantime, feel free to write angry letters to Disney or cancel your Disney + accounts in protest.

618 thoughts on “Bad news about the Spy School movie — for now

  1. NOOO!! ?????? I can’t believe it! I have been reading spy school and funjingle novels since the 3rd grade. I am now 13 years old, and still, every time I get a notification that you are publishing a new book, I (ask my little brother, it’s true) run around the house, screaming in joy. Disney clearly has not thought this through. Mabye we should remind them about their movie “ Mulan” Or perhaps, their spy kids series. Please, keep trying!

  2. I can’t believe they would do this! The first time I read Spy School, I had no idea what it would turn into today. It is now my favorite series, and this may sound weird, but every once in a while I will pretend I am one of the characters. It is my absolute DREAM to see a Spy School movie, or if it doesn’t happen in my childhood, grow up and make one. I actually wrote a list of all the books, and labeled them with SONGS TO PLAY AT THE END CREDITS! I am Spy School’s biggest fan, I can’t believe that Disney would do this, and I am 100% taking your advice and writing an angry letter.

  3. Could you write the script for 13+ or more so Disney will make it?(I mean if it’s rated for teenagers instead of children then Disney wouldn’t have a problem I think)

  4. Surena –

    Disney controls the ratings, not me. If they had wanted to make a 13+ version of Spy School, they could have done it.

  5. That’s totally not fair! They made a bunch of movies with kids in danger! Like spy kids! It’s basically the same idea as spy school but worse!

  6. Are you serious??? Me and my friend Zarah have been dying for this!! How could Disney do this?? Do they know have many fans there are for spy school? This is ridiculous! And James Bond is right! I mean . . . seriously! This is soooooooooo unfair!!!!

  7. Same thing as Spy school fantic! It’s a great series, why can’t Disney see that?

  8. Maybe if you tried again to get them to make a movie, they would? At least a TV series or something!! I’m dying to see a movie or show!!!

  9. Jordan –

    Disney as made it very clear they are not going to make this. It’s not like they’re going to change their minds if I ask nicely.

  10. I love the spy school series, it inspired me to write my book. I can’t believe Disney would do this. Disney’s making the Percy Jackson series, and he’s twelve in the first book. Unfair.

  11. Grrrrrr! I am so disappointed. I am also eagerly waiting for the spy school project X to come out. Can’t wait

  12. Really! I love spy school its the best book out there they better change the plans

  13. Dang, that sucks! I only just decided to check this website again and to see this is disappointing. Although, I’m certain somebody will accept the script, you being an amazing author and all. You inspired me to write my own book, although it’s not the greatest. Thanks for your books, good luck about the movie.

  14. Disney: *won’t make spy school cause it puts kids in danger

    Also Disney a month before: *wandavision

  15. I’ve started reading spy school 5 days ago and I’ve read to At Sea. It’s just so fun. Im going to sue Disney! >: (

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