Bad news about the Spy School movie — for now

Hey everyone –

I know you have been waiting a long time for an update about the Spy School movie — and I am sure this is not what you were hoping for.  It’s certainly not what I was hoping for.

After 54 weeks of doing nothing with the movie script, Disney decided that they were not going to move forward with the Spy School movie.

Why?  I don’t really have a great answer for that.  I was told that Disney had some concerns with the story involving kids in real danger — which you’d think they would have been able to figure out was part of the plot long ago, given the title.

Sadly, this kind of thing happens a lot in Hollywood.  As I keep saying, it is very hard to get a movie made.

This does not mean the movie will never get made.  My agents can now try to set the project up at another movie studio or streaming service.  We will see what happens.

In the meantime, feel free to write angry letters to Disney or cancel your Disney + accounts in protest.

68 thoughts on “Bad news about the Spy School movie — for now

  1. Hi Stuart Gibbs I am a 10 year old and i am a huge fan of SS. I am the only fan in my family because they always say it is stupid. So I just wanted to tell you that I have read all of your books and they are ?.so I hope you read this and have a good day.

  2. Rex –

    I am pleased to hear that you enjoyed my books. Although I could have done without hearing what your family thinks of them.

  3. Hi Stuart Gibbs! I am a 10 year old and I’m aHUGE fan of spy school! I’ve always wanted a new movie of spy school to come out! By the way, when will the next book come out? Please respond!

  4. Gigi –

    I would like for there to be a movie as well.

    All upcoming releases are listed in the Upcoming Releases box on every page of this site.

  5. Dear Mr Gibbs hello I’m a very big fan I was just wondering if you could do a book signing in Arizona I have the first 2 books in the spy school series I’m very sorry Disney didn’t make the spy school movie I love your Moon Base Alpha series I’m on spaced out and is on spy school REVOLUTION and would like to read the Funjungle series.

    Sincerely, Ezekiel Lewis
    My cat said hi.

  6. Ezekiel Lewis –

    I can do book signings just about anywhere in the US if I am invited. I haven’t been invited to AZ in a few years. Glad you are enjoying the books. Please tell your cat hellp.

  7. From Matthew,
    I have been writing books since I was young. I have very many ideas on what adventures to write about. I can also help you write them. For more information please contact this number. 713-301-3654.

  8. Dear Mr. Gibbs, I was wondering if you could make an animated movie. Since Disney had some concerns about kids being in real danger, your studio could make a movie without real people. Thanks for all you do.?

  9. mr Gibbs,
    maybe you should ask to make MBA series into a movie ? or FJ series!

    just an idea,

  10. Matthew shuford –

    I have also been writing books since i was young. So I have lots of ideas. Therefore, while i am thankful for your offer, I do not solicit ideas from readers.

  11. Christopher G –

    I have already thought of turning all of my series into movies. It’s not me that you have to convince; it’s Hollywood.

  12. Hi Mr Gibbs, this is from Endrik.

    I’ve been wanting to be an actor since 2018, when I was 6, and I’m about to be 12. If Hollywood does end up making a SS movie, which movie production company do you think will produce it, so then if that company does produce it, I can audition for Ben Ripley? I love the books too, they’re very relatable.

  13. Endrik –

    I have no idea which company would produce the SS movie — and if they do, I have no idea how auditions will be done. If there are open auditions, then I will certainly post details on this site.

  14. Hi Stuart Gibbs it is Rex and wanted to say that I just borrowed a copy of spy school goes north and I loved it and any idea when the next graphic novel will come out?

  15. Rex –

    My address can be found on the FAQ page of this site.

    And the new GN comes out March 3.

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