Bad news about the Spy School movie — for now

Hey everyone –

I know you have been waiting a long time for an update about the Spy School movie — and I am sure this is not what you were hoping for.  It’s certainly not what I was hoping for.

After 54 weeks of doing nothing with the movie script, Disney decided that they were not going to move forward with the Spy School movie.

Why?  I don’t really have a great answer for that.  I was told that Disney had some concerns with the story involving kids in real danger — which you’d think they would have been able to figure out was part of the plot long ago, given the title.

Sadly, this kind of thing happens a lot in Hollywood.  As I keep saying, it is very hard to get a movie made.

This does not mean the movie will never get made.  My agents can now try to set the project up at another movie studio or streaming service.  We will see what happens.

In the meantime, feel free to write angry letters to Disney or cancel your Disney + accounts in protest.

219 thoughts on “Bad news about the Spy School movie — for now

  1. Julian

    Please see my blog post about book recommendations.

    I am not sure if I will be in Houston, Austin or Bastrop any time soon. Although I enjoyed camping at Bastrop State Park when I was a teenager.

  2. I love your books especially spy school but I’ve been thinking you haven’t made any magic or fantasy books I kind of want one. I won’t take it personally if you say no, just think about it I understand if you disapprove

  3. Julian –

    There are plenty of people writing magic and fantasy, so I’m going to stick to mystery and adventure.

  4. Mr Gibbs

    I liked what Julian said about spy space school
    And I’m going to try and make a book called space spies though I’m not sure it will work. Like you said there are limited things in space but I will try.

  5. Julian –

    I often come up with a temporary title for the chapter when I write it but I usually change the name several times.

  6. Maybe you should try to make a FunJungle movie or one of your other books. Just a thought. (You might have already said that you had but I didn’t see that anywhere. Sorry if you did).

    I just finished Whale Done this morning. It was great! I think it’s my new favorite of the series. I can’t WAIT for the next one! I wish it come out soon. I don’t wanna wait 2 WHOLE YEARS! I guess I’ll just have to reread it. Oh no (sarcasm). Anyways whale done on your book Mr. Stuart Gibbs.

    God Bless and have an great FunJungle day!

  7. Zaphod –

    I have definitely thought of making FJ a movie. or a TV show. I just can’t get anyone to make it.

    Sorry about the long wait until the next book. But I’ll put out plenty of other books before then.

  8. Can you please reply to my other comment from 19th March? It’s at the blog index. Thanks so much and have a God Blessed day.

  9. Julian –

    I try to write about 6-8 hours each day.

    I work more on the SS series, as evidenced by the fact that there are more of them than any other series.

  10. Zaphid –

    I have replied. Sorry, but sometimes comments slip through the cracks, especially ones posted on the blog index page.

  11. Hi! I love the spy school books, and I want to know how you came up with the characters (specifically Erica) also I have read all the books several times and it is sad that there probably won’t be a movie:( I was also wondering how do you feel about fanfic and fanart? Do you get any ideas from it?Thanks!^w^

  12. Anonymous –

    To explain how I came up with the characters would require a very long essay. Suffice it to say that I put a great amount of thought into all of them.

    I am flattered by fabfiction and fanart, but it would be unethical for me to take ideas from it. (So I don’t really look at it much.)

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