The Exclusive Edition of Bear Bottom is now available for preorder from Barnes & Noble

Hi folks!  As you can tell from my very clever post heading, the exclusive edition of Bear Bottom is now available for pre-order from Barnes & Noble.

Like all other exclusive editions, this one has 16 pages of bonus content written by me, plus a special cover with a poster on the inside of the book jacket.  And yet, despite all this extra stuff… it’s the exact same cost as the regular book.

Plus, on occasion, the exclusive editions ship a little earlier than the regular ones.  (Although I can’t guarantee that will happen.)

Click here to pre-order it!



221 thoughts on “The Exclusive Edition of Bear Bottom is now available for preorder from Barnes & Noble

  1. (??_?) spy school is coming soon to theatres near you….

    In a world lanced with devastation of the middle school type….
    One kid rises up to challenge them all…
    Ben Ripley!
    one moment he’s scrolling the halls of his school, then the next he’s training at and elite spy school with other spies to be! Soon, he realizes everything is not as they seem there. plenty of people are hiding secrets from him and before he realizes it, Ben has been wrapped up in a mystery involving moles in the school, an evil organization, an annoying principal who is hiding something, and worst of all, he forgot his underwear at home! WHO is the mole in the school? WHY is everything a secret? HOW will he make it out alive? find out in “Spy School: the movie.”

  2. Well not really my local Barnes and Nobles already shows covers of Stuart’s books and if not the shelves are always filled to the brim. I’m not the person to get in trouble for yelling about Stuart’s books cause it’s right next to the baby book section this parents.

  3. #1 Fan –

    Your movie promo is fun but…

    Just know that movie studios have huge divisions to handle marketing. So the chance of anything that you — or I, for that matter — write will be used is virtually nonexistent.

  4. Mr. Gibbs is there anyone who helps you imagine ideas for a book? Like your wife or something. I am trying to write a book and can’t come up with ideas. Can you help me?

  5. The Book Writer –

    I really generate most of my ideas by myself. (Sadly, my wife passed away about three years ago.)

    I am sorry, but I can’t help you come up with ideas. That is really something that a writer needs to do for themself.

  6. I am very interested in how Erica will play a sister because Ben says that Erica is the type of person that would need a manual to do things that seem outside of the academy like when she hugged ben. I think that Mike will be perfectly fine though. and I’m pretty sure Ben will be okay with it too.

  7. Ben Ben- Same
    SSfanBoy- I love your promo!

    Stu Crew-
    If you could be any charecter from SS, FJ, MBA, CT, or LM (have not read the last one), who would you be. I would wanna be Mike (hence my name), Dash, or Teddy

  8. Cool kid –

    I have three chapter book series going right now, so it would be really hard to start a fourth chapter series at the same time.

  9. Also Stu- do you get notified when someone posts a comment. Because you respond within hours (which I greatly appreciate) and I find it hard to somehow write 3 amazing series and still have time to check for our comments ( again, greatly appreciated).

  10. Mike B –

    There is no point in my keeping up a post about a Kindle offer that is no longer happening.

  11. Please don’t write about pandas anymore. I am terrified of them.
    Thanks- Names Classified

  12. Names Classified- that’s kinda rude just because 1 person is scared of them doesn’t mean his thousands of fans who like pandas have to be left out. Please don’t ask him questions like that

  13. I created a Spy School website! The link is It’s my first website, tell me what you think! 🙂

  14. Hi! I have a question,
    When u envision the book,
    Does Teddy and his parents have an accent since they lived/ born in the Congo?

  15. Large Marge –

    Teddy’s family is not from the Congo. They just loved there. So they probably don’t have accents.

  16. Oh, I figured out why the link didn’t work. My account just didn’t support Google Sites. But I used my school account and Alexander Hale, the website’s really cool! Congrats! 🙂

  17. Mr.Gibbs,

    My brother who started reading the books hates when non main characters become main characters so he would like it if trixe got launched into space and never seen again.

    That’s my brothers opinion I would like trixe to become a spy.

  18. Jawa –

    If I tried to serve your brother’s interests, then I could never really expand any of my series. Spy School would be bereft of Cyrus Hale, Catherine Hale, Dane Brammage, Mr E and, for that matter, Mike, Zoe, Warren and Chip (who were all minor characters in the first book). Not to mention the very character you’re taking your screen identity from, Jawa, who didn’t show up until Spy Camp.

    The worst thing a series could do is not bring in new characters or expand the roles of minor ones. Then it would just be stagnant and dull.

  19. Mike B –

    I would be Ben, Dash, or Teddy; all the main characters.
    But if I were to describe myself as one of them it would be a combo of Jawa, Roddy, Chang, and Ben

  20. Hi Gibbs,
    I kinda fell sad, as I have grown up these books haven’t been good enough (enjoyment and for my reading level). I have really loved your books and I will fell sad to leave them behind(or read them less).

  21. I’m confused. In Belly up, is the female hippo’s name Henrietta or Hildegard? Or are they two separate hippos?

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