The Exclusive Edition of Bear Bottom is now available for preorder from Barnes & Noble

Hi folks!  As you can tell from my very clever post heading, the exclusive edition of Bear Bottom is now available for pre-order from Barnes & Noble.

Like all other exclusive editions, this one has 16 pages of bonus content written by me, plus a special cover with a poster on the inside of the book jacket.  And yet, despite all this extra stuff… it’s the exact same cost as the regular book.

Plus, on occasion, the exclusive editions ship a little earlier than the regular ones.  (Although I can’t guarantee that will happen.)

Click here to pre-order it!



230 thoughts on “The Exclusive Edition of Bear Bottom is now available for preorder from Barnes & Noble

  1. it kinda sucks cause you have to wait like 2 years after bear bottom comes out for the next funjungle

  2. Kool Kid –

    Sorry that I do not have the magical ability to write three quality books a year every year. But I have to do other things besides writing constantly, like taking care of my family and sleeping.

  3. Mr, Gibbs is still writing 3 books a year, albeit 2 of them are books hes already written but in writing the hard part at least for me, is finding a good idea that works, and usually what’s harder is trying to get all your ideas on paper.

  4. Mr. Gibbs-
    In your FAQ page, it says, “The covers for ‘Belly Up’ and the ‘Spy School’ series were all done by Lucy Cummins, who is incredibly talented.” Who made the covers for everything else?

  5. Alexander Hale –

    Lucy Cummins did the covers for every one of my books except The Last Musketeer. I don’t know who did those.

  6. Stu,
    You might not like this idea, but what if you made a board game for either funjungle or spy school? I’m pretty sure quite a few people would buy it.

  7. Stu-

    I like the fact that you are planning to make some graphic novels about the SS series but I like your chapter books a bit more because you can see the characters any way you want. But I love the idea though!

  8. Stu,
    I have a question. How old is Marge suppose to be? Around what age because I am very confused! ?

  9. When are the books getting to libraries? because usually, that’s where I get the books, plus, I really like charlie thorne, can’t wait until curbside pickup for charlie thorne: the lost city is ready!

  10. Agent Garcia –

    When a library gets a book is entirely up to the individual library. Any library is capable of getting a book the day it comes out — but they need to know that readers want that. If you want your library to get my books, then tell the library. That doesn’t guarantee they will get the book right away, but it does have influence.

  11. Mr. Gibbs that is true. Once they did not have a Spy School book and they bough it and et me read it.

  12. Mr. Gibbs-

    Hello! I always like to imagine the characters of a book while I read, but I don’t know much about one of my favorite characters that you created-Teddy Fitzroy. If you don’t mind, could you give me a brief description of how he looks?


  13. Name –

    I would prefer that you imagine Teddy for yourself. That’s why I never describe him. So whatever you imagine he looks like, that’s correct.

  14. Jordan –

    I do not know how many books there will be in any of my series.

  15. I really really really like spy school and I can’t wait for book 9
    But unfortunately I can’t buy it because I don’t live in your country
    I’m sure that spy school is real and i’m really sorry that I can’t be one of those guys who study there like Erika
    Sorry for grammar faults because I live in Iran and I’m learning English
    I love you and your books
    I wish I could study in an spy school

  16. Mona Minaie –

    It is really amazing to hear from a reader in Iran. I am sorry that it is so hard to get it in other countries.

  17. I think I found an error. In Bear Bottom, it says Ray is Pete’s ‘husband’, which doesn’t make any sense. I think it should be ‘brother’ or ‘friend’.

  18. Pungent Muskrat –

    That is not an error. Two men can be married. That has been the law in the United States for several years now.

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