Spy School 9 cover and title reveal

Hey readers.  I know many of you have been very eager for this post.  Ever since Spy School Revolution came out, people have been asking me when I was going to reveal the plot, title and cover for SS9.

Well, here’s the cover — yet another masterful job by Lucy Cummins:


And here is the synopsis:

Thanks to the evidence Ben uncovered in his investigation of the Croatoan, the CIA has tracked his nemesis, Murray Hill, to Central America, where they believe he is boarding the world’s biggest cruise ship, The Emperor of the Seas, on its maiden voyage around the world.

The CIA and MI6 want to find out what Murray is plotting, but to do that, they need to send in the person who knows Murray Hill the best: Ben Ripley. Only Ben can’t be sent in alone. So he’ll be posing as part of a family, with Alexander and Catherine Hale as his parents, Erica as his sister, and his best friend Mike as his brother.

At first, it sounds exciting to have a mission on the most glamorous ocean liner on earth, but as usual, nothing goes according to plan. There is action, danger, and plenty of surprises as Ben and his team quickly find themselves in hot water.

And finally, here is the release date (although, before you get too excited, let me say that I’m still not 100% sure that this is confirmed): August 31, 2021.

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784 thoughts on “Spy School 9 cover and title reveal

  1. Hey Mr. Gibbs,
    I just wanted to ask if Erica’s birthday is coming up. So get that’s she keeps a lot of things to herself but by analyzing the rough timeline of the books, I would assume that now would be around the time of her birthday. Will there be a scene in the book that refers to this?

  2. QWERTYY –

    There will only be a scene referring to Erica’s birthday if it makes sense in the plot.

  3. Dear Mr. Gibbs,
    First of all, I love your books. They are well wrote with the perfect characters traits that fit the story. Now, I have an idea for your spy school books that you can use ( even though you probably won’t). You could have Murray Hill or whoever the new antagonist is, use up all the nuclear waste in Nevada to create a nuclear missile and blow up all the world leaders at the United Nations meeting. Then you could see if Ben and the others can stop it. That is my idea and I will not be offended if you don’t like it.
    Tyler Rath

  4. Chang is the best –

    Hi Tyler. I greatly appreciate your enthusiasm — although I already have many, many ideas for future books and therefore find it very hard to take suggestions from readers.

  5. Hi Mr. Gibbs,
    I just wanted to say that I love your books and hope you never end the series spy school.

  6. I love, love, love! Spy School! I can’t wait for the next book to be out! I was thinking, what if Alexander was actually the criminal mastermind? He was constantly trying to prove himself to Cyrus, but what if he became resentful and made Cyrus notice him by being evil and manipulating SPYDER and the Croatoan?

  7. Stu-

    I know you don’t want to give us a lot of details about the book, so it’s really good when we read it, but can you PLEEEEASE tell me how many chapters are there?

  8. i spent all my allowance pre-ordering charlie thorne and the lost city so I’m literally praying the book wont go out of stock before i can order it

  9. Stu January 25, 2021 at 9:15 pm
    BadAtNames –

    Zoe will be in SSAS, but what she does is classified.

    found this comment so I recycled it

  10. 1, I love your books, 2, you are a great author, and 3, I would not be sane right now without your books.
    I noticed an intentional or unintentional Easter Egg in Tyrannosaurus Wrecks. You wrote in the epilogue, ¨She was thinking of naming her new rocket lines after dinosaur species: T-rex, Carnosaur, Raptor, and so on¨. Rockets called Raptors appear in the MBA series. Could they appear in the same universe? Your loyal reader, S. Smyth.

  11. Zoe –

    It ought to be the final count. Just know that the book is about the same length as all the other SS books.

  12. S Smyth –

    There is no such thing as an unintentional Easter Egg. If it was intentional, then it’s an Easter Egg. If it’s not, then it’s a mistake.

    Given how much control I have over my stories, this certainly seems intentional, don’t you think?

  13. Mr Gibbs-

    How much research did you do on the CIA when planning the Spy School Series? Does the real spy agency fascinate you? How knowledgeable are you on how they operate in real life? What are your opinions regarding the agency in real life? Do you think they go too far into Moral Grey or Black Areas when it comes to protecting American interests or do you trust their judgement?

    Thank you for your time and good luck with writing in the future.

  14. Commander Black –

    I am fascinated by the CIA, but I really made up a tremendous amount about the Agency for my books.

    My opinions about it are that there are a lot of fine, honorable people working for the CIA who try their best to protect this country. Do they ever enter into morally gray areas? Yes. But so does everyone in government.

  15. Could you do a crossover story of funjungle and spy school, maybe a mission where SPYDER is trying to do something bad in texas, and Ben recruits Teddy and Summer to help him??

  16. Dane had better be dead. In the words of Zoe Zibbel, ¨that guy is harder to kill than Rasputin

  17. Mr. Gibbs, is Joshua Halal still alive? He smacked onto the concrete floor from a great height in SSBI but I don’t remember if we heard from him or if he is still alive. Also, is Dane alive? Thanks so much and I really love your books!!! Keep writing!

  18. I noticed a while back that in the sneak peek at poached in belly up, xavier said that he thought the sharks wanted to eat humans, and that in was quote ¨like waving red meat in front of a lion, but in the book it went from lion to a bear.

  19. I love…

    It depends which branch of the government you are talking about. The Department of Defense has plenty of money. Lots of other divisions do not, and routinely have their budgets made even smaller.

    Think about your public school. That’s paid for by the government. Is it as nice as it could be? Do your teachers all get paid well? If not, that’s because of the budget.

  20. Spy_School_Fan –

    That is a Question I Can’t Answer.

    Please see my blog post about those.

  21. stuart gibbs reader –

    Sometimes, when the sneak peeks are published, the final book isn’t quite done yet, so yes, there can be differences.

  22. At the moment, there is not going to be another MBA book. I have a blog post that explains why.

  23. Are teddy and summer going to fall in love? If so MAKE IT HAPPEN. I AM TIRED OF WATCHING THEM AVOID IT

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