Answers to all your questions about the Spy School Movie

Hi everyone –

I have been getting a LOT of mail lately from people wanting to know if there are any updates on the Spy School Movie.  And i realize that a lot of the posts about the movie are quite old — because this process has been going on for a very long time.  So some of the questions I’m including are the same ones I answered before, but maybe this post will become a one-stop point for learning about the movie.

Can you please give me an update on what is going on with the movie?

Sadly, there are none.  I turned my last draft into the studio on January 31, 2020.  As of this date, that was 10 1/2 months ago.  I have not heard a things from Disney since.  Part of this is due to COVID.  Few companies have been hurt as badly by the pandemic as Disney.  But still, this is an insanely long time to wait for an answer.  I know you are frustrated that things are stalled, but trust me, no one is as frustrated by this as I am.  In addition, my agents are frustrated and angry too.  I wish I had a better update for you, but I don’t.

So does this mean the movie isn’t getting made?

I really don’t know.  I suppose there is still a chance that Disney might make it.  And if they say no, then I can take it to another studio to see if they will make it.  But for right now, all I can do is wait to see what Disney has to say.

Is the movie going to stick closely to the book?

That is my plan.  I have written three drafts of the screenplay.  So far, it stays close to the book, although since it is a movie and not a book, I have made some changes.  They’re not huge, and some might be quite funny, but they were necessary.

Will there be sequels based on the other books?

Ideally, but that depends on how the first movie does.  There is a slight chance that, if Disney loves the script, they will decide to move ahead with a sequel before the first movie comes out, but I wouldn’t count on that.

Is the movie going to be live action or animated?

Live action.

Are you going to do just one book for each movie, or combined books into one movie?

The idea is to do one book per movie.

If the movie does get made, when is the absolute earliest that the movie come out?

If the movie was given the go-ahead tomorrow, it probably couldn’t start shooting for several months, and then that would take a few months, and then it would have to be edited and scored and such so… the very earliest would probably be 18 months from now — and that’s a best case scenario.  Don’t expect anything until 2022, if not later.

Is it going to be released in theaters — or could it show up on Disney Plus?

Personally, I would love for it to be released theatrically — so that’s what we are shooting for.  But the fact is, Disney needs a lot of content for Disney Plus, so that remains an option.  (Also, if it was made for Disney Plus, there is a chance that sequels could be started earlier.)

Are the characters going to look the same as I imagine them?

Probably not.  Because I have no control over how you imagine the characters.  You may have noticed that I don’t describe the characters in much detail in my books.  I leave a lot to your imagination.  Personally, I hope that the casting director selects the best possible actors for the roles and doesn’t get hung up on looks.  (You might have noticed that I never describe the ethnicity of many characters, including Ben, so personally, I’m open to most of them being any ethnicity.)  Anyhow, the chance of an actor or actress looking exactly like the way you imagine the character is virtually nonexistent.  So don’t get upset if the actors don’t look exactly as you’d hoped.

But you’re going to release a graphic novel in 2022.  After that, won’t we know what the characters look like?

No.  You will know that Anjan, the artist of the graphic novel, thinks the characters look like.  But that doesn’t mean that is what the characters have to look like.

If the movie does film, can I be in it?  I’m really good at acting.  Maybe you could tell the casting director about me?

Honestly, I won’t have any say in casting at all.  I know that might sound wrong to you, but here’s the best explanation I can give:

Actors are hired by casting directors.  That is the casting director’s job, and they train for years to do it.  So, if I were to call a casting director and say, “Hey, you should consider this kid for the movie,” that would be like the casting director coming up to me and saying, “Hey, would you mind if I wrote a chapter of your book for you?”  The casting director has their job.  I have mine.  It is not cool for me to try to tell them how to do their job.

Thus, I have no idea if there will be an open casting call or when that would even happen.  My bet is, it is unlikely.  If there is an open casting call, I will post about it on this blog.

Could you write to me personally and let me know if there is open casting?

Er…No.  I get asked this a lot and, not to sound like a jerk, but I have a lot to do.  Emailing every one of the thousands of kids (and a lot of parents) who has asked me to contact them directly would take me weeks.  I do not have time to do that.  I have books to write.

All right.  That’s the info I have right now.  Again, I really, really wish I had more of an update.  Hopefully, I will have more news soon.

In the mean time, stay safe, have a happy holiday, and keep on reading.

249 thoughts on “Answers to all your questions about the Spy School Movie

  1. Quiz Time Stu Crew!
    1. Which Spy School book was mike NOT in
    2. What is the last name of the Ripley’s neihgbors?
    3. What is El Captian’s real name (first AND last)
    These are probably easy but have fun!

  2. Glad everybody is enjoying my quiz, does anyone have an idea for another stuart gibbs book quiz.

    PS i got jawa

  3. Mr. Gibbs-

    I LOOOOOOOOOVE your books! I CANT wait for the movies! BTW I haven’t got past the third book… but if she hasn’t already I think erica and ben should date.

    Keep writing

  4. Yes I made that quiz, I’m currently working on a fun jungle one

    P.S. my quiz hit 1,000 veiws

  5. Benjamin Ripley, mike is the type of person who loves no working at all so of course he would not like to run around and not get tagged he would love to just not get tagged. no offense

  6. Stuart Gibbs, why did you want to write spy school, and what gave you the inspiration.

  7. Hello Mr. Gibbs,

    Ever since SS 4, I have been DYING for another a Erica kiss. I know that you probably can’t answer this, but will there be a Beria kiss is Spy School at Sea. (Please give me a hint)

  8. Anonymous 2.0

    Let’s say that I did put another Berica kiss in the story. If I told you about it now, THAT WOULD RUIN THE STORY!!!! So no. I am not saying anything else about what happens in SSAS.

  9. – Stu
    Hi I am a really big fan of your books!!!! I read ALL your books!!! I am really excited for Bear bottom and SSAS!!!!
    Btw for the tests I got Erica and for the fun jungle one I got Ethan and then Violet.

  10. Hi Mr.Gibbs,
    Im a really big fan of your books and I have a question, is SSAS the tenth book in the series?

  11. for the spy school quiz i got erica for the funjungle quiz i got ethan and for the moon base alpha quiz i got dash

  12. Probably my favorite quote of all the spy school series

    “Just clip the red one,” Cyrus told her.
    “They’re all red,” Erica informed him.
    “They are?” Cyrus asked. “Curse those Soviets! Everything always has to be red with them.”

  13. I love your spy school series and I am very annoyed that spy school 9 is not out.
    I am a big reader it takes me about 4 days to read one of your books.

  14. You not want to know how loud my house became when I realized the next spy school book has been announced (I was pretty loud).

  15. Mr.Gibbs, I finished the last musketeer double cross book. This means I have official read every book you have released so far. I’m sad you ended the last musketeer series. I don’t see any blog posts about why you ended it.

  16. Never mind I just saw the post. I wish you had a better editor for that series. The new covers look amazing.

  17. I love your books! I order them as soon as they come out and I’m done reading then in 2 days. Just got the new Charlie Thorne book today, an dim super excited to read it. Please keep writing more great books!

  18. I love your books. I finished all of the published spy school books in a week.

  19. I love all of your books especially the Spy School series! I read all of them in less than a week and enjoyed every second of it! Thanks for all the great books!

  20. My favorite parts in spy school is when Benjamin Ripley screams for help every time he is in trouble. I mean it is a spy school! YOU HAVE TO DEFEND FOR YOURSELF!!!

  21. Julie –

    Don’t forget, Ben has not been in Spy School very long. He should have had years of training before being sent into the field and had almost none. So you have to think: How would you handle the situation if you were in Ben’s shoes?

  22. I love the Spy School series. It usually takes me literally like 3 hours to finish any one of the books

  23. Arrowart116

    I often don’t give an official title to my book until around six months before it comes out, so not may be a long time until I reveal the title od SS10.

  24. Any updates on the spy school movie? You could just ask Disney again. I love your books.
    Hope the movie can come out!!!!!

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