Here’s Why I Can’t Answer Certain Questions You Have About My Books

Hi everyone –

I have been deluged with questions since Spy School Revolution came out, and while I have been doing my best to answer them, I have noticed that there are categories of questions that come up again and again.  So rather than answering them repeatedly, I figured I’d try to address them in a blog post.

Category One:  Questions about what is going to happen in future books

This is the type of question I get asked the most and there’s a simple reason why I feel it would be better not to answer them: Because it will ruin future surprises in the books for you — and this ruin some of the fun of reading those books.

You hate spoilers, right?  Well, asking me to tell you who Ben Ripley will end up with — or whether or not a character you like is going to reappear in a future book — or really anything about the future of any series — is asking me to spoil something for you.  I know you want to find out what’s in store, but I promise you, the less you know about what’s coming, the more fun the read will be.

Category Two: Questions about things that didn’t get answered in the books

If I didn’t share a piece of information with you in the book, that wasn’t an oversight.  It’s because I didn’t want to share that piece of information.  Often, this is because I’m saving it to reveal in another book.

For example, I know there are some questions left at the end of SSR.  But if I had wanted to answer those questions, I would have.  I promise, they will eventually be answered — although I think most of you could probably make very educated guesses about what happened.

Category Three: Questions about obscure things

An author can’t possibly tell you every single thing that happened to every single character over the course of their lives.  Honestly, we can’t possibly even imagine all those things.  We have to leave many things out of the story.  So if you’re writing to ask what happened to a character after the Moon Base Alpha series ended — or what a character likes for breakfast — or when a character’s birthday is — or whether someone likes cats or dogs better — the answer is honestly: I don’t know.  Whatever you imagine the answer to be is good enough for me.

Category Four: Questions about what my characters look like

I get a lot of requests to specifically describe characters which is because I didn’t specifically describe many of them in my books.  That’s because, frankly, I don’t think extremely specific character descriptions are very helpful.  My own experience is that, no matter how specifically a character is described, I probably imagine them the way I want to anyhow.  So I’m pretty sure that you do the same.  Therefore, whatever you imagine a character to look like is what they look like.

Now, this doesn’t really work for graphic novels or movies.  You will very obviously see the characters in the graphic novels, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that is the only way they can look.  It’s just one version.  The chances are very slim that any character will look exactly as you imagined them in the graphic novel — or the movie.  There is nothing i or anyone else can do about this.  That’s just the way things are.  Try not to be disappointed.

And finally, this is probably the question I get asked more than any other, even though it is answered elsewhere on this site:

Category Five: Questions about how many books will be in each series

I can’t answer a question I don’t know the answer to.  And right now, I do not know how long each series will go.  Sorry.


403 thoughts on “Here’s Why I Can’t Answer Certain Questions You Have About My Books

  1. Paloma –

    I prefer to keep my children’s lives private.

    Thanks for your kind thoughts about my wife.

  2. nate –

    I cannot make SS9 come out faster. In part because I have two other books coming out next year before that. I appreciate that you are excited for SS9, but there are plenty of other great books to read in the meantime.

  3. -Nate

    I recommend the Rick Riordan because it contains greek mythology and its a good series (P.S I like spy school more).

  4. Ben x Erica –

    Omggg I loveee ALL Rick Riordan’s books [don’t worry Stu I LOVE yours too]
    Yo got good taste in BOOKS

  5. Hi Mr. Gibbs! I’m a huge fan of your books, especially spy school. I think my favorite Spy School Revolution. I was about as stunned to learn that Erica has a sister as I was to learn that Rey from Star Wars(Equally as cool as Erica.) was a Palpitine. I hope that Trixie gets to be a great spy one day just like her sister. Who knows, maybe they’ll be a dynamic duo, and Ben can’t decide which one is better. Maybe, Ben and Trixie will end up together! I can’t WAIT to see what happens in the next book! If I don’t figure out what happens next I will EXPLODE.

  6. I literally am soo exited about the next book Mr. Gibbs i cant wait and i dont think you should ever stop writing spy school books cuse their soo good as u can probably guess by my grammer im only like 11 years old but i mean i cant wait tilll the nexy BOOK!!!!!

  7. Also Mr Gibbs im literlly going crazty on locdown and i need aanother SS book 2 reed or ill probably go mad!!

  8. Ben x Erica-
    I absolutely love Rick Riordan’s books, he and Stu are my favorite authors. You have good taste!

  9. Isaac –

    No. I cannot have SS9 come out sooner. I have two other books coming out this year before that one, so perhaps those will tide you over.

  10. Ashley Sparks –

    I agree Rick Riordan and Stuart Gibbs are my favorites to and I think they are the best authors in the world!

  11. People who say Mike is a bad character-
    I think the ss series wouldn’t be complete without Mike.
    He is an awesome character.
    In SSR, the only reason they got out of the bowling alley was Mike.
    Mike is also a very important part with all the relationships.
    I rest my case.

  12. Smokescreen-

    I agree that Mike is a great character but he is doesn’t seem to think things through like the time he snuck onto the mission in SSGS with Zoe.

  13. My case is back open!
    Yes, that did happen, but in that instance, wasn’t it good he didn’t fully think it through? He was able to help on the mission.

  14. People who say Zoe is a backstabber and Zen will never work-
    ZOE IS NO BACKSTABBER!!!!!!! She was only doing what she thought was right for BEN which proves she loves him. Ben forgives her, so nothing is over yet.
    Murray was probably okay with the Croatoan destroying his country because he believed that they would remember him, and give him some kind of power.

  15. Zoe backstabbed in SSR by betraying him and she brought a GUN and she said she was on his side. And Zen is toxic because Ben doesn’t like her he likes ERICA!!!

  16. Mike didnt help much in SSGS but lookout for aquarius and he drove them out on a boat to infiltrate SPYDER’s pent house.

  17. Stu can u update your site ?
    Sorry but it’s sooooo boring
    The comments are all out of order
    Do you know if u do these things there might be a lot of more viewers and readers!
    Or the guy who are a spy school fan can make a club that would be awesome
    I can help?

  18. Dead lover ?

    I have to say, I find comments like yours really upsetting.

    You do know that I am an author, right? My day job is to write books, not to manage a website? I take a lot of time every day to try to answer fan questions and keep this up to date, so for you to come along and get on me for not updating my site enough and call it boring??? That’s really not cool. In fact, it’s insulting.

    There are plenty of professional authors out there who don’t respond to their fans at all and do zero website maintenance. I am doing my best while still trying to write several books a year and take care of my family.

    I encourage you to think about the words you choose before you post them.

  19. Rachel Boyle –

    Yes, there will be more books. For future reference, upcoming releases are listed in the right hand column of every single page of this website.

  20. Hey Mr. Gibbs I recently reread Percy Jackson Series and was wondering if you got some of your ideas from that series because they seemed so similar, for example-
    Luke Castellan=Joshua Hallal
    Rachel Dare=Zoe Zibbel
    Percy Jackson=Ben Ripley
    Annabeth Chase=Erica Hale
    Chiron=Cyrus Hale
    But also I dont even know if you ever have read this book before so I’m not sure thanks for taking time to answer this question and for being a great author and stay safe from this Covid.

  21. Ben’s twin brother Aiden –

    No, I did not take ideas from Rick Riordan to write my books. I did read the first book, but Ben Ripley and Erica Hale, besides being a boy and a girl, are very different from Percy Jackson and Annabeth as I recall. I don’t even remember who the other characters you mention are.

    Just a word of advice here, but… asking an author if they got ideas from another author is kind of offensive. Authors work very hard to come up with original characters. We don’t steal them from other authors.

  22. Let me just say that I am a huge fan. I’ve read MBA, Spy school and Charlie Thorne. Your work is absolutely amazing. I completely respect your books and have never been disappointed. Keep on writing your books.

  23. I’m literally gonna die. Stu has made it seem as if Erica has won but he’s too convincing…
    to be true. I’m scared because I need Berica. But I’m very confused.

  24. Is Tina a double agent because in ssbi Mr E’s checklist, read
    1. order bullets
    2.wish happy birthday to Tina
    3.kill ben ripley.

  25. Hey Mr. Gibbs!
    Thank you for writing the Spy School Books! You are a very talented author 🙂

    One quick question, any tips for writing books? I have a book idea that I am starting to write, but I have no idea how to do it 🙂 I obviously don’t expect it to be famous or anything but I just wanna write it for fun.


  26. darker –

    Given that Ben has had romantic interest in both Erica and Zoe, it would appear that he is not gay.

  27. Stu –
    Let me just say that I am a huge fan of the Charlie Thorne books, Spy School, Funjungle, and Moon Base Alpha. I read half of the spy school series in two hours. They are so good, i’ve read each of them five times. i have never been disapointed and i think you should keep writing

  28. Mr. Gibbs –
    I am a HUGE fan. Your books are amazing. I’ve read all of MBA, Charlie Thorne, Spy School, FunJungle, and soon the last musketeer. Never stop. I have never been disappointed.
    I was wondering, if this isn’t classified, when Warren turned bad, did SPYDER encourage him to turn bad, or did he just apply or something? I know you kind of answered this in SSSS but I have to know.

  29. Omg I am so excited for bear bottom! I hate waiting for funjungle/spy school books to come out because they are SOOOOOOOO good!

  30. Cattack- I’m pretty sure that spyder knew that he was jealous of Ben so they took advantage of warrens feelings and recruited him to make the CIA mad

  31. bens twin brother

    i dont think rachel would be zoe…i see her more as a thalia
    if u see a
    that means its meeeeee

  32. oh wait i din’t know that it would convert to emoji whoops

    and 4 the people that ‘cant wait or else they will explode’
    try rick riordian, or margret peterson haddix. the three of them are my favorite ( if stuart gibbs is included)

  33. Stu-
    I think that you are the greatest author of all time and each of your books is different and it is AMAZING never stop until you die!

  34. Stu-
    In your reply to darker you said that it would APPEAR that he is not gay could that mean that he is?

  35. Booklover –

    Sorry, but you’re going to have to be more specific about your question. I respond to dozens of people a day, so it is impossible to remember everything I have every written to every person. I don’t recall who darker is or who the ‘he’ is in your comment.

  36. Hi Mr. Gibbs,
    Is Zan Perfonic comfortable with any other languages and communicated with other species? I’ve noticed that in most of the Spy School books you have noted a specific topic about climate change, will any book extensively cover that topic like when SPYDER’s mission in ?
    Thank you!

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