Here’s how the virtual book tour for Spy School Revolution will work

Back in March of this year, the pandemic began just as I was about to release Tyrannosaurus Wrecks.  I was forced to cancel my multi-state book tour and did a single virtual event to celebrate the launch.

Well, it’s now six months later and the pandemic is still with us.

Now, when Spy School Revolution comes out on October 6, I am going to attempt a book tour, but it is going to be very different than tours used to be.

Let’s start with the things that you can attend:

Once again, I will be doing a  virtual launch on Facebook Live with Once Upon A Time Bookstore. This will be on October 6 at 7pm eastern time, 4pm pacific time. I will talk about my inspiration for SSR and then take questions from the audience.   You can see it by clicking here.

If you would like a personalized, signed book, contact Once Upon A Time.  Click here or call them at (818) 248-9668.  The sooner you get your order in, the better.

UPDATE: On Saturday, October 10th, I was going to attempt a drive-by book signing sponsored by Children’s book World in Los Angeles.  However, due to demand, we realized that there was no way we could ensure everyone’s safety as well as we would have hoped.

So now, there will be an exclusive virtual author meet-and-greet instead.  The bad news is, I can’t meet you in person, but the good news is, you don’t have to leave your house!  And anyone can join, no matter what city they live in.

This will be on Saturday, October 10th from 2-3pm Pacific Time.  RESERVATIONS ARE REQUIRED. For more details, contact Children’s Book World by clicking here or calling them at 310-559-2665.

I am looking to add other virtual public events over the next few days.

I am also working with a few bookstores around the country to do virtual school visits.  For these, I will get on Zoom with the schools, do a brief presentation and then take questions. Obviously, I can’t work with every bookstore in the country, but here is who I will be working with:

  • Novel Neighbor – St Louis, MO
  • Little Shop of Stories – Atlanta, GA
  • Pages – Manhattan Beach, CA
  • Blue Willow – Houston, TX
  • Rakestraw – Bay Area, CA
  • BookPeople – Austin, TX

If you go to school in any of these cities and you are hoping for a virtual visit, tell your teachers or your school librarian to contact their local store.  Maybe they can make it happen.

585 thoughts on “Here’s how the virtual book tour for Spy School Revolution will work

  1. You know duck bruh and Erica? That is spot on information. You make a great point, both of you. -Agent 35. WAIT WHAT!?!? NEXT IS REAL!?!?!? HOLEEEEEE

  2. An Erica, it’s fine if you dress formally, I do too , if you want to dress like that, go right on ahead ! And it’s not weird, we all have different clothing choices so, yeah – Agent 35. PS and in SSBI who here feels like Orion was just like the biggest flexer ever?? And once again Stu I just wanna know the opinions of fellow spy school enthusiasts. Not being judgy just friendly.

  3. Dookieface –

    Since Nathan and Elias were operating at the same time, I’d say they were brothers. Or maybe cousins.

  4. Agent 35 –

    I think you’re taking my words too harshly. Read what I wrote again. I didn’t think you were being judgy. I was just saying that everyone’s vision is valid.

  5. Original SS Fan –

    The answer to your question isn’t classified. It’s I don’t know. I really don’t know how long the series will go.

    As you noted, I can’t really age the series up. But I can write books that hopefully appeal to older readers as well as younger ones. (I have heard from plenty of adults who read my books.) I can’t help the fact that, as you age, the books will get easier to read, though.

    As for the swearing in the first book, I believe there isn’t much. Two synonyms for butt and one damn. To be honest, I had no idea that people still considered those swear words. And obviously my publisher didn’t either. But some people complained, so I wrote the next books without them, because honestly, I would rather have people judge my books on the quality of all the words rather than just the three that upset them.

  6. Stu-

    I didn’t notice any “swear words” in spy school, even though I read it, like, 4 times?
    I do remember Murray saying something though I think

  7. *slight spoilers ahead*


    I think there’s still a tiny little chance for Zen, even though Berica is super close to winning after this book. And I feel like there are several reasons why Ben would choose Zoe over Erica in the end. Zoe’s more kind to Ben, and she’s always supported him and trusted him. And what she did in SSR was only to protect him. Erica barely talks to Ben after missions, and she’s only been manipulative to him. Those are just some reasons I think Berica still won’t happen, and Zen will make a comeback, somehow. (Please)


  8. Dookieface –
    1. Tron: Legacy
    2. Minecraft/Rolling sky
    3. (I am floor gang, so I hate Cocomelon) PEWDIEPIE/ TheOdd1sOut

  9. Yeah I realized that. My bad. In my defense I have something that makes me extremely defensive and that everyone is judging me. Sorry about sir, I can’t control it. Anyway in your opinion which SS book did you have the most fun writing? I completely understand if it was all of them my dad is an author so yeah. Sorry for taking your words too harsh Stu! – Agent 35

  10. Stu, and other commenting on swear

    I am sheltered. It drives me crazy. But I am still in middle school so I notice the swear but don’t pay too much attention. And everyone else I know who reads thinks it’s fine, too. So I think no one needs to worry.
    Stu, so I got this book yesterday, and I will only comment on the spoilers already said. Though, if you have not read it and have somehow managed to take a blind eye to all the previous spoilers, do not continue.
    I think what Zoe did was perfectly in character, however Trixie felt a little sudden. Not that I don’t like her though : ) and this book is awesome stu you’ve already been told this too many times to count but here it is from me the book is great. I’m so bored at some point I will probably write another poem on it but, keep on writing.

  11. Duck- Zen shall never be a thing again. Ever. Berica is now what’s going on. At least I hope. ZEN SHALL BE OVER!!!!!! I DECLARE IT! Jk I couldn’t care less about who Ben chooses but I prefer he chooses Erica. Just my opinion. Who here thinks that if Ben rejects Zoe she will make a move on Mike?

  12. Agent 35 –

    It has been fun to write the last few SS books because my children helped do research and work out action sequences with me.

  13. Really? That’s so cool! And while reading the Acknowledgments in the first Spy School book is it true that you started making up the SS books in fifth grade? If so that is super cool!

  14. Bassy —

    Yup I watched it! Well I only had time to watch the first two movies I watched A New Hope and the Empire Strikes Back. Honestly I LOVED them. I keep pestering my dad and sister asking them when they want to watch Return of the Jedi, (they watched the first movies with me and got in to them too) but they don’t have time. I’m thinking I’ll just watch it by myself if they still don’t have time this week. Thanks for introducing me to them!

  15. Agent 35-
    I somehow feel like Zoe is going to try, but I think that Mike is looking towards Trixie. Wonder if Zoe will give up on the two boys or persist? But I think she might keep trying, given how long she held hope for Ben. She’s a patient person.

    My favorite movie would be…either Home Alone, Playing with Fire, or Jurassic Park I.
    As for my favorite game – I don’t really play games.
    Favorite YouTube channel would be TwoSet Violin
    (It technically is the only channel I watch, but oh well)

  16. Hey stu will there ever be a scene where there is a new rookie spy and ben says that he is a spy and its his job to know things because everyone else gets to say it

  17. Just binge read SSR, loved it! A reminder to all fans who hang out on the blog that we have an (official?) server and we’d love to hear other fans’ thoughts and opinions! The best place to discuss SSR and more:

  18. Since its a big discussion, Zen is dead. No comeback, everyone’s furious with her. I personally can’t see how it’ll come back. Berica is a go! Unless …. Trixie and Ben become a thing. Hey, it could happen.
    Berica for life,
    Classified 001

  19. Classified 101-

    I think there’s still a little bit of hope for Zen. Though I feel like the only way that would happen is by Zoe redeeming herself after what happened. The only reason she did it was to protect Ben. But Berica is still winning, yes. I really have no problem with who Ben ends up with since Zoe and Erica are good to Ben, but in my opinion, Zen is better for him. I’m still disappointed nothing has really happened between Zoe and Ben. Maybe in the next book. Also, is there a reason why you ship Berica and not Zen?


  20. Duck,
    I ship Berica simply because I believe Zoe and Ben are better off as friends and Erica has always been there for him as well. I mean did Zoe ever get people to stake out bens parents house in case of an attempted murder?
    Classified 001

  21. Agent Ripley
    Falling in love with a book character? Maybe you should talk to other about those dreams?

  22. Hi Stu,
    I absolutely loved your books, especially the “Spy School” series and the “FunJungle” series. They’re just so good, and I wanted to thank you for giving us readers the great time moments when we’re reading this book. Thank you, I really appreciate your work and I think that you will probably forgive us for being very noisy and loud about your work, I believe that is because we all couldn’t get more of the book and we wanted to keep on reading more and more.
    Another Bookworm

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