The exclusive edition of Spy School Revolution is available for preorder from Barnes & Noble!

I am pleased to announce that Barnes & Noble is issuing yet another exclusive edition of one of my books.

Here’s what you need to know:

Limited collector’s edition of Spy School Revolution, the eighth book in Stuart Gibbs’s New York Times bestselling Spy School series, featuring an exclusive jacket with shiny blue foil, and a map of colonial era Virginia on the reverse side–plus 16 pages of bonus content, including super-secret post mission memos and some earlier drafts of the Declaration of Independence.

Superspy middle schooler Ben Ripley faces the Croatoan—a new evil organization that’s so mysterious, the only proof it exists is from the American Revolution—in this latest addition to the New York Timesbestselling Spy School series.


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441 thoughts on “The exclusive edition of Spy School Revolution is available for preorder from Barnes & Noble!

  1. Hi Stu, It’s been a while. I’m super-excited for the virtual launch of SSR on Tuesday! I just learned there are online curriculum resources at for your books! As a 5th-grade teacher covering the American Revolution, I’m curious how much history is interwoven into this one.

  2. Hi Sheila!

    Yes, there are curriculum guides for almost all my books. I wove a decent amount of US history into this book — although I also had to make up some things.

    Much of the information about Washington’s spy ring is real, including the code that is used in the book.

  3. Stuart Gibbs, is there going to be a part about the Culper Spy Ring? Because I don’t know if you knew this, but a British officer once said, “Washington did not really outfight the British, he simply outspied us!” -Major George Beckwith, head of British intelligence during the American Revolution.

  4. Anonymous Fan

    I don’t talk about the Culper Spy Ring per se, but i do discuss some of the techniques they used.

    And I am very familiar with that quote. But thanks for sharing it!

  5. Hello Mr. Gibbs! Was SPECTRE from James Bond your inspiration for SPYDER?

    Marlowe Hartnett

  6. Marlowe –

    SPYDER was inspired by a lot of different evil organizations from spy literature and movies.

  7. is catherine hale in the new book if it is clssified its okay but it would be cool and exciting to know if she is in it

  8. Luca –

    That is classified. (I know the book is out today, but I still don’t want to reveal too much about it to preserve some surprises.)

  9. wooow. I crazy about spy school. you’re my favorite author. you’re one in a million.ummm, can you please answer my question: when you want to share those books in hollywood, can i play the role of Erica ??

  10. I’m gonna be getting my book autographed by you but it says that all books will be shipped by Friday so since I live in Illinois how long would it take to get the new book

  11. Luca –

    I do not work for the post office or UPS. I also do not work for the store that is shipping the books. Therefore, I do not have any idea how long it will take for the book to get to you. I’m sorry.

  12. Mr. Gibbs, why was Spy School British Invasion called “Spy School British Invasion”? It didn’t really have anything to do with an Invasion as far as I could tell.


  13. Marlowe –

    ‘British Invasion’ was originally a historic term and then it became a cultural term, used to describe the visits of British bands like The Beatles and the Rolling Stones in the 1960s. So it’s a known term.

    True, there is not a massive invasion of Britain in the book, but Ben and his friends do enter the country to thwart an enemy, which could be considered a minor invasion.

    Really, don’t get too hung up on titles.

  14. (WARNING! SPOILERS AHEAD!) Why did Ben and Erica not kiss in spy school Revolution? They were so close to kissing but always something happened to stop them. Will they ever kiss?

  15. Ethan –

    The answers to your questions is classified. Guess you’ll just have to keep reading the series.

  16. Hello Mr. Gibbs,

    I love your books they are the best I ever read. I was wondering if Dane survives and comes back in this book? and if Warren Reeves turns back to spy school?

  17. I think Dante Garcia and Charlie Thorne should maybe make a brief 5 page appearance.

    Thank you Stuart Gibbs for everything you do!!!

  18. Colin –

    Are you asking me a question about SSR? Because the book is out, so you can find out the answers to those questions by reading it.

  19. Hey Stu –
    Do you make up the ideas of the next books your making like ss9 before it is published or do you make up the ideas right when your thinking you should make the book?

  20. Ethn –

    I come up with the ideas for the books well before I write them, sometimes up to a year beforehand.

  21. I got the book yesterday and I just finished it. I was wondering, exclusive editions of SSBI and SSR are available. Are you planning on having them for any future SS books?

  22. A –

    Exclusive editions of SSR should definitely still be available. Not sure about SSBI. Check the B&N website.

    As for future books… exclusive editions are possible, but I don’t know for sure yet.

  23. Stu-

    I just wanted to say that I love your books. You are my favorite author. I do have a question tho. In future spy school books, do you plan on bringing Warren Reeves back or doing a crossover with some of your other book series?

  24. Ben –

    The answer about Warren is classified.

    The answer about a crossover is: I’m not planning it at the moment.

  25. Stu-

    like everybody else here, im a die-hard fan who absolutely loves your books
    i just wanted to ask if trixie (sorry if that spoils anything) has an interest in ben? because it said she winked at ben before she left the room
    nora taco’s anagram talent is super cool

  26. In the book, Erica says that the original name for Croatoan was too long, and she pronounce the whole thing. But in Spy School Goes South Erica says she doesn’t know Spanish. Is this a mistake, or is Erica merely being secretive? Also, Erica said she knows Croatoan sent her the note because they operate secretly and deviously. But SPYDER does that too. So why doesn’t she assume it’s a comeback of SPYDER?

  27. BukNerd –

    You can know the name of a group in Spanish without knowing Spanish.

    And Erica had other reasons to suspect the Croatoan besides that.

  28. Hey Stu,
    I have recently read the special edition of SSR and I think it’s really cool how you tied the real world into the book. With every book I seem to want Erica and Ben to start dating, as well as dislike Zoe more. I wanted to ask what’s your look on the love triangle?
    Thanks for your time, I’m so excited for fall 2021!

  29. Mr. Gibbs, I have a question about Cyrus Hale and Catherine Hale. For a good number of books, Cyrus was the amazing spy who is related to Erica, but then in Spy School Secret Service, Catherine kind of replaces him. In the books following, Cyrus is involved less and less, and Catherine is involved more and more. Why is this?


  30. Marlowe –

    Remember, Cyrus is older and came out of retirement to help Ben in the earlier books. Now, in theory, it makes sense for him to take a break — although it’s not as though he has completely gone away.

  31. Warning, this message has spoilers!

    I just finished SS8, and I am intrigued by it’s ending. I think that because Ben and Mike are going to tell Trixie about Spy School, she is going to have to join it. However, she might turn to the Croatoan, becuase she felt left out, becuase her family kept this fact away from her, becuase they thought she was not fit for the job. But, this is obviusly all speculation.

  32. Twice in the series you mentioned that Ben’s teacher was so dumb that she didn’t even know when the war of 1812 happened, but you called her a different name both times. What is her real name?

  33. Alexander Hale –

    Obviously, I don’t know what the real name is because I made a mistake and made the same joke twice.

  34. Your books are very uniformal, I can usually find out what is going to happen and the main character usually doesn’t know and then wrong once then gets it right. Please consider making your books have more diversity.

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