The exclusive edition of Spy School Revolution is available for preorder from Barnes & Noble!

I am pleased to announce that Barnes & Noble is issuing yet another exclusive edition of one of my books.

Here’s what you need to know:

Limited collector’s edition of Spy School Revolution, the eighth book in Stuart Gibbs’s New York Times bestselling Spy School series, featuring an exclusive jacket with shiny blue foil, and a map of colonial era Virginia on the reverse side–plus 16 pages of bonus content, including super-secret post mission memos and some earlier drafts of the Declaration of Independence.

Superspy middle schooler Ben Ripley faces the Croatoan—a new evil organization that’s so mysterious, the only proof it exists is from the American Revolution—in this latest addition to the New York Timesbestselling Spy School series.


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441 thoughts on “The exclusive edition of Spy School Revolution is available for preorder from Barnes & Noble!

  1. -Erica Hale

    Writing stories isn’t that complex (this is coming from a guy who wrote Esperanza Falling with RPGs, Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, exploding Happy Meals, and more). I usually write stories to entertain my friends, and that’s why the plot of my stories are idiotic. I would recommend starting small, and then taking your stories up a notch every time you write one. I would also recommend that you write your stories on (a) a blank piece of notebook paper, or (b) on the computer (I highly recommend Google Docs). Good luck!

  2. Dookieface-
    A.), what do you mean you wrote Esperanza Falling with RPGs, Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, exploding Happy Meals? And, making stories is easy for me. It’s the writing them down well. I followed Stu, and read about plot and such. And I think I am doing much better. I’m an avid reader myself, and I don’t think the chapters are coming out short anymore. But, thanks. And, yes, Im using google docs. They’re really good for me. it’s so hard for me to to rush things, because I want to keep putting the story down. So I just got lost in my own words and don’t know if this is what I said before but I rush that’s my problem and Im helping myself with the internet blog posts, and thanks.

  3. Murray Hill

    I am not ruling out another book in Spy Camp — but there are lots of other great places in the world to send my characters.

  4. Erica Hale
    one of my friends is a author and get his book published and he is not even 12 yet so if he can be a successful author than I am pretty sure you can be a successful author too.

  5. i am so exited for the new school book ! my friend recommended these books to me and i cant stop reading them. here is a question for Stuart Gibbs : how did you come up with the characters for spy school ?

  6. Lauren –

    It is a lot of work to develop characters. It involves a lot of brainstorming and trying to work out what personality types would best suit the story.

  7. stu-

    This site is really cool. Some authors give their email, but never respond. Its really cool that you’re taking time out of your day to write and answer our many questions that never seem to end.

  8. Stu, in SSS, it says while Ben is talking to Mike that he had missed something important, something that would haunt him in a big way. I’ve read SSS several times, a long with the rest of your books, and couldn’t figure it out. What is it?

  9. can anyone tell me the age group for the spy school series? I feel like im to old for it and not a little kid anymore!

  10. Dookieface-

    I don’t know why, but I have a big knack for writing horror books or books that always end badly for the main character. I HAVE NO IDEA WHY lol.


  11. Stu
    I thought maybe you should make a book where you get to be a new spy in the academy and you get to choose what happens. Tell me what you think thanks!

  12. Jack –

    I don’t think a choose your own adventure versiopn of Spy School would work with the rest of the series.

  13. stu-
    in evil spy school after Ben was taking a shower Ashley was in the room and she asked
    why Ben was talking in the shower but Ben said he was practicing math in the shower
    Ashley said in his file he was just smart naturally but how would Ashley know if she did not have the file?

  14. Stu
    If you could be a character in your books that had chosen attributes and you could choose when to insert yourself into the books.

  15. Luca –

    You are asking a very detailed question about a book I wrote eight or nine years ago.

    I am not even sure what file we are talking about. Is it possible that the Evil Spy School wrote a file on Been that Ashley saw?

  16. Jack –

    I’m confused by your question? Are you asking if I want to be a character that already exists in my books — or are you asking if I would like to be in my books as a new character? What do you mean by chosen attributes?

  17. Jack –

    The reason I keep things classified is because if I answer you it may ruin surprises in future book. You hate when someone spoils a book, right? Then why ask me for spoilers?

    And suppose I DO say that I’m considering it, but then don’t do it. Now a bunch of kids are going to think I misled them. So really, there is no answer to your question that isn’t going to upset someone somewhere along the line.

    That’s why it’s classified.

    And frankly, I don’t appreciate the attitude.

  18. Love SS! Do you think there could be a book where you and 2 other people who also write similar books write a book together with all the characters? The H.I.V.E series, SS, and the Framed! series. That would be amazing.?

  19. Cottessa –

    It would be exceptionally difficult to try to combine book series with another author — and, to be honest, it wouldn’t make financial sense.

  20. Jack –

    Now i have to ask: Are you asking if I would like to appear as myself ion my books? Because I introduce new characters all the time, so how could I be in the books as a new character when all those new characters aren’t actually me?

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