The exclusive edition of Spy School Revolution is available for preorder from Barnes & Noble!

I am pleased to announce that Barnes & Noble is issuing yet another exclusive edition of one of my books.

Here’s what you need to know:

Limited collector’s edition of Spy School Revolution, the eighth book in Stuart Gibbs’s New York Times bestselling Spy School series, featuring an exclusive jacket with shiny blue foil, and a map of colonial era Virginia on the reverse side–plus 16 pages of bonus content, including super-secret post mission memos and some earlier drafts of the Declaration of Independence.

Superspy middle schooler Ben Ripley faces the Croatoan—a new evil organization that’s so mysterious, the only proof it exists is from the American Revolution—in this latest addition to the New York Timesbestselling Spy School series.


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544 thoughts on “The exclusive edition of Spy School Revolution is available for preorder from Barnes & Noble!

  1. Big fan –

    My characters DO age in my books. They get slightly older in each book and even mark their birthdays in a few.

  2. Mr.Gibbs just for curiosty will you ever make a book that will have Ericas birthday included in it?

  3. Hey Stu-

    Now that SPYDER is defeated,(or are they?) is it hard to make new books? And in SSR (SPOILER ALERT) Erica said that Trixie is 2 years younger than her, and she also said that Trixie is a bit younger than Ben. But since Erica is 16 and Trixie is two years younger that means that Trixie is 14. But ben is 13. What’s up with that?

  4. Hi –

    No, Ben is an only child. If he had siblings, I think he would have mentioned them already.

  5. Chip –

    It is not hard to make new books without SPYDER. In fact, it is easier.

    Ages are very tricky to deal with in books, because people tend to think of ages as being much more fixed than they are. Almost no one is exactly two years older than someone else. (They would have to be born on the same day.) So people’s ages are always in flux compared to one another.

    In the series right now, Ben is about to turn 14. (His birthday was established as being in June in SC.) So Trixie is about to turn 14 as well. But if you are two years and three months older than your sibling, you don’t say ‘I’m two years and three months older than my sibling.” You say ‘I’m two years older than my sibling.’

  6. Stu-

    Big fan of your books and I can’t wait for the next Spy School to come out!

    I do have a question though. In “Spy School Goes South” when Murray tried to escape in the forest (where they assumed he was going back to SPYDER). Was he really trying to get back to SPYDER or was he actually trying to get the Croatoan?

    Like I said, again, big fan of your books and keep up the great work! I look forward to the next Spy School! Thanks!


  7. Daniel –

    Since Murray is angry at SPYDER for trying to kill him, it makes sense that he was not going back to them.

  8. Hey is there a plot for SS9 yet. Also i wanted to say im a big fan love your books and is there a way where u tell us where u get inspiration for your books or just talk to the readers?

  9. Berica 4 life –

    Yes, there is a plot for SS9, but I haven’t shared it yet.

    I talk about inspiration on my FAQ page. Or, if you want something more in-depth, on my blog, there is a post where i list several on-line interviews I have done this year.

  10. Mr. Gibbs

    Will Trixe join Spy School when Ben & Mike tell her after the end of SSR?

  11. I would just like to ask how many more spy school books you plan on making.
    P.S. I am a HUGE fan of your books.

  12. I was wondering what the deal with Nora Taco’s name is? I sit just a coincidenece or was she actually connected to Croatoan?

  13. Hi Mr. Gibbs I know this is a super weird and random question but do you play fortnite? If not, do you play any other games?

  14. Groot –

    I do not have a favorite book of my own. I work too hard on all of them to say that I like one more than the others.

  15. so today i finished SC(i loved it) and got to about chapter 6 in ESS so i said this for NO SPOILERS I basiclly know what happens in SSR and i still have lots of questions (i wll only ask 1 because i have good guesses on the othre ones) and u guys who have finished the books will be laghfing at me but anyway question 1: Mike talks about ben being at a spy school and he was but Mike didn’t know that so i figure u made it so he would say the right thing even though he don’t know? It’s just funny how he says the truth not knowing its the truth :0 Love ur books -Marvin (sorry for no periods

  16. when i reading ssr I misread “Croatoan” as “croatian “. Always thought it was weird having a nefarious organization be named after a country in the balkans

  17. I have been wondering why in book 7 they see a sticky note on the computer that says reminder for Tina’s birthday so what’s up with that.

  18. Nate –

    Really? You’re asking me how much I like one of my own characters??? I give Erica an eleven.

  19. Mr Gibbs I have a suggestion about ss9. It would be great if you considered including Orion in it. Maybe he’s in trouble and he needs Ben and Erica’s help. I ask u this bc I liked Orion and it would be awesome to have him in ss9

  20. Kaleb –

    As I have noted in other comments, I have already done several drafts of the book, so it’s way too late to be making suggestions for the story (not that I could have taken them anyhow).

  21. I made an online petition for the spy school movie at please sign it.

  22. Just a quick question. Do you play any instruments or speak a different language? (I play ukulele and am learning spanish.)

  23. In your “about me” you said you write for TV and film. What TV shows and/or movies did you do? Is it only the possible spy school movie?

  24. Fish

    I worked on movies like See Spot Run, Repli-Kate, Showdown and lots of animated movies and developed TV shows for almost every network.

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