The exclusive edition of Spy School Revolution is available for preorder from Barnes & Noble!

I am pleased to announce that Barnes & Noble is issuing yet another exclusive edition of one of my books.

Here’s what you need to know:

Limited collector’s edition of Spy School Revolution, the eighth book in Stuart Gibbs’s New York Times bestselling Spy School series, featuring an exclusive jacket with shiny blue foil, and a map of colonial era Virginia on the reverse side–plus 16 pages of bonus content, including super-secret post mission memos and some earlier drafts of the Declaration of Independence.

Superspy middle schooler Ben Ripley faces the Croatoan—a new evil organization that’s so mysterious, the only proof it exists is from the American Revolution—in this latest addition to the New York Timesbestselling Spy School series.


CLICK HERE to pre-order it now!

545 thoughts on “The exclusive edition of Spy School Revolution is available for preorder from Barnes & Noble!

  1. nora taco –

    Please see my post about Questions I Can’t Answer for an explanation about why I don’t say what my characters look like.

  2. Mr. Gibbs-
    I already have the regular editions of most of your books and I’m thinking of buying the exclusive editions for all of them. Can you tell me what each book has so that I can know if it will be worth it? I understand if you can’t tell me.
    Alexander Hale

  3. Alexander Hale –

    Think very carefully about what you are asking from me. You are asking me to detail all the bonus material in a dozen different books. Which would take at least an hour. Sorry, but I don’t have the time to do that.

    Furthermore, since exclusive editions can sell out, it is not that likely that they are all available any more.

  4. Stu-
    I have a question, In the very end of Spy School Revolution it said that Mike and Ben tell Trixie that they will tell her family secret to her, if they tell her won’t Cyrus, Catherine, Erica, and maybe Alexander be mad at Ben and Mike about Telling there daughter about there family secret?

  5. Stu-
    I have another question, when El Captain Buys a RDX from Murray Hill she gives him a ton of U.S. Dollars, Even if Spain Succeeds on destryoing U.S. and conquers it won’t they change the currency?

  6. Arnav –

    If Spain were to destroy the US currency, then that would be Murray’s problem, right? So why would the Croatoan care?

  7. oh yeah right Croatoan is Evil? so they wouldn’t care, and they would love to enjoy seeing someone sad?

  8. wait a minute, Sorry Stu I accidently for some reason I put Question marks instead of commas or periods

  9. Dear Stu-
    From previous posts I know you are trying to keep SS timeless but I have seen some clues that it does seem to suggest a time era such as in SS1 you said the school looked likes it was popular in the WW2 era and the window had last been weatherproofed in the Kennedy Administration. Also when Zoe is looking at the list of double agents for SPYDER, she comments that Warren turned for less than the price of a video game system. Did you write these details to make some sort of a time period where it could have taken place or for a different reason?

  10. Mike B –

    When I reference that something hasn’t been changed since the Kennedy Administration, all I’m saying is that it has been a long time since that happened. And people still buy video game systems. So, yes, it’s obvious the books don’t take place in 1860 — and by 2167 those references will be outdated, but you can’t possibly write a book series that could happen at ANY time in history. I mean, my character use mobile phones. Those didn’t exist in 1980. And at some point in the future, people might stop using them. What I mean is, I’m not locking the book into an extremely specific time, like 2020.

  11. Great read as always, looking forward to the next one!

    I did have a couple of questions though.

    Will Trixie now enroll in Spy School now that Mike and Ben spilled the beans to her?
    Will Mike end up in a relationship with Trixie?
    Does Ben choose Erica over Zoe, or is that still going to be ongoing? (I know he said he accepted Zoe’s apology and all, and was quite upset at Zoe for betraying him, but he still defended her, so I’m a little confused)

    I understand if you cannot answer any of these questions, and keep up the great work!

  12. Bookworm –

    All information about SS9 is classified.

    Please see my post about Questions I Can’t answer.


    (sorry for all caps. I wanted to get a point across)

  14. Sorry about writing my question here instead of in an email. I don’t have an email account and my mail service loses things very often. In Spy School Revolution, you put in a key to Major General Braddock’s cipher. I noticed something about that. There is no J. Is there no J in the cipher? If I send notes to friends, should I just make up a symbol for J?

  15. Hi Mr. Gibbs! I absolutely LOVE the new plot twists in SS9 and I think that this book might be the best yet! I have full faith in the fact that these INCREDIBLE books will DEFINITELY become a movie, if not for a few years. How do you do it? I’m trying to write a book but it really does take a looooong time and LOTS of concentration. Weird question, what is your favorite place to write a book? Do you write on a computer or paper? Thanks so much and keep up the great work!!!

  16. All time bookworm –

    There is no J in the cipher. Believe it or not, the letter ‘J’ was not that important until recently. Usually, the letter ‘I’ was used instead of ‘J’.

  17. Ice Queen –

    I start by brainstorming and outlining on paper, but do the actual writing on a computer.

  18. Will there be a crossover between the Charlie Thorne and Spy School?
    Or one between FunJungle and Spy School?

  19. Mr. Stuart

    I know that you cant answer some of our questions and I understand that, but I probably know what your thinking about for the next book. I love your spy school books they are the best books in the whole entire world, that’s my opinion:)

  20. Fish –

    My favorite video game is You Don’t Know Jack, which is probably not the sort of game you are thinking of.

  21. Mr.Gibbs uh do you sell any of your merchandise in kid size? Just wanted to know if I could order one for a kid

  22. Cyrus Hale –

    What age kid do you mean? If you don’t see anything in a really small size on the site, then I don’t have it.

  23. Erica hale –

    For upcoming releases, please see the right hand column of every single page of this website.

  24. Mr. Gibbs, You should do a quiz to find out who is really your number one fan. Because there’s like fifty people who claim to be your number one fan.

  25. Mr. Gibbs- Is the Croatoan defeated or are they going to come back. I know that their leader got arrested but SPYDER’s plots have been foiled a lot but they still came back with more. Thank You, Chip

  26. Chip –

    It certainly seems to me that the Croatoan was defeated, but they could always come back, I suppose.

  27. Joseph –

    The cipher is not actually missing the J. Hard as it may be to believe, they didn’t use the J that much back in Colonial times. They usually replaced it with an I. (For more on this, read Charlie Thorne and the Lost City. Or watch Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.)

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