If you have missed any of my virtual events and still want to see or hear them, read this!

The pandemic has forced authors (and everyone else, I suppose) to find new ways to reach audiences.  So here are some of the virtual interviews and panels that I have done over the past few months.

I actually recorded an interview with Sarah Enni’s amazing podcast, First Draft, shortly before the pandemic.  It is a very in depth interview about writing.

Click here to listen to it.

This summer, I was the Barnes & Noble summer reading hero.  One of the events was a virtual conversation with my good friend and fellow author, James Ponti, where we discussed how we write, where our ideas come from, our advice for young writers, how we structure our mysteries — and how sometimes, we have separately come up with the exact same ideas.

Just click here to see it.

Also with James Ponti — and Beth McMullen — and the International Spy Museum — I did a virtual writer’s workshop this summer.  This one is fun because you get to learn about some of the more bizarre things from the museum’s collection  — like the dead rat dead drop — and then see how we utilize them in a spy mystery set at one of the most popular locations on earth.

Click here to watch it.

A few years back, I did an interview with the Fairfax School System’s own TV network.

Click here to watch it.

If you watch all that, then you probably will end up knowing more about me than I know about myself.

52 thoughts on “If you have missed any of my virtual events and still want to see or hear them, read this!

  1. Dear Stu,

    Hi! I just read SSR. Let me just say the plot was amazing! I loved the twist and turns, along with the romance too 😀

    I also like the new characters you introduced us. Very fun book. I cannot wait for the next. I

    Yours Truly


    P.S Who is your favorite spy? Mines Nancy Hart, she’s truly a icon.

  2. Mr. Wigglebottom –

    Glad you enjoyed the book.

    As for favorite spy: James Armistead comes yo mind. I named Armistead Dormitory after him.

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