New FunJungle mystery now available — in Super Puzzletastic Mysteries!

Hey everyone!

Many of you have been writing to me, saying that you need a great new book to read.  Well I have one for you.

Super Puzzletastic Mysteries is out today.  It has twenty great short stories written by a cavalcade of exceptional Middle Grade authors: folks like Chris Grabenstein, James Ponti, Kate Milford, Lauren Magaziner, Peter Lerangis… and more.  Including a short FunJungle mystery by me.  Grabenstein himself edited them all — and did his usual, excellent job. Some are hilarious.  Some are touching.  And all are wonderful.

And, for extra fun, you get to match wits with these mystery writers.  Like Encyclopedia Brown mysteries, each story challenges you to solve it — before turning to the back of the book to see if you’re right.

Click here to order it today!

77 thoughts on “New FunJungle mystery now available — in Super Puzzletastic Mysteries!

  1. Stu-

    Will there be a FunJungle book where Summer reveals that she is dating Teddy to her fans?


  2. Amilyn –

    The short story really could take place at any point in the FunJungle series.

  3. Aydin –

    I don’t know if Summer and Teddy’s secret will get out any time soon.

  4. I read the story and it said that someone (kinda) knew italian, but in a lot of other books it says that the security force is incompetent. Also, where did Marge get the net?

    Ps. Can you add a Full map of funjungle in Funjungle 7

  5. OJTDF –

    I’m confused here. Are you saying that someone kind of knowing Italian means that the security force is now competent?

    Marge got the net from my imagination.

    There are maps of FunJungle in several of the other books. We might mix things up again in book 7.

  6. Stu-

    I read the FunJungle mystery! It was pretty good. I am sad that you only wrote one story, but it was a good one.

  7. Stu-
    You guys did a great job in SPM. It gave me that same Donald J Sobol feeling. (I’ve read everything by him minus two books in the EB series.)

    Also, very random, but, have you ever considered doing a story where it’s first person with a third person cutaway?

    And, have you seen Perry Mason? The old Tv show with Rammond Burr?

  8. Amilyn –

    We have been changing the maps in the books so they are not always the same.

  9. Teddy Fitzroy –

    Doing a first person/third person book is complicated. You did exactly the right idea for that to be worth.

    I saw some old Perry Masons long ago.

  10. Zan –

    There is no copyright on The Three Musketeers. Copyrights don’t last forever.

    Do you mean the town of Artagnan? Yes, it exists.

  11. Stu-
    Why did you decide to do a monkey problem when you already did one in Big Game with Pancake?

  12. Amilyn –

    If you read the story, it will make sense why I chose a monkey. Also, Pancake was an ape. And a squirrel monkey and an orangutan are significantly different animals.

  13. Oh my goodness, I completely forgot about the monkey/ape difference! It’s comes up so much in your FunJungle books…
    Now I feel like one of the dumb people in FunJungle who don’t know the difference between monkeys and apes

  14. Stu
    Italian is not an easy languge to learn and going to italy is not exactly cheap and you said that it only attracted people that did not make the cut and high schoolers. and Hoenekker said that he needed more money to attract them and hire them. So i assume that is a low paying job.

    Another question

    have your books been transalated?

  15. OJTDF –

    You don’t have to go to Italy to learn Italian. Maybe the person was born in Italy and emigrated to the USA. It is not that rare for someone to speak Italian. It is not an obscure language.

    Yes. my books have been translated into many languages. Particularly Spy School.

  16. in tyrannosaurus wrecks what was the metal thing (it was in the river) teddy saw when he first arrived at sage’s ranch?

  17. -stu

    oh, and also can u tell us what books there r Easter eggs in so it can narrow down the search a little?

  18. e1912b

    I don’t recall there being any metal thing in the river. Could you be more specific?

  19. e1912b

    Now if I told you where to look for Easter Eggs, that would take all the fun out of finding them.

  20. Stu-
    Are you only making 7 books in the FunJungle series? And when is the 7th one coming out?

  21. JKannan –

    I do not know how many books will be in the FJ series. If you look to the right side of every single column of this website, you will see an upcoming releases box.

  22. Stu-
    I forgot to ask you, is there any chance of a Belly Up movie? And are you going to be doing another book like the Super Puzzletastic Mysteries (maybe with a short story about spy school)?

    PS. I love your books! Especially FunJungle and Spy School!

  23. Jkannan –

    I would love for there to be an FJ movie, but there are no plans for that right now.

    And no plans for any more short story anthologies either.

  24. why is there always characters with similar personalities in different books? What i mean is warren is similar to roddy and xaviar: they all want to get another girl that already likes the main character and they are physically weak with no talents. zoe is similar to summer and kira, because they are all happy and help the main character in solving mysteries. Then theres always the main character, like ben, dash and teddy. i hope you do not take offense, i love your books a lot!

  25. bobby –

    I would argue that those characters are rather different than you are making it sound. Yes, they have some similarities, but they also have many differences. All stories have main characters, so the fact that Ben, Dash and Teddy are all main characters is not exactly a similarity.

  26. Hi Stu!
    I really like your books, and
    I’m so excited for SS revolution to come out!
    Also I wonder what The next Charlie Thorne is going to be about.

  27. Stu-
    If there is a Spy School movie, is the cast going to be the real ages they are in the books (or look like it), or is it going to be like the Percy Jackson movies, where even though the characters are 12 in the books, they’re like 17 in the movies?
    I know you don’t decide the cast but are you hoping for the actors/actresses to be the same age as the characters?

  28. Stu-
    Is Doc’s daughter’s name Lily or Susie? In Belly Up it says, “If I didn’t do his dirty
    work, he’d turn Susie in,” but in Lion Down, her name is Lily. Was it a misprint?

  29. Hey Stu,
    I love Spy School and Funjungle, and understand that the less books you are writing at a time gives you more time to focus on each one, but I was wondering if you were planning on writing another series

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