New FunJungle mystery now available — in Super Puzzletastic Mysteries!

Hey everyone!

Many of you have been writing to me, saying that you need a great new book to read.  Well I have one for you.

Super Puzzletastic Mysteries is out today.  It has twenty great short stories written by a cavalcade of exceptional Middle Grade authors: folks like Chris Grabenstein, James Ponti, Kate Milford, Lauren Magaziner, Peter Lerangis… and more.  Including a short FunJungle mystery by me.  Grabenstein himself edited them all — and did his usual, excellent job. Some are hilarious.  Some are touching.  And all are wonderful.

And, for extra fun, you get to match wits with these mystery writers.  Like Encyclopedia Brown mysteries, each story challenges you to solve it — before turning to the back of the book to see if you’re right.

Click here to order it today!

11 thoughts on “New FunJungle mystery now available — in Super Puzzletastic Mysteries!

  1. Stu-
    Is Doc’s daughter’s name Lily or Susie? In Belly Up it says, “If I didn’t do his dirty
    work, he’d turn Susie in,” but in Lion Down, her name is Lily. Was it a misprint?

  2. Hey Stu
    I am an Eight grader and I am 13 and I have to say I really love your books i am not one of those kids who started reading because of the pandemic ive been reading since 2013 and been a fan of your books since 2017 my favorite of the series was obviously spy school but i love all the other ones too i have finished the funjungle series and the mba series (ive also made a short story of the continuation of mba as mbb) ive read charlie thorne and all i am missing is the three musketeers i cant wait to read it thank you for your inspiration as it has pushed me in to becoming a grade a student today, Your pal Teddy

    P.S. Sorry for the grammar but as I a in the iddle of reading and want to continue the book (i am rereading the spy school series.)

  3. Teddy –

    Glad to hear that you have enjoyed my books. Still, it’s always much easier to read a comment when someone takes the time to put periods at the end of sentences.

  4. Fk –

    If you look in the right hand column of every single page of this website under Upcoming Releases you will find the answer to your question.

  5. Madie –

    The next FJ book will not be out until spring of 2023. I am not ready to share details about it now but will have them in a few months.

  6. Mr. Gibbs
    I love all FJ books and i´m going to by all the books eventully so far I have Belly Up, Poached, and Big Game. You have insired me to be an author.

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