BIG NEWS: There will be a Spy School graphic novel!

Over the years, many of you have asked me if any of my books will be translated into graphic novels. The answer is: Yes.  The graphic novel version of Spy School is coming.

Simon & Schuster has hired a very talented artist named Anjan Sarkar to illustrate it, while I am adapting the book.

I am pretty sure of what your next question is:

When will the graphic novel come out?

Some time in 2022.

And I am now betting your next question will be:

What??? Why do I have to wait so long???

Because making a graphic novel is A LOT of work.  Especially for Anjan.  We are only in the early stages.  But what I have seen so far is great and very exciting.

I will now answer a few more theoretical questions.

Is the book going to stay true to the original Spy School novel?

Yes.  Although there has been some adaptation to take advantage of the graphic storytelling.

Will other Spy School novels be adapted to graphic novels?

I certainly hope so, although I don’t know that for sure.

What are Ben and all the other characters going to look like?

You’ll have to wait a bit until you get to see them.

I went and looked at Anjan’s site and some of his stuff looks too young.

First of all, that’s a complaint, not a question, but I know I’m going to hear it over and over again.

So, know this: Anjan is very talented.  If you come across some illustrations he has done for younger readers, that does not mean he can only do illustrations like that.

When is the Spy School movie going to come out?  When is it going to cast?  

Yes, I know that these questions have nothing to do about the graphic novel, but I still keep getting asked them.  And the answer is, yet again: I don’t know.  I don’t even know if the movie will be made.  Sooner or later, I will know this, and when I do, I promise you that I will not keep such big news a secret.

424 thoughts on “BIG NEWS: There will be a Spy School graphic novel!

  1. dear mr. gibbs I love ss!!!! I just wanted to say thx so much for all your awesome work keep It up!

  2. I cant wait to see how everyone actually looks like and I am really hyped to see what ben looks like.But I wish we didn’t have to wait so long

  3. Ben Ripley –

    Fo the record, what the characters look like in the graphic novel will be the artist’s vision, not the official version. So if you imagine them to look somewhat different, you won’t be wrong.

  4. hmmm im not so sure if im gonna read tyhe graphic novel also when does the first one come out ?

  5. Mister Misteri=o

    All upcoming releases are listed in the right hand column of every single page of this website.

  6. Hey Stuart my man, my name is Vivienne fisher, and well I’m trans and bi sexual, and ik you can’t say how the plots will work or who new characters, but I was hoping, u rlly don’t have to do it, it would just mean a lot to the LGTBQIA+ community if you made a LGTBQIA character, ik that’s a big big big ask and you rlly don’t have to do it, it would just mean a lot for ppl like me out there (ps I have read ever book and I enjoy reading them over and over again, love your biggest fan Vivienne

  7. Hi Vivienne –

    FYI, I have put LGTBQIA+ characters into some of my books — although, admittedly not SS yet, because I haven’t figured out a way to do it and make it feel like its part of the story, rather than just doing it for the sake of doing it. But I hear you and I am certainly trying to figure out how it can be done.

  8. Classified –

    I do not know when I will have a cover to share. When I do, I will share it.

  9. Isaac Ball –

    Keep in mind, the characters in the graphic novel will only be how the artist envisions them. That does not have to dictate what you believe they look like.

  10. i cant wait for all the new stuff thats coming out spy school is AMAZING and i cant even imagine what the characters will look like

  11. What do you mean by:some adaptation to take advantage of the graphic storytelling.
    What is that supposed to mean?

  12. SPYDER –

    You tell a story differently in a graphic novel than you do in an actual novel. I made some changes to the way that the story is told to reflect this.

  13. Oh so like more facial expressions instead of words that describe those expressions?

  14. Totally Not Mr E –

    No. Like changes in how the story is told to make it more visual. For example, there are entire chapters in the book that are nothing but conversation. That doesn’t make for an exciting graphic novel. So I have shortened those conversations or tried to tell the story via action rather than dialogue.

  15. Mr. Gibbs,
    I love your books. I have read them all at least three times. Do you think there will be a funjungle graphic novel? Also, how long does it take to write a spy school book? I want to be a writer like you. Thanks for writing such great books.

  16. Stuart Gibbs fan

    I would love for there to be an FJ graphic, but there are no plans for one right now.

    I can take me years to work out the plot for any one of my books and then two years of writing various drafts until it is done.

  17. Hi I love your books but why does it say Erica is Nathan Hale’s great great great great great great granddaughter, because Nathan Hale didn’t have any kids.

  18. Person –

    Two possible answers to your question:

    1) Because my books are fictional.

    2) Because maybe Nathan Hale had a child and history is wrong.

  19. hey stuart gibbs your spy school series is the first series i’ve ever red i really love your spy school series your the first author i admired

  20. I’m very excited for the new spy school! I’ve read every book, some 2-3 times. I really want to know how Erica looks like! I don’t care how long I have to wait because you are my favorite author, and I like graphic novels too. btw my name is Nina, like Nina Stack from mba!!! Since I live in the DC area, I’ve actually seen the Hope Diamond, where Ben and Erica talk in one of the books. I LOVE YOUR BOOKS!!!!!!!

  21. I love ur books and graphic novels
    I can’t wait for the movie and
    my favorite author is combing both awesome can’t wait to see how Erica looks cus I have like this image in my head of how she looks so just wanna see if i got her right

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