BIG NEWS. I will now be releasing THREE books in 2021.

Here’s one side effect of the COVID-19 crisis: I have a lot more time to write.

Originally, I was going to be gone for several weeks between book tour for Tyrannosaurus Wrecks, spring book festivals and my kids’ spring break.  Instead, I have spent that time at home, writing.  Which means that I could make something happen that I wouldn’t have been able to otherwise.

Instead of releasing two books next year, I am going to release three.

The newcomer is the seventh FunJungle book, which is going to come out in May of 2021.  Charlie Thorne will now come out early in the year (I assume around February) while Spy School 9 will come out in the fall.

Obviously, I do not have titles for these books yet.  And I am not going to answer any questions about what the storylines are for a while.  That information — along with more accurate release dates, will be forthcoming.

In other exciting news, Spy School is finally coming out in Spanish!  If you’d like to preorder Escuela de Espias, click here.

Okay, that’s all I have time for.  I have lots of writing to do.

I hope that your isolation is going as well as can be.  Stay strong.  And keep reading.

507 thoughts on “BIG NEWS. I will now be releasing THREE books in 2021.

  1. Hi stu, Love your books! my favorite series is funjungle….when do you think the next book for funjungle is going to come out if you’re making one?

  2. Owen –

    Look in the right hand column of every single page of this website to find all upcoming releases.

  3. I love your books so much I got all of them and can’t what for Bens next CIA mission!

  4. LOVE YOU … a bit to much at that I have reread every book in every series… fav spy school 2fav fun jungle 3 fav space… and meny more ahhhhh what books 10 9 in the spy school series!

  5. Hey Mr.Gibbs
    I was just wondering why the books are told like Ben is retelling the story’s so I was wondering why is that?

    Ps. Love the spy school book series. I have read them all and have them all on audible.

  6. Nigel 2 –

    The books are written in what is called first person. I chose that method because I thought the series would be funnier from his perspective, rather than third person, which is where you just have a narrator.

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