Five reasons to start buying books from

  1. supports local businesses, which are having a very hard time right now.
  2. You will get your books delivered to you faster if you use  Amazon has said that shipping books is now a low priority for them.  They are too busy shipping other supplies.
  3. can connect you with local independent bookstores.  Some of them are still open, as they have been deemed vital businesses.  You can’t go inside, but they will deliver your books to you at the curb.  That’s much faster than having them shipped!
  4. is easy to use!  Just click here.
  5. Let’s face it, Amazon is kind of evil.  (And frankly, they’re going to be fine.  They’re making plenty of money shipping toilet paper right now.)

And if you want a signed book from me, Once Upon A Time has many in stock.  And they will ship to you as well. Click here to get one!

Finally, if you want an exclusive version of tyrannosaurus Wrecks, with sixteen pages of bonus content, click here to get it from Barnes & Noble.  Yes, B&N is not an independent company, but they are still a bookstore and thus, prioritizing shipping of books over other items.  (You can also order puzzles, games, Legos and other items from them as well.)

I hope all of you are holding up well during this trying time.

100 thoughts on “Five reasons to start buying books from

  1. Ben Ripley –
    For some reason, the OTP Site123 send me is always wrong, even though it is right. Was that a problem for you? I was going to make a SS website.
    P.S. I should clear up the April Fools joke I made (You probably don’t know about it) I am Dawg, BroFist, LU(cas), Al
    P.S. [classified] is my real name. I like to personalize it as [classified] (kinda weird)

  2. Hello, it has been a while hasn’t it. I have recently been trying to write stories that could potentially be made into novels and while doing so have gained massive respect for authors. I have to say that I really over hated your books and didn’t realize how hard it was to make them and get them published. It was very immature and disrespectful of me to do, and I would like to apologize for that. Keep up the good work and stay safe.
    -Elite Z

  3. Elite Z –

    Very nice of you to say that. I wish you the best of luck on your writing endeavors.

  4. Stu-
    I hope you are doing well with all this! Hope your whole family is too!

    So, I’ve had this question for a very, very long time and I’ve been going through drafts of how to word it best (oh yeah, I sometimes draft my questions). Anyway, here it is: From the time you write the words, “Chapter One” to the time you write the last words for the story itself (taking out the acknowledgment piece), how much time passes? (I’m not talking about planning, and all the drafts, just the time to write the actual first draft.)

    Secondly, which James Bond movie is the best? (I’ve never actually seen one.)

    Third, have you seen the movie, “The Fugitive”? (I have seen this one.)

  5. Teddy,
    I know you didn’t ask me,but my favorite Bond movie is Goldfinger. But that’s a matter of opinion.
    I don’t understand your post either.

  6. Hi Mr.Gibbs!
    I Love your books, and I told my friends about them and they finished the spy school series and told there friends and now almost my whole class is reading them!!
    I am so anxious for the spy school revolution to come out.
    Thank you!

  7. Ok, one last question Stu, before I go off to think of 50 more. Are “frodents” a reference to Ashley Sparks?

  8. Teddy –

    The amount of time to write the first draft varies from 3-6 months depending on many factors, like whether or not I have to travel for work or whether my kids are in school.

    I like Casino Royale the best.

    Yes, I have seen the Fugitive. It’s a good movie.

  9. UticaCityFan –

    Believe it or not, frodent is an actual term used in the reptile business. Ashley Sparks did not come up with it.

  10. weffles –

    Think about this. There’s a trailer for Spy School. It looks great. It’s going to get everyone excited about the movie.

    Now… It would really make sense for me to post a link to the trailer, wouldn’t it?

  11. Hey Stu,
    So for SSR Erica tried to kill Ben. But since she’s a super good spy and Ben is a clumsy one, she couldn’t have missed her chance to kill Ben. So did Erica “accidentally” not succeed killing Ben on purpose? Also since Erica is a superspy, she coulda just tried to kill Ben secretly without anybody knowing that it was her. So is it possible Erica did it all on purpose so Ben would figure it all out? Can you tell me if I’m on the right track?

  12. Tabitha –

    The answers to all those questions is classified. But you only have to wait until October to find out if you’re right.

  13. -Stu
    I have told literally every single person in my school about your books, and now a lot of people are reading them and they love them!
    Keep up the great work!

  14. Stu
    Please make a movie about any of your series! If you do, I might faint from excitement!

  15. Ben Ripley –
    So OTP is One Time Password, like the verification for the website, and when I enter the RIGHT password, they keep saying I’m wrong

  16. I ordered a copy of Spy School British Invasion from my local bookshop instead of amazon and it came today in the post! I did look at but it said they couldn’t deliver to the UK. 🙂

  17. Is there a website for downloading free eBooks for kindle???btw i love your books

  18. could you recommend me an author who is not James Ponti but has the same writing
    style as u as i read every one of both of your books

  19. book lover –

    If you want to read books for free electronically, there is probably a way that your local library can lend them to you.

  20. Stu-

    I really love Charlie Thorne and the Last Equation. When gifted children get representation in children’s books, I am very pleased as they do not get proper representation elsewhere. But that is a rant for another day. You say that in 2021 Charlie Thorne 2 will be released. Do you know if more books will come in the series? It is my favorite book you have written, which is saying something as your books are fantastic (honestly, you are probably my favorite author). So if a Charlie Thorne 3 is something that is probable, please respond. Also when will we get more info on Charlie Thorne 2 such as title and cover? That is all. From Oreo.

  21. Oreo –

    There will probably be a CT3.

    I will post info about CT2 — along with the title and cover — in a few months.

  22. Hi guys! I haven’t written anything in a while, so I decided to write this. In case you haven’t seen my website here’s the link:

    Ben Ripley

  23. Hi Mr.Gibbs!
    I agree. Amazon is evil-my local Toys-R-Us shut down because everyone was buying their toys from amazon.
    Keep up the good work!

    Big Fan

  24. Isaac –

    There cannot be a movie trailer for SS until they film the movie. I don’t know when — or if — they will ever shoot the movie.

    If they do shoot the movie, and there is a trailer, then I will definitely post it.

    But it could be YEARS until I have one.

  25. Mr. Gibbs, I read the FAQ, but it did not say about your inspiration for the last musketeer. I would love to know what your inspiration was!

  26. Mr. Gibbs, when I read this post, I ordered lots of your books from Barnes and Nobles!

  27. adas –

    To be honest, TLM was not my idea. It was brought to me by an editor named Dan Ehrenhaft at Harper Collins.

  28. Mr. Gibbs, you are busy, so do you really sign all the books? I can’t see you signing hundreds of books. Also, I have to write an essay on whether we should have zoos or not? What do you think?

  29. adas –

    Yes, I sign all the books.

    Yes, we should have AZA accredited zoos. As for the 90% of animal parks that are not accredited… I’m not a big fan of those.

  30. Do you ever receive hate for the plot of a story? Like if you make a character do a certain thing or another?

    Thx ? Sleepy Sloth

  31. You should do a crossover where Ben from SS has to go on a mission in Texas for something and while in a action scene he runs into teddy from FJ while he’s investigating the case in FunJungle, sort of like that.

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