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Hey everyone –

I am constantly being asked for recommendations for books to read, so I figured I should just write a post about it.

The easiest way for me to introduce you to a trove of incredible authors is to direct you to the Renegades of Middle Grade website, which features the work of eighteen fantastic authors with links to their websites.  Plus, there’s even some fun games devised by my fellow author James Ponti that can keep you busy for a while.  Just click here to visit it.

Or click here to see a great trailer for books by thirteen of us, each talking up our books.

That said, I’ll single out some other great authors that I have become friends with over the years.  Just click on their names to access their sites.

Since I’ve already mentioned him, James Ponti writes great, clever mysteries and just published City Spies, which is excellent.

Sarah Mlynowski has books for just about every age that are all funny and extremely creative (sometimes with a bit of romance thrown in).

Christina Soontornvat also has a book for just about every age, although her newest, A Wish In The Dark, comes out the same day that my new book does and it’s wonderful.

Gordon Korman has published 96 books!  So it’s guaranteed that he’s written at least one that you will love.

Karina Yan Glaser writes the endearing Vanderbeekers series.

Ally Carter writes exceptionally good spy stories and has a brand new middle grade book out this month: Winterborne Home for Vengeance and Valor.

Max Brallier writes hilarious illustrated books like The Last Kids on Earth and Galactic Hot Dogs.

Varian Johnson wrote the award-winning Parker Inheritance and the very fun Great Greene Heist.

Liesl Shurtliff has her new Time Castaway series — and many other great books.

Elizabeth Eulberg has the Great Shelby Holmes mysteries — plus lots of YA too.

Leslie Margolis writes the Maggie Brooklyn mystery series.  (She’s also my neighbor!)

If you’re looking for something a little more YA, check out the books of Julie Buxbaum.

Stamped by Jason Reynolds and Ibram X Kendi, just came out and could not have been published at a more appropriate time.

Genesis Begins Again by Alicia D. Williams has won so many awards, they can barely all fit on the cover.  And it deserves them all — and more.

The Parker Inheritance, by the very talented Varian Johnson, is a great mystery with great characters that will also really make you think.

New Kid, a graphic novel by Jerry Craft, has also won a slew of awards.  And deservedly so.

How It Went Down by Kekla Magoon is a Coretta Scott King honor book.

You have probably already heard of The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas.  But still, if you haven’t read it, you should.

And… this one is for all the adults out there.  My father just published his first book!  It’s an alternative history of the Revolutionary War that wonders what might have happened if George Washington was wounded in battle.  It follows the race to save his life and keep the British from taking advantage of the lack of leadership.  You can get it by clicking here.

And there are so many more that I could list!  Maybe I will get around to adding a few more names to this list when I have more time.  (I’m actually staying very busy right now wrangling my kids and writing more books for you to read.)  But for now, that ought to get you started.

As always, it would be great if you shopped at your local, independent bookstore, or — or even Barnes & Noble, rather than Amazon.

13 thoughts on “Book recommendations

  1. Hey stuart! Im 10 years old and i have read all of your series 3 times. I love the Funjungle series and there mysterys! Also question. Will you be beginning a new series anytime soon? Take care- Bryce

  2. Bryce –

    Given that I have three series going right nopw, the chances of me starting another chapter book series any time soon are very slim.

  3. Thanks for these recommendations as my son anxiously awaits your next books. He has read all the Fun Jungle, Spy School, Space Case, Thorne, and Musketeer books. He loves them all. Thanks

  4. Aleesha –

    I am glad to hear that your son has enjoyed my books. Thanks for sharing this.

  5. I love all of your books! Especially The space mysteries with Dashiell. Please write a longer epiloge for the seiries.

  6. I love your books and hope you publish more!!!!! I read 1 entire book of yours in 2 days!!! PLEASE PUBLISH MORE BOOKS!!!!

  7. HI, I am a big fan of your spy school books and I am on spy school goes south so far.
    I have three things to say, first this series is great and I can’t get enough of it. Second, in the next spy school book (if there is another one) there should be a chapter where both Ben and Erica get captured and Erica some how loses her cool and confesses how she truly feels about Ben. Third, having Ben always having a crush on Erica is in my opinion the part that makes all the spy school pitch-perfect. Hope you read this-Bryan Greer

  8. Bryan Greer –

    While I appreciate your enthusiasm for the series, I can’t really take suggestions for the next book. It is already written. (And so is much of the book after that.)

  9. I understand why you can’t take any suggestions ( and I guarantee your newest book is one of the best), and I am not even done with the whole series. So, who knows what Ben Ripley’s newest adventure will be.

  10. Dear Stuart you are my favorite author and I love your book series the last musketeers and I just am longing for another book in the series

    Sahil Gandhi

  11. Sahil Gandhi –

    So pleased to hear you enjoyed TLM. However, there will not be another book in the series. I explain why in an old blog post.

  12. Hi Stuart I understand why you aren’t going to make another book in the TLM series.
    But, will you make a new book in the spy school series that is longer and more mysterious please?

  13. Sahil G –

    I am not going to write longer books in the SS series, because the length of books i have been writing seems to work for most of my readers.

    As for more mysterious… I’m not quite sure what you mean. Do you mean the books should be more like mysteries? Because it’s not really a mystery series. If you want a mystery series, maybe check out my FunJungle of Moon Base Alpha series.

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