Spy School vs SPYDER — mega boxed set now available!

Have you ever thought to yourself, ‘Boy, I wish there was a way to get all seven books of Spy School in one gorgeous case?’  Well your dreams have come true!  Now, just in time for the holidays, Simon & Schuster has released the Spy School vs SPYDER boxed set: All seven of the Spy School books in hardback — plus a beautiful box to keep them in for free!

It’s the perfect way to get the whole set at once — or the perfect gft for someone you know who hasn’t begun reading the series yet.

Click here to buy it!

And… for those of you who are huge fans of boxed sets, there’s another great set coming next year!  The Even More FunJungle set, which will have hardcover editions of Panda-Monium, Lion Down and the newest book in the series, Tyrannosaurus Wrecks.

Click here to pre-order it!

89 thoughts on “Spy School vs SPYDER — mega boxed set now available!

  1. For some reason, I think it is funny that Leo Shang got shot in the foot by Zoe. I love Zoe’s personality! Ben plus Zoe! Boe, or Zen. Can you incorporate Leo Shang in SS8?

  2. Samuel Vite-
    I get where you’re coming from; I feel the same way. But people who don’t own any of the books would want to buy all of them as a whole set. They wouldn’t want to get the last few together and have to buy the earlier ones as a separate set. That would be a pain, and perhaps it would be more expensive as well.

  3. Acefist –

    I don’t share information about my children publicly. It’s their right to have privacy. I hope you understand.

  4. I have been reading these Spy School books for three years now, but every single time I reread them, they still amaze me. The way that this artist publishes his books makes me actually think these are real. Keep up all the great work and stay safe from all the spies.

  5. If the box says spy school vs SPYDER, why is Spy Ski School in the box? Leo Shang wasn’t with SPYDER.

  6. CIA Agent –

    Would you have preferred the box to NOT have the fourth book in the series? I doubt most people would have.

  7. Hey u are my favorite author of all time you are also my idol.
    I was wondering if u can give me any book suggestions.
    I’m 12
    I like action+humor+a touch of romance
    Like spy school

  8. Hey Stu can u give me any book suggestions I love spy school and books that have action comedy with a touch of romance I’m 13

  9. Will Ben dump Zoe for Erica? Plz let it be so… Zoe should get with Mike not Ben. Also does Ben end up telling Zoe that the reason that he was hesitant about being with her is because Erica had already kissed him? Thanks! Also will Hank ever show up again?

  10. Erica&Ben –

    You are asking a lot of questions about the future of the books and I am not going to answer them because knowing the answers will take away from the fun of reading future books.

  11. Ooh sorry my PC is glitchy ignore my messages from now on. I have an auto messager installed on my computer I’ve been meaning to get rid of it – Agent 35 And I really hope the movie succeeds

  12. It’s funny I am always finding something new every time I read them. Keep it up! You are an inspiration to me and my brother! Your books are the BEST books I have ever read. You know how to mix genres perfectly. Action, romance and humor. PERFECT

  13. Agent A –

    No, I will not supervise the movie. There will be producers and movie execs who do that.

    If there is a movie, anyone who wants is welcome to blog about it.

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