20th Century Fox acquires Spy School movie rights


When I posted a little while ago that I had some big news coming, this was not the big news I was talking about.

But this is still very good news.

For all of you who have been asking about when one of my book series might be turned into a movie, the first step has taken place.

20th Century Fox, which has done the film versions of books such as Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Night at the Museum and Percy Jackson, has acquired the rights to make Spy School.

Here are some things to know:

  1. I am going to write the screenplay.
  2. The fact that there is a movie deal is by no means any guarantee that there will actually be a movie.
  3. If there is a movie, it could be a long time until that happens.
  4. We might not be casting for years.  So please don’t write asking if you can be in the movie.

You can learn more about the deal here.

PS that other news — about the new series — is still coming.

228 thoughts on “20th Century Fox acquires Spy School movie rights

  1. Since you wrote the book, I think you should pick either a commonly said quote or a quote that fits the person well. From any book

  2. I think that if there is going to be a movie, the auditions should be in early summer and you should start filming in mid summer too. That way, the movie could come out in fall or winter

  3. Lavender –

    Please read the more recent blog post with an update about movie rights. While i appreciate your suggestions, everything you are suggesting is out of my hands.

  4. Stu
    how far have you gotten into the script? I love you book and am Hyped about your new book and the movie. I am 10 but hope that by the time the auditions are out, I am old enough to play a roll. Of course, the auditions might be private but I hope they are public. Also, please make a series about the perspective of another character such as Murray, Erica, Cyrus, Alexander, Mike, or Catherine!!!

  5. I love your books. I’ve read them about 15 times. It makes me so happy that there might be a movie

  6. Parker –

    I have written the first draft of the script and am waiting for notes from the studio.

    I do not have plans to shift focus to another character because that would take time from me writing the books the way that everyone has enjoyed them.

  7. Me and my friend are so excited about a possible Spy School movie and we hope it happens,also my friend asked how you are doing on SS8 and when the title might be released!
    Thank you!

  8. SSbros –

    I just released the TWrecks cover and title and you’re already asking about SS8? These things take time. It’s going to be a few months.

  9. Stu
    I know you are working on the spy school movie, but do you have plans to make movies about your other books too?

    And is Large Marge really fat or is teddy just pulling her leg?
    Thank you!

  10. Ben –

    I am trying to get movie versions made of my other books, but it isn’t easy.

    LM is definitely hefty.

  11. I don’t think the last comment I made posted so I am doing it again. Sorry if I am posting it twice.

    I am really exited about your new book to come out in fall. I love all your spy school books. I don’t really love reading but I do love reading your BOOKS. The spy school series is so exiting. I love all the characters in the books. I also love how in each book you added in new friends or new characters. Your my favorite author. I am also starting belly up so far it is really good.

    I know you already said that the casting might not be for years but if it does happen will you please post it because I live in California and I have acted before. Sorry I know you said for everyone to stop asking you. But I just had to ask you.

  12. Stu-
    so in spy school British invasion at the end when Ben Erica and Catherine where caught by Dane, warren and Joshua on the Eiffel tower and since warren had a gun how come no one saw them?

  13. Mary –

    As I pointed out in the book, even though the Eiffel Tower is very popular, that particular level is very large and kind of sparsely populated.

  14. stu-

    OHHHHHH thanks! And just a option that maybe Cree cicchino could play erica IF you get a movie no pressure thanks!

  15. I was sooo excited to hear you might make a Spy School Movie. My friend and I are really huge friends. We were having a rough day because it was Monday. When we heard that there might be a Spy School movie, we jumped up and down screaming with joy. By the way please don’t let the movie be like The Lightning Theif movie by Rick Riordan. (He left out a LOT of stuff from the book) Best of luck!

  16. If you have any say over casting please make the ages match. (Like Ben Ridley be played by a young teenager and not an actor in their 20’s)

  17. Excited 10 year olds –

    I am glad you are excited about the movie. Just know that a movie is shorter than a book, so you have to leave some things out. Otherwise, it would be way too long.

  18. can’t wait for the movie hope it’s made in at least next year but it probably be made in 2022

  19. I love your books so much! Huge fan! If the Spy School movies came out I would be over the moon! I want to be an actress when I grow up, and when I read your books I act them out in the mirror! I pretend to be Zoe and If I could be Zoe in the Spy School movies that would be a dream come true! I have brown eyes and brown hair, and tan skin. Thank you!

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