Space Case gets an awesome review from the New York Times!

When you want to be a writer, there are some things you dream about: Seeing your book on the shelves of a bookstore, hearing from readers who’ve loved your work… And getting a review in the New York Times.  Yes, there are other places that review books, but for me, the Times has always been the gold standard.  (Maybe because I’ve been reading this book review every weekend for a very long time.)

It turns out, the only thing better than getting a review in the Times… is getting a GREAT review in the Times.  If you’d like to read it yourself, just click here.

Or, I could give you some nice excerpts.  Like: “…a delightful and brilliantly constructed ­middle-grade thriller.”  Or: “In a novel with such a highly imagined plot, a protagonist this layered is a rare treat.”  Or even: “At its heart, “Space Case” is about exploration for the sake of exploration, offering up the same wonder as a good long look at the night sky.”

I cannot possibly describe for you all how awesome this is.  It’s simply amazing.

Meanwhile, this has also coincided with my Six Minute interview popping up on LitPick today.  Click here for it.

Have a happy holiday, everyone!  See you in the new year!

15 thoughts on “Space Case gets an awesome review from the New York Times!

  1. I love this book a lot I really do! Except for one thing, I don’t like how in the book Dash kept making a big deal about Hawaii. I love there and I don’t like how he said he lived near the beach. You have to be like, rich to live near the beach. I also don’t like how he said he went there everyday. Or mountain climbing. You have to pay money to hike mounted here. I know this book takes place in the future but still.

  2. Person Guy-

    Do you live on the Big Island? I know quite a lot of people there, and while none of them are rich, all of them live within a few miles of the beach, which most people would consider ‘near’ the beach. (Notice I didn’t say he lived ‘on’ the beach.) It also seems to me that there are plenty of trails, etc. in Hawaii that are free to hike, and mountains to climb, and that if you do have to pay, it’s a nominal state fee or national parks fee for the year. So, in the grand scheme of things, it costs less than, say, going to the movies. Is that not your experience?

  3. Hey stu I started to read belly up and in the beginning it said, “for my children Dashiell and Violet.” Did you name these kids after your kids? How old are they in real life?

  4. Person Guy –

    Yes, the kids in Space case are named after my kids. However, to give my children their privacy, I don’t share their ages with the public.

  5. Mr.Gibbs –

    I was wondering when a reader pointed out the discrepancies in Zoe’s and Alexander’s eye color through the book you said that sometimes spies wear contacts in the field. But, I was just wondering why they would do that without any further camouflage?

  6. JC –

    Those spies had just changed out of their camouflage but hadn’t changed their colored contacts.

  7. Mr.Gibbs –

    According to the Registry, was registered on 2011-01-16. 2010-5-12 was the date of the first blog post. Off question but was there a time when the domain was unregistered?

  8. Paige Turner –

    When I first started this site, was unavailable, so I had to begin with Not much later, became available, so I grabbed it and transferred everything over.

  9. Paige Turner –

    I change the heading when I feel like it. And this one is festive for the holidays.

  10. DDy –

    Sorry, but I’m confused. When you refer to a line in one of my books, you have to understand that I may have written it ten years ago, so it is hardfor me to understand what you mean without specific context.

    Are you asking what the term ‘vice versa’ means? It means ‘with the main items in the preceding statement the other way around:’

    For future reference, if you don’t know the meaning to a word or term, it is much faster to use a dictionary than to ask me what the term means.

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