Best research day ever

As much as I enjoy writing the Spy School series, the Belly Up series has been a lot more fun to research.  Being an author has opened some doors and allowed me some experiences lately that have been truly wonderful.  I thought that my recent experience getting to meet a rhino at the San Diego Zoo would be tough to top.  And then this happened:



Despite the fact that I have been writing about all sorts of other fascinating animals in my books, elephants have always been the animals that I loved the most.  They are intelligent and emotional and amazing.  I had always hoped to have the chance to interact with them like this, but never got the opportunity until this week.  This is not at a zoo, but at a private facility.  Both these elephants have been rescued from other facilities where they were not being properly cared for.  In addition to having all my research questions answered, I was allowed to spend three hours with the elephants, feeding them, petting them, and occasionally just relaxing with them.


Now if I can only talk NASA into letting me go up on a rocket as research for Space Case…

5 thoughts on “Best research day ever

  1. So cool! I want to become an author! (I already did, but this just makes it better. Another reason, if you are a famous author, you get to meet other authors as not just some lame nobody fan, but as someone you can discuss writing and books with. I really want to meet several authors, and you for sure are at the top.

  2. noice now you just need the C.I.A to let you inside there headquarters and see how spies train without the C.I.A making you keep it a secret

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