Belly Up goes into space!

In my very first post, I mentioned the fact that I have a good friend who is an astronaut.  There are a great many perks to having a good friend who is an astronaut.  (Though not quite as many perks as there are to being an astronaut.)  Among them:  Occasionally, they are willing to take stuff of yours into space.  For example, the cover of the galley of Belly Up.  (The actual book cover wasn’t ready in time for the launch.):

This was taken in the cupola of the International Space Station.  That big blue thing in the background is our planet.  (In fact, if you look really closely, you can probably see your house in this photo.)

And, just so you don’t think I’m the kind of Dad who carelessly sends his book cover into space and doesn’t think about his kids (or his niece)… Here’s my family… IN SPACE!!!

Awesome, isn’t it?

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