Spy Ski School


The coolest Spy School adventure yet.

The CIA has finally decided to activate Ben Ripley for real.

The Mission: Become friends with Jessica Shang, the daughter of a suspected Chinese crime boss, and find out all of her father’s secrets. Jessica wants to go to ski school in the Rocky Mountains, so a select few spy school students are going skiing too—under cover, of course.

Ben might not be able to handle a weapon (or a pair of skis), but he’s poised for success on this one. That is, until his best friend from home drops in on the trip and jeopardizes the entire mission…

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Next in the series:   Spy School Secret Service

1,325 thoughts on “Spy Ski School

  1. A.M (which by the way are my real initials)
    U said Erica can’t be short because she’s a spy.
    One, that’s a stereotype,
    And two, I’m a pretty good spy, and XD I’m kinda short!

  2. Dear Stu.

    I know you probably won’t answer this post due to how late I posted it, but it would mean the world to me. My question was if you think you are ever going to do a FJ and SS crossover ( I’ve read all your books you’ve ever Made, so I know all about them),
    And do you think Ben will ever get to be a very athletic kid I just feel like it would make the series super awesome, I understand if you don’t answer thank you and please make more books ( and maybe even a brand new series)!!

  3. SG lover –

    I am not planning on doing a crossover at this time.

    Ben is getting more athletic with each book.

  4. Hi I have not been on Wattpad yet I might check it out?!
    I’m on book eight ( u know I finished #7)
    Someone tell me plz how to get a life
    Can I buy one at the store
    I am empty inside without spy school
    Therefore I need to get a life
    I loooove spy school

  5. I’m such a weird fangirl shipper!!! I am writing a Fanfic currently!!!!
    (It is terrible)

  6. What do the letters in the front and back actually say? Without the blacked out lettering?

  7. monkeymania –

    What would be the point of blacking out the letters if I then told you what they said?

  8. Justin –

    I am not going to have time travel in Spy School. It doesn’t feel right for the series. Too sci-fi.

  9. Oh sorry I should have made that more clear. I meant have you ever considered having the setting of a book be a couple of years ahead of the previous book.

  10. Justin –

    If I set Spy School books earlier, Ben wouldn’t be in Spy School. Which would take all the fun away from the series, I think.

  11. Hi Mr Gibbs! I’m in third grade and just found your books. I’m reading Spy Ski School right now and it’s the best book ever! Sadly, my book was misprinted and Two of the last chapters weren’t printed – they reprinted two from the beginning. I’m dying to know what happens! What can I do? Thanks! M, Boston, USA

  12. Jessica

    I’m so sorry to hear that. If you take the book back to where you bought it they will replace it for free.

  13. hey i know you probably wont answer this but im a huge fan of the spy school collection and im really sad becasue I have only 3 left and i read pretty fast( a book per two day sometimes) so I was just wondering if your gonna make a new book and when? I hope you respond. 🙁

  14. love your books –

    SS8 out fall 2020. For future reference, upcoming releases are on the right hand side of every single page of this website.

  15. Stu-
    What is your most favorite Harry Potter book? (You could list more than one if you’d like)

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