Boxed sets of my books are coming this fall!

Hello, readers!

I’m blogging today to share some very exciting news with all of you (although you probably have figured it out from the heading of my post):

This fall, my publisher, Simon & Schuster, will be releasing boxed sets of some of my books.

There will be two different sets: The FunJungle set:


And the Stuart Gibbs Starter Set, with the first book from all three of my series (Belly Up, Spy School and Spaced Out):


They look awesome, right?

Now, I suppose you might be saying to yourself, “Boxed sets?  Big deal.  I’ve already read all Stuart Gibbs’s books, so what on earth do I need a boxed set for?”

Well, let me explain how this benefits you.

Suppose you have a very good friend, and they’re always coming to you for book advice, because you are a very shrewd, intelligent and discriminating reader.  (Literally discriminating, of course.  Not racially discriminating.)  So, you suggest my books.

And your friend says, ‘Well, which series should I start first?’

Well, now you don’t have to pick!  Just tell them to get the starter set!

Or, suppose you recommend the FunJungle series.  And your friend gets all whiny and says, “Wait.  I’m going to have to get three separate books?  Without some sort of convenient box to hold them all?”

To which you can now say, “Actually, you can get all three books and a convenient box to hold them!”

After which, your friend will no doubt rejoice and probably give you a hug and/or gifts in thanks.

See?  It benefits both of us.

Or, I suppose it just makes gift-giving easier.

Whatever the case, I’m quite happy about it.  Because I am now in the boxed-set pantheon along with such other great writers as C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkein and J.K. Rowling and even some people with actual first names and not just initials.

Here’s the cover for Spaced Out! (Plus, other intriguing book cover news.)

OK, I know I said I was off social media for all of June (and I almost made it) but sometimes, things come up.  Like, the official release of a cover for a new book. While I was off-line, it turns out that my publisher released the cover for Spaced Out (the sequel to Space Case).  And they also revealed the new release date for that book: April 5, 2016.  In the meantime, check out the awesome cover (once again, the amazing work of Lucy Cummins):




Now, I know there has already been a little bit of media buzz on this, mostly circulating around the question, “Why a milk carton?”  And some folks have already nailed the answer: because there was a period of time when the faces of kids who had gone missing were placed on milk cartons.  Hopefully, this has allowed people to deduce what this novel is about: It’s not another murder on the moon.  Instead, this time, one of the lunarnauts mysteriously vanishes.  (I will post more details about this in a while.)

Anyhow, I hope you all think this cover is as great as I do.  (If you haven’t already, look closely at that cow on the side of the milk carton.  It has a space helmet on.)

Meanwhile, there’s some other book cover news to share.  Did you know that book covers go through drafts, just like books themselves?  Some of you might recall that the cover for ‘Poached’ changed from the original release cover, going from a darker color scheme to a more eye-catching lighter color scheme.  Well, something similar has happened with the cover of ‘Big Game.’  The original cover had a black rhino on it, but we noticed that the black rhino kept fading into the background (especially when viewed on computer screens).  Plus, the rhino in the story isn’t black anyhow.  It’s gray.  So the cover has been altered to now feature a more eye-catching gray rhino:

Screen Shot 2015-05-29 at 11.55.38 AM


Better, right?  Oh, and for those of you who have been asking, the movie ‘Big Game’ which came out last weekend had nothing to do with my book.  This just happens some times.  There’s only so many titles to go around out there.  To be honest, I have no idea why a movie about a US President (played by Samuel L Jackson) on the run from assassins in Finland is called ‘Big Game,’ but that’s the title and there was nothing we could do about it.  Sorry for any confusion.

I am going off all social media for June

Hey readers!

I know all of you have many, many questions about my books, current and future.  I always do my best to respond to these as quickly as possible.

However, I also have to get writing done on occasion.  And right now, between some upcoming deadlines and my kids finishing school, I’m a little swamped.

So I’m going to try something new here.  For the entire month of June (or at least, what’s left of it) I am going off social media.  I will not be responding to emails or comments on this site until July.  And I won’t be Tweeting either.  You can still write to me, but just don’t get upset if you don’t hear back until July.



An answer to your burning questions about Spy School #4

Hello, readers!

First of all, thanks to all of you for being such great supporters of my work.  It has been a thrill to hear from so many people who have read Evil Spy School so soon after it has come out and who can’t wait to hear about Spy School #4.  I have been getting deluged with all sorts of questions about what will happen next.

And I am going to answer only one of them.


Because answering every question everyone writes to me takes way too much time.

To respond to everyone individually just sucks up an enormous amount of my day, every day.  And that’s time I probably should be spending writing Spy School #4 itself.  (I’ll bet lots of you would probably prefer I spend my time writing SS4 as well.)  I promise all of you that, eventually, I will put some info about SS4 on this site, but you’ll just have to be patient until then.  I know that you have questions, and I know that you desperately want answers to them, but please be aware that, as a writer, I’d really prefer that you not have the answers to every possible question you can think of before you start reading.  It’s more fun for me (and you) for you to not know too much about the next adventure in this series.

So now, here’s the answer you’ve been waiting for.  The answer to the question I have received the most:

Is there going to be a Spy School #4 — and will the series keep going after that?

(Technically, that’s two questions, but what the heck, I’ll answer both.)

As you may have deduced from this post already, there is definitely going to be an SS4.  As of right now, it won’t be out until fall of 2016.  (Why?  Because I have two more books — Big Game and Spaced Out — coming out before that.  And I still have to write SS4.)

And yes, the series will continue after that.  I definitely have an idea for book 5.  I don’t know how many books will be in the series or anything like that.

Also, I don’t know what SS4 is going to be called yet.  (Which is why I keep referring to it as ‘SS4.’)  In fact, I may not know the title until shortly before the book comes out.

Further information will be coming.  It may be several months, though.

Keep calm and carry on.


Spy School made the New York Times bestseller list!

When you set out to be an author, you have a few dreams.  And I’m betting that most of us dream of making the New York Times bestseller list.  It is the list in publishing.  And next Sunday, for the first time, I will be on it.  Thanks to the strong sales of Evil Spy School’s opening week — which also boosted sales of Spy School and Spy Camp, I hit #7 on the series list.  Check it out!

CCE00002 copy 2


A couple super-cool things about this:

#1) I am above Harry Potter!  (OK, yes, Harry Potter has been on there for several years, but still, I beat it.)

#2) I hit the series list with only three books.  This list is exceptionally hard to crack, because it takes the sales of every book in the series into account.  So a series like, say Harry Potter, with seven books — has a distinct advantage at getting on the list.  In fact, my fearless publisher had claimed that it was almost impossible to break into the series list — so he was extra-thrilled when I did it.

#3) An amusing anecdote about all this.  By a strange twist of fate, I happened to be at my publisher’s offices when the news came in.  I was changing into a tuxedo at the time.  This was the same day of the Mystery Writers of America’s Edgar Awards ceremony, for which Space Case was a nominee.  Normally, I would have been changing at my hotel, but I had already checked out of my hotel, as I had to get to Connecticut that night for school visits the next day — and I had shipped my tuxedo to my editor so that I didn’t have to carry it around for two weeks of book tour before the Edgars.  So, there I am, changing into my tux (which is a very james Bond thing to do) in a spare office when there is a knock at the door and my editor and publisher inform me that I have just hit the NY Times List.  So, I came out, not quite dressed, to celebrate.  Here’s me with Kristin Ostby, my awesome editor.  (She was also dressed for the Edgars, but she had managed to get her shoes on by this time.)



Point being, it was very nice to learn about the Times while I was at Simon & Schuster and could celebrate with everyone, rather than say merely getting a phone call.  (I did eventually get my shoes on, and get to the Edgars.  I didn’t win.  But landing on the List was an awfully nice consolation prize.)

Want to appear in one of my books? Here’s your chance!

One of the questions I get asked the most be kids (and a few adults) is “Can you write me into one of your books?”  Well, usually, the answer to that is ‘no’ — because I simply can’t do it for everyone who asks.  Otherwise, my books would read like the phonebook.

However, if you really, really, really want to appear in a book of mine, you now have the chance.  My children’s school is doing an auction and I am auctioning off a role in a future book.  If you want to bid on it (or, more importantly, if you want your parents to bid on it), click here.

Then click on “Unique Experiences” and you’ll find a (somewhat outdated) photo of me.  The auction is open to everyone, but there can only be one winner.

There are only two days to bid.  I probably should have posted this earlier, but to be honest, things were kind of crazy on tour, and for the last few days, I was stuck in a hotel with such lousy wifi that I couldn’t access this site.  (Yeah, I’m talking about you, Dream Hotel NYC.)

A few things you need to know about this auction:

1) I cannot guarantee what book you will be in, what role you will play in it, or how big your role will be.  I cannot guarantee that the character will look like you, be the same age as you, or have the same interests as you.  All I can say is that the character will be the same gender as you (i.e. male or female) and have your name.  Also, I will try to make sure that your character is a decent person and not a jerk.

2) This is only good for one person.  I can’t write two people into the story.

3) It will be a while, possibly even up to two years, before the book with your name in it comes out.  That’s just the nature of publishing.

But if you’re interested to appear in a book, here’s your chance!  Bid away!


Answers to your burning questions about Big Game (FunJungle #3)

All right fans, now that the release date for Evil Spy School is coming up, the deluge of questions about that book has dropped off, only to be replaced with a deluge of questions about Big Game, the third book in the FunJungle series.  So I figured I ought to answer some of them.


When is Big Game coming out?

October 13, 2015

What happens in this one?

The main plot in this book is that someone is trying to kill Rhonda, one of FunJungle’s endangered asian rhinos.  So this time, Teddy is in a race to figure out the identity of the hunter and stop them before Rhonda ends up dead.

Ooh!  Sounds exciting!

It is.

Although rhino poaching sounds like a pretty serious topic.  Why did you choose to write about that?

Well, first of all, let me say that the book is still quite funny, just like Belly Up and Poached were.  But you’re right, rhino poaching is a serious issue.  The reason I decided to take it on though, is be cause 1) it’s important and 2) many of my readers seems to be very concerned about environmental topics like this.  Sadly, there’s a decent chance that there might not be any rhinos left in the wild in the near future if something isn’t done about poaching, and so I felt my readers might want to know more about it — although, hopefully, through my book, they can learn about it in an amusing way.

Wait.  Did you say that, in the near future, there might not be any rhinos left on earth?  How long are we talking here?

It depends.  It could be thirty years.  Could be less.  It depends on the species.  When I started writing Big Game, there were seven North African White Rhinos left in the world.  Now, there are only five.  And they’re all probably too old to breed, so that species is going to be extinct soon.  (If you’d like too see what they look like, this is Nola, one of the last five left):


Aw, man, now I’m kind of depressed.

You should be.  This is depressing stuff.  But maybe, you’ll take those feelings and do something positive with them, like support a charity like  Or

Um… you did say funny stuff happens in this book, right?  It’s not all preachy and stuff, is it?

No, it’s not preachy.  There’s plenty of funny.  Plus lots of action and adventure.  I just felt that putting the life of an endangered animal at stake would really heighten the tension.

Is Summer in it?

Of course.

How about J.J. and Pete Thwacker and Doc and Teddy’s parents and Xavier?

Yes, they’re all in it too.  Pretty much everyone you’ve met in previous books is back in this one.

Even Vance Jessup?

Er… no.  Not him.

What about Large Marge?  Is she back?

Oh yes.  Marge is back and causing even more trouble for Teddy than ever.

How so?

Well, in addition to the rhino hunter, there’s another criminal on the loose at FunJungle.  A very destructive their has been robbing a lot of the stores in the park.  And Marge suspects Teddy is the real culprit.

Ooh.  So Teddy has two crimes to solve in this one?


What happens with Summer and Teddy?  Are they going to start dating?

Wow, you wouldn’t believe how many times I get asked this.  It’s probably the number one question I get.

Are you saying I’m unoriginal?

No!  It just kind of surprises me.  But I guess that means my readers are really invested in what happens with Teddy and Summer.

We are!  So… What happens?

Well, I really don’t want to spill the beans on this. Let’s just say that it’s a question on Teddy’s mind as well.

Aw, man.  You’re really not going to say anything more?

Sorry.  But I have to keep some things secret.  You’re just going to have to wait for the book.

The Evil Spy School book tour may be visiting your hometown this April!

The plans are finally in place for my book tour for the release of Evil Spy School on April 21.  It’s been very hard to figure out where to go, because millions of fans all over the world have been clamoring for me to come visit them.  But it has finally been narrowed down to a few cities in the eastern USA.  (Sorry, midwest.  You got me twice last year.)

The lucky cities are: Raleigh, North Carolina; Richmond, Virginia; Alexandria, Virginia; Washington, DC; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Jersey City, New Jersey; New York City and Madison, Connecticut.

Most of the time I’m on book tour, I’m visiting schools, but there are a few events that are going to be open to the public.  So, if you’d like to come see me (or you know someone else who’d like to come see me) this is your chance.  The public events are posted on the upper right hand side of my website under “Upcoming Events” (you can take a split-second and see for yourself) but I figured I’d elaborate:

On Tuesday, April 21, the official launch day of Evil Spy School, I will be in Raleigh, NC at the Barnes & Noble at Brier Creek Commons at 6pm.  8431 Brier Creek Parkway

On Wednesday, April 22, I will be in Richmond, VA at BBGB book store inRichmond, VA at 5pm. 3003 W. Cary St.

On Thursday, April 23, I will be at Hooray 4 Books in Alexandria, VA at 7pm. 1555 King St.

On Friday, April 24, I will be at Politics & Prose in Washington, DC at 10:30 am.  Yes, that’s right.  10:30 am.  On a school day.  Turns out, P&P has the schools come to them. So I guess you can ask your school if they’d like to go.  Or maybe your school will let you out for the day to come see me.  Because it’s educational.  5015 Connecticut Ave NW

On Saturday, April 25, I will be at the International Spy Museum in Washington, DC.  Yes, that’s right.  The International Spy Museum!  The best spy museum in the whole world.  I’m not sure exactly where in the museum I’m going to be quite yet.  Probably in the bookstore.  800 F Street, NW

On Sunday, April 26, I will be at the Open Book Bookstore in Elkins Park, PA at 3pm.  7900 High School Rd

On Monday, April 27, I am going to be at Children’s Book World in Haverford, PA (which is pretty much Philadelphia, PA) at 4:30.  17 Haverford Station Rd

On Tuesday, April 28, I am going to be at Books of Wonder in New York City from 6-8pm.  This one’s a little different than the other appearances.  This is taking place the night before the Edgar Awards, so I’m going to be on a panel with my fellow nominees.  But we’ll all hang out and meet our readers afterwards.  18 W 18th St

I should warn you, these details might change.  But I’ll update my site (including this post and, more importantly, the events calendar) if any changes occur.  Hope to see you in April!

Big Game cover revealed!

This one slipped out with a little less fanfare than the Evil Spy School cover a few weeks ago.  But since it popped up on both Goodreads and Amazon, I figure it’s officially out there.  So here, yet again, is another masterful Lucy Cummins creation:



Big Game won’t be out until October 13, 2015.  I’ve been promising to answer some Burning Questions about it for some time, but I’m kind of deep into writing Spy School #4 right now.  So for the time being, just know that — as the cover indicates — this book’s mystery focuses on a rhinoceros.  In a nutshell: Someone is trying to kill the rhinos at FunJungle — most likely for their horns — and Teddy (along with Summer and some others) is in a race to figure out who it is before they succeed.  This time out, Teddy is up against his most dangerous enemy yet, and in addition, he’ll have to confront stampeding elephants, man-eating crocodiles, an incredibly destructive candy thief, the world’s worst taxidermists — and of course, Large Marge.

More to come in a few weeks!

Barnes & Noble offering Exclusive Collector’s Edition of Evil Spy School!

Exciting news from the world of publishing today!  Barnes & Noble is selling an exclusive collector’s edition of Evil Spy School!  (I’m guessing you probably figured that out from the title of this post, but it bears repeating.)  Now, you may be asking yourself, ‘What exactly is an Exclusive Collector’s Edition?’  Well, to start with, there are 32 pages of top secret bonus content.  32 pages!!!!  That’s like a whole extra book!  (Or at least, a couple extra chapters.)  And, since I wrote those 32 pages of content, I can assure you there’s plenty of good stuff in there.

But wait!  There’s more!  The book also looks different, with a special edition jacket designed by none other than the awesome Lucy Cummins:



OK, admittedly, the cover might not look that different on this site, but trust me, it’s different.  It’s shiny for one thing.  And there might just be a top-secret map on the inside of the cover.  And super-cool fingerprint end pages.  Basically, there’s plenty of great stuff that you wouldn’t get with the regular book.

Now, I suppose you’re saying to yourself, “Man, that sounds amazing.  More amazing than pretty much anything I’ve ever hear of in my life.  But I wonder if this amazing collector’s edition is going to be really expensive.  After all, Stuart Gibbs wrote 32 pages of bonus material for it.  That done is probably worth a thousand dollars.”

Well, you’d be wrong.  In fact, the collector’s edition costs only 53 cents more than the regular, non-exclusive edition.  53 cents!  For less than the cost of um… honestly, I can’t think of anything that only costs 53 cents… you can get all that bonus stuff.  And your own copy of ESS.

And here’s the best part:  It’s available for pre-order right now!  Just click here.  It won’t arrive until April, but when it does, I’m sure you’ll love it.