Here is why things changed on this website

Hi everyone –

I can’t believe I have to write this post.  But I’m doing it.

Last week, hackers started a concerted effort to get into my website.  They haven’t, but their bots were so aggressive that my web security kept shutting down my access to the site for a day at a time.

At one point, as part of security, the site went down for about eight hours, which was why many of you got various error messages when you tried to go to the site.

That was fixed, but the hackers are still a problem.

In order to get back in, I had to create a new user profile.  One the hackers don’t know about.  The problem is, the site doesn’t regard me as the main user any more.  Only the main user gets a star by their name.

In the meantime, I thought I would address one other issue.  I have always answered comments on the site as ‘stu.’  But I was always getting comments from people not knowing what to call me.  ‘Stu’ always seemed a little too informal for a young person who doesn’t know, so I decided to start responding to comments as ‘Stuart Gibbs.’

The combination of this change and the fact that my name no longer has a star by it has been a disaster.

Many of my loyal visitors got the idea that someone was impersonating me.  And almost nothing I could do has convinced them otherwise.

While I think that people should have a healthy distrust of things they read on line, the level of distrust here has been incredibly frustrating.  I think it’s awful that people are growing up in a world where their first instinct upon seeing someone answering comments on my site as Stuart Gibbs is to assume that it must be an impostor.

So that’s why I am posting this.  No impostor has the ability to write a blog post on this site.  Only I do.

Maybe there is a way I can get the star back by my name.  I’m working on it.  But in the meantime, just know that the person responding to comments as Stuart Gibbs is really me.

If this isn’t enough to convince you, then I give up.  If you choose not to believe this, it’s your loss.

The real Stuart Gibbs

188 thoughts on “Here is why things changed on this website

  1. Ha young –

    Are you asking how many pages there will be in SSAS? The answer is: I don’t know. I don’t so the final typesetting. But the books ought to be somewhat similar in length.

  2. We believe you. We will always believe you! Your books have remained the reason why my boys haven’t gone crazy during this pandemic. We had actually gotten into a pretty gnarly car accident on the way to see you at Once Upon a Time Bookstore right before COVID hit. My son (who is now 12 and is still obsessed with your books!) begged us not to turn around and go home and we knew how much it meant to him to see his favorite author of all time, so we went there with our bumper hanging half off. And it was worth every minute! Thank you, Mr. Gibbs for all you do for our kids and also for the grownups. We can’t wait for your upcoming books and I’m hoping you’ll be able to manage a book tour in socal too? *wink*

  3. I have a bit of a weird question ,Mr. Gibbs. I’ve been rereading the spy school books and I got to the parts with President David Stern and I suddenly wondered, “What party is he?”, ” What term is he on?”, and “What number year is he on regardless of term?”

    If you’ve kept this unknown as not to cause a huge political discussion I understand I am just curious as to what the answers are.

    Classified 001

  4. Abby Kim –

    Oh my! You were in a wreck on the way to see me?

    I am not sure when Socal book tours will resume but I promise to start doing events again once I feel that they are safe for everyone.

  5. Classified 101 –

    Those are all Questions I Can’t Answer. Please see my post about those.

    That said, it did seem pointless to declare a party for President Stern, as the only thing that would probably do would be to make people upset.

  6. Hi Mr. Gibbs,

    When are you going to do the plot reveal for Charlie Thorne 3?

    To all SS fans –

    Dang, only 77 days until SSAS comes out!!!! We’ve come a long way since Revolution:)

  7. NEVER GIVE UP! My son is 11 and has a lot of energy. However, he has dove into your book series with great desire to read. He has read about 75% of your books in 2021. I am amazed how fast he has read only because your stories have kept him still long enough to comprehend. So thank you! Keep fighting the good fight Mr. Gibbs!

  8. Agent Jo –

    I do not plan on a CT3 reveal for several months. The book itself won’t be out for almost a year.

  9. Geonerd –

    Hackers try to get into websites so that they can get information from the people who log into those sites.

  10. Hey Mr. Gibbs. Sorry to hear about the hackers, that kind of thing can be super annoying. I totally agree that it is sad that kids these days are growing up in an environment where there is so much distrust. Anyway, I just wanted to say that I always loved your books (I still read them from time to time when I’m feeling nostalgic). They totally carried me through my late elementary-middle school days. Keep reading, everyone, and if you’re seeing this message it means you have a good taste in books 🙂

    Thanks for everything Mr. Gibbs

  11. Not all hackers do that. Some hackers are paid by companies to check if there security systems are strong enough

  12. Hey today is Ben ripely’s birthday oh and happy late birthday mr Gibbs you have the best books in the world – the nerd

  13. *says in an inspirational voice*

    He may be fictional in real life, but he’s alive in our hearts. 🙂

  14. *shrug* Why not? Happy Birthday Ben…, we’ve all gone insane, congratulating a fictional character.

  15. Meh. His Bday was on the sixteenth; I do believe So even if we are crazy, there’s no point in Congratulating him. So yeah

  16. i have not written a comment in a long long time. but i have a question for you all. what is you favorite character in spy school that only appears in 1 book. for example: any of ben’s ESS teachers, the helicopter pilot in SC, etc.

  17. Doulikeweffles

    Professor Crandall, though technically he is at the fight at the beginning of Evil Spy School, he just doesn’t talk.

  18. DoULikeWeffles-

    I know Tina is in two books, but . . .

    If Tina doesn’t count, I dunno who.

  19. Hello Mr. Gibbs! I do remember seeing you answer this question a while back, although, since it was a while back, I can’t remember the answer to it.
    I’m curious, are there any black characters in Spy School? Thank you! 🙂

  20. Just wondering, but what were your inspirations for naming your Spy School characters? It’s just a thing I came across after reading the first few books.

  21. Okay and i had my sister try out ss for the first time, and she is obsessed!! She thinks i am so cool now because i have the coolest books

  22. I have not been on the website for a while but I’d like to say: happy very late birthday to Mr.Gibbs and Ben Ripley

  23. Hi Mr. Gibbs! I was just wondering if Pandora’s Box is real? I’ve become hooked on the book and we have an upcoming science project in school. If it is real, I’d love to research it for my project.

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