If you missed any of my virtual events, you can still watch them here.

The pandemic has forced authors (and everyone else, I suppose) to find new ways to reach audiences.  So here are some of the virtual interviews and panels that I have done over the past few months.

One of my favorite festivals, the North Texas Teen Book Festival, was forced to go virtual this year (as was every other festival).  But that allowed us to do a great home version of the fan favorite, Middle Grade Madness.  Now, you can tune in to see me compete against fellow writers Max Brallier, Soman Chainani, Gordon Korman, Sarah Mlynowski, James Ponti and Christina Soontornvat.  Stay tuned to the end to see the lengths I am willing to go to in order to win.

Click here to watch it.

At the same festival, I also did this great panel on mystery writing with the amazing Ally carter, Lilliam Rivera, Collen AF Venable and Stephanie Yue.

Click here to watch it.

I have done a couple interviews with my good friend, James Ponti, over the past year.  This might be the most ridiculous one.  It was sponsored by Wild Rumpus Books in Minneapolis.  If you have ever wanted to know where to hide in the White House if attacked by a horde of dobermans, this will answer your questions.

Click here to watch it.

I actually recorded an interview with Sarah Enni’s amazing podcast, First Draft, shortly before the pandemic.  It is a very in depth interview about writing.

Click here to listen to it.

This summer, I was the Barnes & Noble summer reading hero.  One of the events was a virtual conversation with my good friend and fellow author, James Ponti, where we discussed how we write, where our ideas come from, our advice for young writers, how we structure our mysteries — and how sometimes, we have separately come up with the exact same ideas.

Just click here to see it.

Also with James Ponti — and Beth McMullen — and the International Spy Museum — I did a virtual writer’s workshop this summer.  This one is fun because you get to learn about some of the more bizarre things from the museum’s collection  — like the dead rat dead drop — and then see how we utilize them in a spy mystery set at one of the most popular locations on earth.

Click here to watch it.

Here is a virtual presentation that I did for Follett Books, which gives some background into where I get the ideas for my series.

Click here to watch it.

A few years back, I did an interview with the Fairfax School System’s own TV network.

Click here to watch it.

If you watch all that, then you probably will end up knowing more about me than I know about myself.

475 thoughts on “If you missed any of my virtual events, you can still watch them here.

  1. Wow. I didn’t think you guys were going to give me ALL your fav live-action movies. Bigger turn out then I expected :).

    It’s kind of annoying for me because I have 2 younger brothers who are always around and cant watch Avengers, Marvel or anything like that. And my mom is sometimes paranoid. The only time I can watch movies that I like that are live-action are at like 11 oclock to midnight.

  2. Mr. Gibbs-

    I know that a Disney-made Spy School movie is pretty much off the table, but is there any chance any of your other books could be made into movies?

  3. (this is a reply to April fools) 1 haven’t been on for a while but I have to admit mike brezenski had the best prank.

  4. Mr.Gibbs was the idea to have ssas on a cruise ship based on a family vacation like in Ssbi when your kids gave you ideas for action scenes in Paris

  5. Nefarious –

    Yes, there is a chance that other books or could be turned into movies or TV shows.

  6. Mr Gibbs:
    Will we see more of Doc’s daughter Lilly?
    Also, Do you like JJ? Because sometimes you portray him as a horrible person, well sometimes you portray him as a good person.
    -Luke D.

  7. Ben Ripley-

    There were three pranks on April fools:

    Mike Brezenski’s; Who rickrolled us
    Randomllamma’s; why sent us to a link that had stickman dancing
    Mine; where I tried to get people to watch a YT video (It wouldn’t link in the chat, so I pathetically told everyone to go to Yt and gave them the name of the video, no one fell for that one)

  8. Luke D –

    I can’t tell you whether or not Lily will come back.

    I do like JJ. He is not perfect, but that’s what makes him interesting.

  9. Dookieface-

    I don’t particularly like Big Nate, although it’s not bad. I’m figuring out how to join, I’m newer to the discord app.

  10. Stu-
    I have 2 random questions so I just thought I would say them at the same time,

    1-Do you play any instruments?
    2- If someone figures out who you are in the discord server will you confirm it or will you just act like you aren’t Stu or ignore it?

    (Also can someone pls post the discord link I haven’t joined yet)

  11. Stu-
    I forgot about this until after I wrote my last post so my questions are in 2 posts but to get to the point, I was wondering why Charlie hid in the Galapagos because I really don’t think the Galapagos were a good option. In CT3 Charlie hid in the Galapagos mainly because they were remote. I don’t understand why the Galapagos was a good choice, there is a low population so she would have less people to hide amongst and anyone looking for her would have less people to look through. Also since it is a small island group escape or hiding would be harder because you can only escape by water or air but most of the boats near her were not fancy speedboats and also air transportation needs a decent amount of time to prepare for takeoff so making a quick getaway by air would be hard unless you had something like a helicopter. Also Charlie started working with Galapagos tortoises which are internationally studied creatures due to special traits they possess like long lifespans. I don’t think this was smart because although she was just a insignificant volunteer who wouldn’t really be recognized normally, a scientist who works for another country’s government may come to the reader here center and recognize Charlie because of information their country of origin had told them. Finally, I remember reading something about the Ecuador allowing the US military to use the Galapagos. I read this a while back and am foggy on the details but if what I remember reading is true then that means that the US, who is looking for Charlie, could realistically encounter her. I think it would have been smarter to go to a densely populated, foreign city like Manila or Tokyo. These city’s would provide many hiding places and make Charlie much harder to find. Also I doubt that the Japanese of Philippines governments would know about her and Pandora.

    Also sorry for any spelling or grammar mistakes, my iPad is about to die so I want this to save and don’t have time to spell check.

  12. Bassy –

    1) I play the drums

    2) No, I will not confirm or deny who I am on the discord server.

  13. Bassy –

    I think you are misunderstanding the reasons for Charlie picking the Galapagos. The whole point of her going to some place so remote was not so she would be able to hide if someone came looking for her, but to be some place so remote that no one would ever find her there in the first place. I have been to Puerto Villamil. I picked it because it was the most remote, out of the way place I have ever seen on earth. And the research facility there is not the sort of place that would lure people from other countries — and even if it did, how is a tortoise researcher going to recognize her — or even know to be looking for her? If you are in Manila or Tokyo, you are surrounded by millions of people, any one of which might be an enemy agent who could recognize you. If you are in a town of two thousand people at the edge of the earth, you know everyone. If anyone new shows up, you know it. And you can be prepared to escape. Which is exactly what Charlie does when trouble comes.

    Of course, if you still think Charlie was wrong, then you are welcome to your opinion.

  14. Look i know this is late but my favorite live action movie is back to the future

  15. Bassy- there was another reason for that. In the end they figured out she had been searching for Darwin’s tortoise tortoise all along, so thAt was another reason

  16. Stu-
    There is a movie called Spy School, but it was relased in 2008 and your book wasn’t out yet. I looked on the movie’s Wikipedia page, and the plot was different than your book. But on the top it said, This article is about a film. For the novel, please see Stuart Gibbs with a link to your Wikipedia page. So how come it says the movie was based off of your book if the plots are different and the movie was released before the book?

  17. Mike Brezenski

    Perhaps it meant that incase you didn’t want the film and wanted to Wikipedia the book, go here. And not this film is based upon a book; to Wikipedia the book go here.

  18. Have not been on for a while so this is a response to a comment a long time ago.

  19. Stu-

    Hey Stu, are you going to make any more book series soon. If so do you have any idea of what it is going to be about.

  20. Mr. Gibbs-

    You’ve said before that you’ve had books not accepted by the publishers, so I was wondering, what were they? Were they a completely DIFFERENT series? Was it books from the series we know that, for some reason, wasn’t accepted? Just curious.

    Agent E~

  21. Mike Brezinski –

    That movie has nothing to do with my book at all. The notes at the top of the Wikipedia page are not indicating that the two are connected. They are saying that if you are on the page for the film, but are actually looking for the book, then you need to click the link to go to the book page.

  22. Agent E –

    The books that were rejected were entirely different ideas than the series that got published.

  23. hey Mr Gibbs I hope you can answer this question but umm have you ended up working on books but they ended up not getting published

  24. Hi Mr. Gibbs if one of your books or book series could be made into a movie which one would it be?

  25. Hi Stu-
    I was writing a book on Wattpad called Spy School Egypt, it’s a fan fiction, but is there copyright that you will take down my book? Because it says if I used copyright, they could take down my account. (P.S I am also Banana 123 and Oinkythepig)
    -Oinky Writer

  26. FooFoo- lol so funny your right

    Stu Crew- I think I found some easter eggs. I just got The Last Musketeer Tratiors Cross. And the 1st one is they talk about the Devil’s Stone, which is the plot of the story. We also see this in CTALC. My 2nd one is in LM TC, they mention Crown Of Minerva, which is the name Sage’s family called the dinosaur skull they found. Tell me what you guys think about my 2 therioes for possible easter eggs.

  27. Mike Brezinski-

    Stu had already told us that the two devil’s stones are completely different; the one in CTALC was an actual myth, the one in LM He says he made up, but the second one could be somewhat possible.

  28. Stu-
    How does Charlie Thorne look like? I don’t remember if you described her in the previous book or not.

    The rest of you-
    how do you imagine Milana and Charlie?

  29. RandomLlamma –

    The comment DIRECTLY ABOVE YOUR QUESTION is answering this exact question.

  30. Agent R –

    I would be happy if ANY of my books got turned into a movie or a TV series.

  31. Oinky Writer –

    I don’t knock fanfiction off wattpad. You can write it for fun. You just can’t make money off it.

  32. FooFoo –

    This is not the first time I have written a scene in an FJ book only to have it kind of happen in real life.

  33. Stu-
    Yeah, I remember that part, I meant like hair color, eye color, that kind of stuff.

  34. Alexander Hale-
    Yep I know, It’s like that in almost every book, but I was wondering if Stu pictured his characters with a specific look.

  35. Azula-
    I imagine Milana to have dark/tan skin, with green eyes and dark brown hair.
    I imagine Charlie to have half light skin and half dark skin and dirty blonde hair.

    Of course, as Stu said, it doesn’t matter what they look like but if I were to draw them, that’s what they would look like. Or something like that, I’m a terrible drawer, prefer soccer.


  36. Stu-

    Will Spy School at sea, come out earlier than expected or later than expected, or the same date as expected.

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