If you missed any of my virtual events, you can still watch them here.

The pandemic has forced authors (and everyone else, I suppose) to find new ways to reach audiences.  So here are some of the virtual interviews and panels that I have done over the past few months.

One of my favorite festivals, the North Texas Teen Book Festival, was forced to go virtual this year (as was every other festival).  But that allowed us to do a great home version of the fan favorite, Middle Grade Madness.  Now, you can tune in to see me compete against fellow writers Max Brallier, Soman Chainani, Gordon Korman, Sarah Mlynowski, James Ponti and Christina Soontornvat.  Stay tuned to the end to see the lengths I am willing to go to in order to win.

Click here to watch it.

At the same festival, I also did this great panel on mystery writing with the amazing Ally carter, Lilliam Rivera, Collen AF Venable and Stephanie Yue.

Click here to watch it.

I have done a couple interviews with my good friend, James Ponti, over the past year.  This might be the most ridiculous one.  It was sponsored by Wild Rumpus Books in Minneapolis.  If you have ever wanted to know where to hide in the White House if attacked by a horde of dobermans, this will answer your questions.

Click here to watch it.

I actually recorded an interview with Sarah Enni’s amazing podcast, First Draft, shortly before the pandemic.  It is a very in depth interview about writing.

Click here to listen to it.

This summer, I was the Barnes & Noble summer reading hero.  One of the events was a virtual conversation with my good friend and fellow author, James Ponti, where we discussed how we write, where our ideas come from, our advice for young writers, how we structure our mysteries — and how sometimes, we have separately come up with the exact same ideas.

Just click here to see it.

Also with James Ponti — and Beth McMullen — and the International Spy Museum — I did a virtual writer’s workshop this summer.  This one is fun because you get to learn about some of the more bizarre things from the museum’s collection  — like the dead rat dead drop — and then see how we utilize them in a spy mystery set at one of the most popular locations on earth.

Click here to watch it.

Here is a virtual presentation that I did for Follett Books, which gives some background into where I get the ideas for my series.

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A few years back, I did an interview with the Fairfax School System’s own TV network.

Click here to watch it.

If you watch all that, then you probably will end up knowing more about me than I know about myself.

475 thoughts on “If you missed any of my virtual events, you can still watch them here.

  1. RH –

    There is a chance that I could do a famous artist at some point — although I can’t pick Da Vinci because the book The Da Vinci Coe already exists.

  2. Luca –

    I have lots of things to do every day in addition to answering questions and comments.

  3. Two things, 1 I thought it was kind of funny that some people were welcoming me back, and 2 Charlie Throne And The Lost city was the last book I needed to make my start Gibbs shelf exactly full. I have no idea what I’m gonna do when new books come out, I’ll have to get a bigger shelf.

  4. Stu-
    I noticed that you put the Spy Camp graphic novel on the upcoming books lists even though the first graphic novel isn’t out yet, so I was wondering if the first graphic novel doesn’t do well, like maybe it doesn’t sell, or people don’t like the art will you continue with making the second graphic novel?

  5. Mr. Gibbs

    I just figured out you and I share a birthday except that I was born in 2009 but we were both born on June 11th (that’s your birthday right)( I don’t know why I’m posting this)

  6. ._. April fools day is over, and it’s official: Mike Brezinski is the winner of the prank-war-that-wasn’t-really-a-prank-war-because-it-was-online- war.

  7. Hey Guys,

    In the newest Charlie Thorne book, when they went to the church it took place on Maundy Thursday and the next day was Good Friday. Yesterday when I was reading the book for the first time it was Maundy Thursday and today is Good Friday. It just thought that that was CRAZY!

  8. I wish we could meet each other in real life so we could actually do a prank war

  9. Hey Stu-

    I noticed that your Spy School, FunJungle, and Moon Base Alpha series all have fairly similar styles of graphic design (especially in the font). But I noticed it was changed with the Charlie Thorne series. Personally, I don’t like it as much (especially compared to the old Charlie Thorne cover, which I thought was a graphic design masterpiece). However, it is still good as Lucy Cummins is pretty much a genius. My question is, why was it changed?

  10. Bassy –

    We have to begin work on the second graphic soon to have it ready to come out in two years. There is a lot of illustrating to do. So we are hopping that the first does well enough to justify the second.

  11. Oreo

    The cover design changed a bit because the design you liked so much didn’t translate to paperback. (All the graphics were too small.). So instead of asking Lucy to do two covers for each book we are just going with the single image for hardcover and paperback.

    I am not sure why the font was changed. Probably because the title is a different sort of title than the other books.

  12. Mr. Gibbs is there ever a possibility that a book of yours comes out earlier then you say it does?

  13. Hey Stu I was rereading the FJ series and the SS series and I noticed that Ben and Teddy both like (and in Teddy’s case date) girls a year older than them, is that just a coincidence or is there a reason for that?

  14. How old was Joshua because in spy camp it said 18 but I think it said 17 in goes south or British Invasion

  15. Hey Stu-

    How was Charlie able to hide in Isla Isabela? I know the book says that most locals just assumed she was 18 or older, but how does a 12-year-old convince the world that she’s 18? At one point someone even says that they assumed she was in her early 20s, and the book just says that she acts like an 18-year-old so people just assume she’s about that age. But how does that make sense? How does a 12-year-old pass as an 18-year-old, regardless of her emotional maturity? I don’t know, maybe I’m reading too much into this.

  16. Guys! Guess what! I got the new Spy school at Sea early! You can buy it at this special website for only $9.99! It’s cheaper AND you get it earlier!

    Haha, just kidding, happy April fools day!

  17. Luca –

    There is no possibility at all that a book will come out earlier than the dates I post.

  18. Not Ben Ripley –

    A hero in a middle grade novel generally has to be 12 or 13. A girl younger than 12 is 11, which is too young to date. And boys often have crushes on older girls, not younger ones. So that’s the reason.

  19. Isaac –

    Honestly, it doesn’t matter exactly how old Joshua is. If he’s 17 or 18, what’s the difference?

  20. Oreo –

    Yeah, you’re reading too m much into this. I offered an explanation in the book. If you don’t buy it, well… I guess I failed.

  21. Mrs. Festig –

    It is completely unrealistic and far-fetched for the CIA to have a spy school for children. The whole idea is ridiculous.

  22. I wish that LM haden’t ended. Cathrine and Greg should’ve stayed together. Do we have a ship name for them? What about Creg? or Gathrine?

  23. Just 148 more days guys we can do it just think about how 148 days ago November 8 feels so recent and it won’t feel that long

  24. President Stern –

    I believe that if the US chooses not to lead in the world, then other countries will take our place. I believe that humanitarian aid goes a lot farther toward world peace than militarization. So I am not a big fan of isolationism at all.

  25. Servey

    What are ur guys favorite live-action movie?

    Mine is probably AXL, Harry Potter, and Jumanji

  26. Mr Gibbs:
    I am a big fan of your books.
    My brother started reading them when he was younger and then he gave me his books. I have read The entire FunJunge series, The entire MBA series, and the Entire Spy School series. Your books intrigue me so much and you write very vividly. My Mom got me Tyrannosaurus Wrecks and The first book in The Last Musketeer series. Now I am starting The Last Musketeer series and the Charlie Thorn series. I am in 9th grade, reading is becoming less popular but I still love them! Anyway I just want you to know that I love your books and keep doing what you do! I am eagerly awaiting the new FunJungle and Spy School!
    -Luke D.

  27. I have collected SS,SC,ESS,SSS,SSSS,SSGS,SSBI,SSR, The Last Musketeer, The Last Musketeer Traitor’s Chase, The Last Musketeer Double Cross, Space Case, Spaced Out, Waste of Space, Charlie Thorne and the Last Equation, Charlie Thorne and the Lost City, and T-Wrecks.

  28. Luke D –

    Thanks for your kind words. It’s always a shame to hear that reading is becoming less popular in high school (although that was the case even when I was in ninth grade). Thanks for continuing to read!

  29. Mr Gibbs:
    What ever happened to Lincoln Stone from “Lion Down.” Did he apologize for accusing the mountain lion? Did he get called out by people for trying to get the lion killed? I just think he is a really intresting character. (Also “Lion Down” is my favorite FJ book for now)
    PS: Thanks for responding to what I said earlier today! It made my day 🙂

  30. Luke D –

    To be honest, I don’t know what happened to Lincoln after the book ended. I chose to end the book where I did because I thought that was a good ending. If I had wanted to tell more of the story, I would have.

    An author really can’t tell you what happens to a character in every moment of their life before and after the story. It’s just too much to imagine.

  31. Nathan Hale-

    Same, a whole shelf for me too. I have every single book by Stu on that shelf, including the Puzzletastic Mystery FJ one.

    MR #1 Fan-

    Honestly, I have quite a few:

    (A ton of Marvel Cinematic Universe movies, I love them all), Boy Genius, Inspector Sunshine.

  32. Marcus-

    I have so many that I can’t name them all. To be honest I like a lot of sagas like Transformers, Pirates of the Caribbean, Fast and Furious, Mission Impossible, James Bond, X-Men, Harry Potter, Back To The Future, DC Movies, and practically all the marvel movies (Except for the hulk one’s, those ones were pretty bad. I also like Ready Player One, The Meg, Kong: Skull Island, Forrest Gump, Rampage, and Venom. I’m sure there’s TONS more but I just can’t remember them.

  33. Marcus- me and my dad and sister are watching all of the MCU movies in order, we are just starting Captain America: The 1st Avenger. But I’ve seen Endgame, Captain Marvel, and Infinity World already. They are all sooooooooo good though.

  34. Hey Stu-

    Do you think that there is any possibility that you might release 3 books next year, just like you are going to do this year?

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