Spy School 9 cover and title reveal

Hey readers.  I know many of you have been very eager for this post.  Ever since Spy School Revolution came out, people have been asking me when I was going to reveal the plot, title and cover for SS9.

Well, here’s the cover — yet another masterful job by Lucy Cummins:


And here is the synopsis:

Thanks to the evidence Ben uncovered in his investigation of the Croatoan, the CIA has tracked his nemesis, Murray Hill, to Central America, where they believe he is boarding the world’s biggest cruise ship, The Emperor of the Seas, on its maiden voyage around the world.

The CIA and MI6 want to find out what Murray is plotting, but to do that, they need to send in the person who knows Murray Hill the best: Ben Ripley. Only Ben can’t be sent in alone. So he’ll be posing as part of a family, with Alexander and Catherine Hale as his parents, Erica as his sister, and his best friend Mike as his brother.

At first, it sounds exciting to have a mission on the most glamorous ocean liner on earth, but as usual, nothing goes according to plan. There is action, danger, and plenty of surprises as Ben and his team quickly find themselves in hot water.

And finally, here is the release date (although, before you get too excited, let me say that I’m still not 100% sure that this is confirmed): August 31, 2021.

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1,072 thoughts on “Spy School 9 cover and title reveal

  1. Agent Joshua Hallal

    The eighth spy school book came out last fall. Spy School Revolution.

  2. Hi Mr. Gibbs,
    I just want to say that you are my favorite author ever. I have been reading your books since I was in 2nd grade (now I’m in 6th) and have re-read them sooooo (infinity o’s) many times that I can easily quote them and have picked up how you write (sorry if that’s weird, but your writing style is so amazing and you made me want to become a writer for a while). I am such a superfan that I have convinced many friends and my mom to read your books (everybody in my family has read spy school). I have written you a letter and almost had a heart attack when you wrote back, I’m so obsessed I almost cried when I heard the news about your movie. Your books are so amazing because you make them relatable. Also, the vocabulary in your books has made mine a lot better. Thanks for doing what you do. You have changed my life and my views on the world! Sorry if its too personal but what are your top 3 favorite animals and favorite flavor of ice cream?
    P.S. I also love capybaras.

  3. No such thing as coincidence –

    First, thanks so much for your kind words.

    Second, I haven’t ranked my favorite animals. My favorites are elephants, but then it’s like a 5 million way tie for second.

    Third, my favorite flavor of ice cream changes all the time, depending on my mood. That’s the great things about ice cream! So many flavors!

  4. Nahtan –

    Someone as rich as Orion probably has someone to deal with his dogs in case of emergencies.

  5. Ryan –

    It is very important to me that Ben NEVER carry a gun in the series — and that he always figure his way out of trouble by using his brains. So I am not planning for him to be good with a gun.

    Frankly, it is very hard to shoot a gun well, and I think that all movies that show people able to hit a target easily are doing a disservice.

  6. Hi Mr. Gibbs, I love spy school a lot and was wondering if you think there are going to be at least 15 spy school books. Continue being awesome man.

  7. Yeah I mean that’s what’s fun about the story. It wouldn’t be much fun if every mission was super easy and all the spies were amazing at everything.

  8. Hey Mr. Stu, I really love your books! When Covid-19 is over, will you be doing any book signings?

  9. Hi Mr. Gibbs

    I love you’re books. In Spy School British Invasion did Murray sedate Jessica?

    Sincerely, Will

    P.S. Your my favorite author! Please answer!!!!!!

  10. Mr Gibbs been reading your books since I was in 4th grade I gotta say as an highschooler now (10th) I feel a little bit outta place for reading these books still but I still enjoy these books the same way as I first did back in elementary school. Anyways will you ever make these books more mature as you keep on creating newer books? Just a quick thought, thanks.

  11. Ryan –

    Yes, once the pandemic is over, I will do signings again. However, I really don’t know when that will be and where I will go.

  12. Stephen –

    I am not planning to age up any of my series as I write them. However, I am doing my best to write books that people will enjoy no matter what age they are.

  13. Brady Cavallario –

    I cannot say what is going to happen with my characters in future books.

    SPYDER has the word SPY in it.

  14. Hi Mr. Gibbs! I have some questions that you can hopefully answer:
    1. Which character do you relate to most?
    2. Which character are you most likely to be friends with?
    3. Who’s your favourite character?
    4. Is any of the characters based on someone you know?
    And my last question is: which series was the hardest to write?
    Thank you for reading my comment!

  15. I love all of your series and I just have 1 question. I think it is a good idea for you to add a dog in one of the spy school books and maybe ben could adopt it maybe?

    From, Luca 🙂

  16. is there ever gonna be a time where Ben and erica ever start to bond with each other more and keep trying with that movie from jack

  17. Hi Mr.Gibbs, I was just wondering if Ben and Erica will ever be together. Or will Ben end up with Zoe or Trixie. If you’ll could reply I would really appreciate it. Thanks!

  18. Jas –

    1) Teddy
    2) Teddy
    3) I do not have a favorite character.
    4) Yes. But I prefer to keep which ones are based on real people a secret.
    5) Charlie Thorne is a difficult series to write as I have to learn so much beforehand.

  19. Luca –

    I am not against adding a dog, but it would have to make sense in the context of a story.

  20. Jack Valenti –

    I cannot disclose what is going to happen with Ben and Erica in the future.

  21. Ben –

    I cannot reveal what is going to happen to my characters in future books because it will ruin the fun of reading them.

  22. Hi Mr Gibbs!
    What relationship do you personally like better: Ben & Erica, or Ben & Zoe? I understand if you wont want to answer.

  23. Hi Stuart,
    Do you still have ideas for books 13-16? (I’m not gonna give suggestions i’m just curious.

  24. Erica Hale –

    I have tons of ideas. It’s not like I have mapped out ten books ahead. I just have ideas that I want to do but I am not sure what order they will take place in.

  25. Wo you liang ge wen ti (I have 2 questions)

    1. Is ben ever gonna be physically strong, or do you think that will ruin the dynamic if the book?

    2. I have just finished reading “From blood and Ash” and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I think you would too.

    Have a good day 🙂

  26. Dhruv –

    Are you asking, do I know if Jessica Shang will ever return? What happens in future books is classified. Please see my blog post about questions that I can’t answer.

  27. Dhruv –

    If I tell you that there are Easter eggs, then it ruins all the fun of adding Easter eggs.

  28. Reads 2 Many books –

    1) First of all, Ben is getting better and better at becoming a spy in each book. But I am not planning to make him more physically imposing as the series goes on. He has many other strengths.

    2) Thanks for the recommendation.

  29. Hi Mr Gibbs I have been reading your books since I was 9 I am now 16 you are my favorite author of all time. Here’s my comment do Ben ever visit his parents in Florida after beating the Croaton??

  30. Stu,
    a year ago reading books was a chore. I hated reading, the only books I read were comic books. But this year I tried reading Spy School and I am a whole new person. I read so much my family jokes that I got abducted by aliens. I just wanted to thank you for making reading as fun as playing video games. Each chapter keeps me wondering what will happen next.

    I would like to know one thing though.
    How does it feel when you finish a book, do you feel sad because it ended or happy because it is finally over?

  31. Stuart Gibbs, I love how you gave a quick blurb about Spy School at Sea. I cannot explain how excited I am to read the next book by you. I have already read the majority, and cannot wait to get my hands on another!

  32. Stu, will you reveal how the characters look like in the graphic novel one, if it was ready? I’m sorry if you ever answered this question, or if it’s off-topic.

  33. Mansoor Mansa –

    I cannot reveal anything that is going to happen in future books for fear of spoiling surprises.

  34. the CIA –

    I am very pleases to hear that you have enjoyed my books so much. Just know that, if you like my books, then there are many, many other authors whose books are just as much fun to read.

    When I finish a book, I feel happy. Not because the writing is finally over. It’s more a feeling of accomplishment.

  35. Your pal –

    I hope to have some art from the graphic novel to share at some point in the future. But I don’t have it yet.

  36. Asking –

    If a character has been in every book of a series, I would say that makes them a big character in the series.

  37. Hey Mrs.Gibbs,
    I’ve been exited for Spy School:At Sea. August is acutley when my Birthday is. Hope this book as as amazing as the others.

  38. I gave my friend a copy of spy school and he has read every book in all your series same as me.

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