An American Tragedy

Hi folks.  Some days, as an author, you just brainstorm ideas.  That’s what I was doing today, working of plots for future Spy School books, when I decided to take a short break for lunch and turned on the news, expecting to see the confirmation of the election results.

Instead, I found myself watching armed terrorists storming the United States Capitol.  Terrorists who were encouraged by own own president in an attempted coup.

My job is to make up crazy plots, but I honestly couldn’t have ever invented something as insane like this.

I usually try to avoid being political, because parents of young readers generally don’t like it when authors express political views to their children.  (Unless they agree with those views, in which case they are generally all for it.)  But enough is enough.  What is going on here today is horrible and wrong.  I felt ashamed that my children were witnessing it — and I am ashamed that all of you are too.

As a young reader, you might not think that your voice matters, but it does.  And it will matter more and more as you get older.  So you need to know that what is happening today is wrong.  I am not engaging in hyperbole when I call these people terrorists or call this an attempted coup.  That’s what it is.  They invaded the seat of our government with the intent of interfering with the results of an election.

If you know people who support this — or who think it is all amusing — those people are wrong.

I know that I have poked fun at how the government works, or spun plots with high-level government officials who turn out to be parts of conspiracy groups, but I know all of you are smart enough to know that is just in fun.  The idea that a President of the United States would disregard the truth that he lost an election, spread unfounded rumors about that and then incite his supporters to overturn the will of the majority is shocking to me.  It seems like the stuff of fiction.  But sadly, today it’s not.

This is a dark day in our of our lifetimes.  I’m sorry that you had to see it happen.  And I hope you understand that the responsibility of this lies entirely on President Donald Trump.  It wouldn’t have happened without his doing.  That makes him far worse than any fictional villain I could ever invent.

Some day, not too long from now, you will be able to vote.  And when you do, I hope that you vote for candidates who actually care about people, the environment, and this country.  I hope that we never have another day like this in our country again.

415 thoughts on “An American Tragedy

  1. Did you guys see that Trump will potential get impeached a seconds time but actually leave office? Crazy stuff. I wanna hear everyone’s opinion on this. Personally I’m undecided because there’s only a week left till the inauguration but also that’s what the riots were about so technically we’d be giving the rioters what they wanted: Chaos. Impeaching Trump could divide the country even more though.

  2. Well Trump got impeached the first time but didn’t leave office. If he get’s impeached again he’ll be forced to leave office

  3. Aiden O.-
    Right now, I don’t really think it matters if he gets impeached or not. Unless he resigns or Pence enacts the 25th amendment, he is going to ride out these last 8 days in office. I do believe, however, that he should be prosecuted for the crimes he has committed, whether that be in Congress or not. He absolutely cannot run again. He is extremely dangerous and as long as he has his supporters, there is a chance that we will become powerful again, and that is just too great of a threat.

  4. Brooke-

    I 100% agree with you, accountability is something America is short of and I want Pence to go through with the 25th amendment because Trump needs to see that his actions have consequences but I’m nervous about the potential violence it could lead to. Who know’s? The rioters could bring guns this time, people could die if something like an impeachment happens.

  5. I completely agree with Mr. Gibbs

    When the BLM protesters were, u know, protesting, trump called them thugs, and when the Capitol was raided, he said ” we love u” (or smth like that i cant remember)

    The police used tear gas and rubber bullets on the peaceful protesters, and they didnt on the rioters.

    some officers even lead the rioters.

    Trump wasted a ton of money on a stupid wall that wont do anything except deny people who just want a better life in the “land of opportunities”.

    honestly, this is really stupid.

  6. Aiden O.-
    I highly doubt Pence is going to do anything about the 25th amendment. Nevertheless, the terrorists are still very angry, and more violence from them is still something that could happen. All we can really do is hope that they take enough preventative measures this time to make sure that nothing bad happens.

  7. I think that after January 6, they made sure that their security was really good. So it might happen again, but it won’t work this time. I hopefully.

  8. Brooke-

    Well yeah, I’m like 98% sure Pence won’t go through with it, I just said that I want it to happen.

    Alexander Hale-

    Yeah the angry people are the one’s with the guns so there’s a lot of danger for Biden right now. He’s gonna need to sleep with both eyes open because the terrorists are mad and after the 6th, there’s no telling what’s gonna happen.

  9. Not Micheal dinicour-

    Well, so far, we’ve had ben getting recruited. Almost dies at camp. Almost dies as a mole. Almost dies in an avalanche and a rich guys daughter crushes on ben. Almost dies in the White House. Almost dies in Mexico. Almost dies in Britain and france. And then we get, very original, almost dies but this time he’s trying to uncover a century old new organization. (JK, these are all pretty original good work stu.)
    I think a good thing to do, going from here, is that even though they were using Trixie as leverage in SSR, Croatoan still approached her and told her everything, and then they had a gun to her head and were like “ha HA work for us or we kill Erica” so it’s leverage both ways, and they send Trixie into spy school and the arrangement with cookies in the hospital was organized. Trixie gets recruited, she’s actually better than Erica, she works for the “bad” guys though. Erica thinks Ben is falling for Trixie out of some out of context scenes, Erica is jealous, and then Erica finds out Trixie is bad guy but before Erica can arrest trixie ben walks in and he’s like “Stop being jealous Erica” and instead of making it easy for Erica to be not jealous, he’s protecting Trixie from erica because he believes it’s jealousy. Lot’s of explosions and almost death for ben preferably Trixie and Zoe become BFF’s and maybe a berica kiss at the end or something. FYI I wrote this as it came in like, five minutes. Hope you like it anyways. But yeah, this is what I’d do for SS10

  10. The stuff in the save the world tab is great, but there’s one more thing that I use: It’s a search engine, and they use the money that they make to plant trees. As of now, they have over 117,000,000 trees planted. That’s 117 million. It’s great, I love it. And it’s a search engine, so it’s useful. And you don’t have to pay anything. Your searches plant trees. I love it

  11. yeah the anarchy and felony with the president blatantly coaxing them on in the US over there was just wrong on so many levels. Like something like this happened one other time with the capitol being breached, when we (Canada) burned the white house down. And fr this to happen in the middle of a pandemic?! Its just so wrong. Id be willing to bet a thousand canadian dollars that there will be a record number of covid cases in whatever state wahington dc is in . – The investigator

  12. Erica Hale-
    Pretty good plot line considering it was thought up in five minutes.

  13. Erica-

    Good plot, it’d be great fan-fiction. Unfortunately Stuu doesn’t take reader suggestions. (But then it would be by Stuart Gibbs, it’s be back [Redacted])

    (I’m testing the bold so if you see the bold command, i’m not insane)

  14. Aiden-
    Yeah, I didn’t expect stu to take my plot. I mean if he did I’d just be excited but there’s all these rules you get as an author and there’s an implied one where you have to come up with your own material, generally. Most do. And I probably won’t turn it into a fanfic though, because I’d never get around to sharing the fanfic and it wouldn’t be fun.
    I just really enjoy making up plots.

  15. Someone steal my plot, go ahead, I don’t care. It won’t be shared if someone else doesn’t do it. ¯\_(?)_/¯ You don’t have to but you can if you want.

  16. Sometimes I just go on Ecosia and keep searching for random letters so that they can plant more trees.

  17. Nefarious-
    Same I’ll search something up on Google but then I’m like, well, I have the info, but did it plant a tree? No. So let’s search it up on ecosia over and over and get in another hundred trees.
    I’ve also been trying minimalism and it’s very hard to do when you are the only one in your family working on it.

  18. People who are talking about Ecosia –

    Yeah, Ecosia is a really good site. What I did once was I created a program that would rapidly search a term on, and I kept it running so that it searched up something 9,000,000 times, which according to ecosia planted around 200,000 trees. But then, my parents made me stop because apparently doing things like that make companies think you are launching a ddos attack on them and you want to hack them so I had to stop. But it was still cool 🙂

  19. It’s amazing that there’s so many people in our generation that wanna do good while there’s so many that don’t care and just want life to be handed to them

  20. Wait when Joe Biden get inaugurated wont President Trump leave office why are they impeaching him know. Btw I didn’t support what trump did I’m not a Republican or anything.

  21. Aiden-
    I have very mixed feelings on my sister and whenever I try to explain global warming to her, or why she does NOT need a new doll or piece of tech, she will literally do the fingers in ears and “lala” thing, and I completely sympathize with that last statement. I get in arguments with my parents about wether or not I can protest yet and then there is my sister, nine years old yet still cursing heavily, watching Taylor Swift, and obsessing about her social status. Expecting EVERYTHING.
    Okay yeah I just very much enjoyed that last comment you put up, everyone listen to that.

  22. Erica Hale-
    That’s pretty good plot honestly I wish Stu uses it, but anyways the only thing I disagree to is “she’s actually better than Erica” I don’t think she should be better then Erica, besides Erica had trained ever since she was a baby’ while Trixie is just gonna join the academy. Plus the plot thingy might happen because Croatoan did find Trixie so why not do something to her first? After all it might’ve tooken them along time to figure this out since SPYDER the smartest organization itself didn’t. So that’s why I think that Croatoan’s are smart enough to do something to Trixie first. But if that’s not the case I must admit that Croatoan’s they are an idiots, like they went for so much trouble and just used her as a threaten against Erica..

  23. Erica-

    Yeah I’m like the political (almost) nerd in my family, I try to explain the issues in our world but nobody listens. I’m too introverted to protest, plus I don’t wanna die from the tear gas and stuff because I have severe asthma. It’s crazy how like 7-10 year olds want like the latest iphone and like are making bad choices while I legit wanted the 120 crayon box when I was like 9. And a lot of Gen Z wants to vape and be social media personalities rather than something productive to society, I’m not saying that I’m like immune to social media because I’m not, but I want to help people.

  24. Kosi –

    They are impeaching Trump because HE BROKE THE LAW. And impeachment prevents him from ever being able to hold office again.

  25. -Stu
    I didn’t know that(being a Canadian and all, only paying attention to Canadian government systems) But, I think that’s great because he’s been acting more like a dictator and less like the leader of a democratic government, so yeah, that’s great
    -the investigator
    P.S I meant the part about how he can never hold office again

  26. THE GOAT-
    That’s really cool. I know a little JavaScript, just enough to hack into my dad’s computer and display random messages saying that they’re from google. I don’t know even close to the amount you would need to do what you did. That’s really cool. I use https://www.codecademy to learn JavaScript, it’s a pretty cool website. Anyway, what you did was really cool, I wish I knew how to do that.

  27. I think because he speaks the “language” Of the people, and knows how to manipulate certain people to make them believe him. This is my guess, I am not saying this is a definitive answer.

  28. Agent R-
    The election is basically a popularity contest. The first televised election? The cameras were different, so you had to wear all this glowing orange-like make up to look normal. In that election, one prez wore it, and the other was like “Cause heck I’m going to let you make me a clown, no, get that stuff off me” and the guy with orange makeup was immediately in the lead because he was just physically more attractive. But yeah, basically, election=popularity contest. And your promises and seeming aptitude just tend to help after charisma. Not sure how this worked out 2016, I’m not saying Trump was more charismatic, just saying that history tends to repeat so what happened might have happened 2016. Also, this is as deep I can go into election ness, cause I avoid politics. Hope this explains something.

  29. Agent R-
    Wait, was that supposed to be a rhetorical question? If it was please ignore previous post.

  30. a German hale-

    I guess that means the language of the people is fragmented sentences and interrupting because that’s the only language trump speaks.

  31. i don’t like Trump at all I think he is rude, con, dumb, idiot and when black lives matter he called police and several other people and that was just people standing with signs and protesting but when the capitol finally got raided he called no one and someone else in the government had to call for the police.

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