An American Tragedy

Hi folks.  Some days, as an author, you just brainstorm ideas.  That’s what I was doing today, working of plots for future Spy School books, when I decided to take a short break for lunch and turned on the news, expecting to see the confirmation of the election results.

Instead, I found myself watching armed terrorists storming the United States Capitol.  Terrorists who were encouraged by own own president in an attempted coup.

My job is to make up crazy plots, but I honestly couldn’t have ever invented something as insane like this.

I usually try to avoid being political, because parents of young readers generally don’t like it when authors express political views to their children.  (Unless they agree with those views, in which case they are generally all for it.)  But enough is enough.  What is going on here today is horrible and wrong.  I felt ashamed that my children were witnessing it — and I am ashamed that all of you are too.

As a young reader, you might not think that your voice matters, but it does.  And it will matter more and more as you get older.  So you need to know that what is happening today is wrong.  I am not engaging in hyperbole when I call these people terrorists or call this an attempted coup.  That’s what it is.  They invaded the seat of our government with the intent of interfering with the results of an election.

If you know people who support this — or who think it is all amusing — those people are wrong.

I know that I have poked fun at how the government works, or spun plots with high-level government officials who turn out to be parts of conspiracy groups, but I know all of you are smart enough to know that is just in fun.  The idea that a President of the United States would disregard the truth that he lost an election, spread unfounded rumors about that and then incite his supporters to overturn the will of the majority is shocking to me.  It seems like the stuff of fiction.  But sadly, today it’s not.

This is a dark day in our of our lifetimes.  I’m sorry that you had to see it happen.  And I hope you understand that the responsibility of this lies entirely on President Donald Trump.  It wouldn’t have happened without his doing.  That makes him far worse than any fictional villain I could ever invent.

Some day, not too long from now, you will be able to vote.  And when you do, I hope that you vote for candidates who actually care about people, the environment, and this country.  I hope that we never have another day like this in our country again.

415 thoughts on “An American Tragedy

  1. One last thing, people have been told straight up lies about us democrats. How we are evil and so on and so forth. If you believe this, then why? Why are we so bad? I would bet that you have at least one friend who is a Democrat or most likely more. There is a problem with our society that honestly is saddening. Our own news companies lie to us, they are supposed to be trustworthy sources, not ones who seek to promote one party and spread lies about the other. I have many friends who are Republican and I can say that no party is evil, they know it and I know it as well our country has descended into chaos and one of the main culprits are the lies told about each side.

  2. Forever Berica,

    I do not believe this was the point Erica Hale was trying to make. I do not (personally) think Trump did not “boil over” due to stress. What is Trump supposed to learn.
    And im not anti-being united, but nowhere is ever “united” 100%. I get the point you are trying to encourage. But I do, agree with everything else you say, about how it will get better, but we better not just sit back and wait for it to happen, we have to work for it.

  3. Actually named Ben,

    You make a good point, some things can’t be lied about though, but yes, lies are made by both sides bias t’words their belief. Im sure lying is part of us as humans, we can’t escape it.

  4. This was an extremely dark day in American history, that will for sure go down in the history books.

  5. Aiden O.-
    The woman should definitely have the final decision, but the child is also a man’s child. It would be wrong for him to not even be able to be heard out, but it should ultimately be the woman’s choice.

  6. In addition to my last comment, before anyone takes it the wrong way-
    I do believe it should be the woman’s choice. I do not think that the man should make the total decision. I just think that the man would also have an opinion and that his opinion should not be dismissed. That doesn’t mean the woman has to agree with him, though.

  7. Nefarious-

    Oh no I meant the president couldn’t dictate the choice. I agree with you about it being ultimately the woman’s choice though

  8. Nefarious and Aiden,
    I have to disagree with you guys on abortion. If someone kills a pregnant woman they are charged with double murder. I just can’t support people killing an innocent baby’s life just because it’s inconvenient for them. It goes against all my morals to even think about that.

  9. Nefarious and Aiden O.-
    I completely agree with what you are saying. The government should not have any say over what a woman can do to her own body. It is absolutely none of their business what a woman chooses to do. Now, I understand that abortion is a very sad and difficult choice to make, but it is ultimately not the government’s place to make that choice for anyone.

  10. Berica for life,

    You don’t kill the mother and the child. So its not double murdering.
    Think about it, if the mother doesn’t want the baby, then it most likely wasn’t her will to have the baby. So most likely an accident. And if, like I said, the mother didn’t want the baby, she should be able to decide. At that point, the baby is theoretically still cells. Im not pro killing babies. I just believe that the mother has more of the right.

  11. Boe4Life-

    Abortion mostly happens when a woman will die from having the child or the child was not planned (Meaning an event happened that I cannot talk about) Also it’s really not your choice to make unless it’s your baby, some people won’t be able to take the pain and the hard choice is to save the mother rather than have both of them end up dying at the birth. Also the double murder thing only get’s charged in certain states, not all. (Certain countries too)
    You’re basically telling me that if a woman doesn’t want to have a child and can’t support them or doesn’t think they could be a good parent, they NEED to have the baby either way and give up everything to be a parent just because people like you think it’s your choice for whether the baby is born or not.

  12. I’m not saying i’m so evil guy who wants babies to die but my mother has almost died having my siblings and unfortunately the woman needs to live rather than kill both of them in the process .

  13. Aiden-
    I’m not talking about if the mom is going to die I know that happens but the other happens a lot. I’m not saying the parents 100% have to drop everything and take care of it but that can’t justify killing a baby. But if you choose to do it without birth control you have to know that it could happen.

    I was talking about if someone else kills a pregnant woman.

  14. Boe4Life

    that is not called abortion, that is called murder. (if that was what you meant, the wording made it sound like that was abortion)
    And, what were saying is, what if the woman wasn’t allowed to take birth control pills, and had the baby, not by her own will.(Im sorry im being explicit about this, I want to get the point through)

    Aiden O.
    I would normally had said my similar opinion, but you said my exact opinion, I just would had word it differently. Thank you for your message

  15. Agerman-
    Yes it was about murder, I was talking about how in that situation the baby’s life matters but when the mothers wants to kill it doesn’t. Also I’m saying there are some places or people that could take care of the baby and I just can’t justify killing it.

  16. BoeForLife-
    The baby technically just being still cells is what makes it ok. I agree with you. The baby is technically not alive yet, or at least, it has no concoiusness, (excuse my spelling), so it is really not murder. You could very well be saving this baby from a life of abuse or malnourishment, considering that the mother, for whatever reason, does not want a baby.

  17. Agerman-
    Also I was looking at you point above and you said abortion only happens when the baby is just cells, if you look at abortion laws and the way they’re going that’s untrue

  18. The wall that trump built will NOT keep out terrorists cuz most of the time terrorists have enough money to get a PLANE and just fly right over that dumb wall. He coulda just used that cash to beef up security where it’s needed. Keeping out immigrants that need a home cuz their country is not safe will not solve any problems.

  19. Boe4Life-
    I know everyone is talking about what is morally right and whatnot, but on the law side of things, unborn babies have no rights. Under the constitution, rights are granted at birth, not before. Look, I don’t think it’s right if someone just uses abortion as a method of birth control just because they don’t want to use other methods, but if a woman feels a need to terminate her pregnancy, then I don’t think the government should have any jurisdiction over whether she can or not.

  20. Abortion is when a babys life is taken early, either to save the mothers life, or they don’t want the baby.
    No party should have a say on what to do, it is purly a womans choice.

  21. Brooke-
    Even though unborn babies don’t have rights it’s not good to kill them. Most of the time it is the woman’s fault. I get all of the other reasons but a lot of times it is the woman’s fault and that’s just pure selfishness.

  22. Boe4life-
    I totally agree with you.
    Just cells?! Now a mother could even abort the baby even 9 months into pregnancy! And even if the baby still is just a couple cells, that doesn’t mean the baby isn’t a life. (I hope you get what I’m saying – my wording is weird). You’re just taking away the chance for the baby to live – then it is technically murder, they just say it in different ways so that it doesn’t sound as serious as what they are actually doing. Even if you’re “saving” the baby from abuse or whatever, life is still a blessing, and you can’t take that away from someone against their will. Why can’t the baby have a hand in the desicion? It’s own life is being taken, whether it’s still just cells or not!

    The political stuff I can stay out of, but this is something I feel I should speak out upon.

  23. Boe4Life-

    Look it’s fine to have an opinion but after all it’s not your choice. I’m not sure if you understand how human reproduction works yet (I’m not gong into details) but you know sometime the child isn’t planned and the woman isn’t on birth control, so by your logic because of that, they need to have the child either way because it’s “Wrong” for them to continue living their lives and not live their lives the way that you want them too. Also Nefarious has a point, the mother is clearly going for abortion for a reason and you want her to give that up so the child will be born anyways. I don’t like the idea of babies being killed but this world is a big dark scary place and sometimes things just needs to happen for the sake of certain people. And if abortion get’s banned, the crime rate for a certain crime (I cannot name) will go up. Plus overpopulation will get worse. I understand that you only mean good but unfortunately it’s not always going to be so easy to make the “right” decision in life.

  24. Boe4Life-
    I know that it is not ideal, but it is just plain wrong for the federal government to be telling women what to do with their bodies.

  25. To add, it is not the governments’, or anyone else’s decision to make, it is the woman’s.

  26. People that are saying abortion is wrong-

    It’s not your choice to make. You try to control the lives of others but you cannot. You don’t have children so you have no say here. You don’t know the pain they go through, some people can’t handle that.

  27. Boe4Life-

    Sorry, it was for the sake of the younger people here, I don’t mean any disrespect towards you.

  28. I agree, even if we have different opinions, I think we all see each other’s reasoning, so let’s just stop arguing.

  29. I agree with Boe4Life that this topic is getting old and depressing so lets change the topic

  30. I feel like people aren’t taking the climate crisis seriously. On average, 150 species go extinct EVERY DAY! And yet we’re doing nothing to stop it. Trump took us out of the Paris agreement, and Biden won’t sign the green new deal once he becomes president. It’s a HUGE problem, but people don’t see it that way. They see it as something that will happen far out in the future. But that’s not true. We’re already seeing affects today. And when people’s lives become in danger because of it, which by the way is ALREADY HAPPENING, they will finally see how terrible it is. But by then it will be too late. By then, we won’t be able to fix it. So we need to take action now. But we are not. 150 species. Gone. Every day. But people will not listen to the facts. So we are not doing anything. They say that the green new deal is too much progress. But that’s exactly what they said about the new deal. And look what that did for us. We should not be afraid of progress. We should be afraid of not making progress. That is the only thing stopping us.

  31. Everyone-
    If you were to get to decide what the plot of the next Spy School book was what would it be? Take your time.

  32. Alexander Hale make a good point. But its not like we can just change all of a sudden. (I’m not saying thats what you said). So we should act now

  33. I believe Trump has also instated a law allowing industries to kill off birds unintentionally. He recently finalized a law allowing companies and individuals to murder migratory birds as long as it was not done “intentionally” for sport. This marks the death of millions of birds in the country.
    It is true, we need to do something to help the environment, and we need to do it now. For more information on how to help, go to the “Save the World” tab at the top of this website. Any donations to the organizations Mr. Gibbs has mentioned is extremely helpful. Just imagine, you could save the life of a baby rhino (or capybara).

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