An American Tragedy

Hi folks.  Some days, as an author, you just brainstorm ideas.  That’s what I was doing today, working of plots for future Spy School books, when I decided to take a short break for lunch and turned on the news, expecting to see the confirmation of the election results.

Instead, I found myself watching armed terrorists storming the United States Capitol.  Terrorists who were encouraged by own own president in an attempted coup.

My job is to make up crazy plots, but I honestly couldn’t have ever invented something as insane like this.

I usually try to avoid being political, because parents of young readers generally don’t like it when authors express political views to their children.  (Unless they agree with those views, in which case they are generally all for it.)  But enough is enough.  What is going on here today is horrible and wrong.  I felt ashamed that my children were witnessing it — and I am ashamed that all of you are too.

As a young reader, you might not think that your voice matters, but it does.  And it will matter more and more as you get older.  So you need to know that what is happening today is wrong.  I am not engaging in hyperbole when I call these people terrorists or call this an attempted coup.  That’s what it is.  They invaded the seat of our government with the intent of interfering with the results of an election.

If you know people who support this — or who think it is all amusing — those people are wrong.

I know that I have poked fun at how the government works, or spun plots with high-level government officials who turn out to be parts of conspiracy groups, but I know all of you are smart enough to know that is just in fun.  The idea that a President of the United States would disregard the truth that he lost an election, spread unfounded rumors about that and then incite his supporters to overturn the will of the majority is shocking to me.  It seems like the stuff of fiction.  But sadly, today it’s not.

This is a dark day in our of our lifetimes.  I’m sorry that you had to see it happen.  And I hope you understand that the responsibility of this lies entirely on President Donald Trump.  It wouldn’t have happened without his doing.  That makes him far worse than any fictional villain I could ever invent.

Some day, not too long from now, you will be able to vote.  And when you do, I hope that you vote for candidates who actually care about people, the environment, and this country.  I hope that we never have another day like this in our country again.

415 thoughts on “An American Tragedy

  1. I think this just goes to show how our democratic system and the Electoral College has prevailed. The voter’s voices were heard, and that’s the real victory of today

  2. Hallelujah! SO happy that the inauguration was peaceful and uneventful. Go Biden and Kamala! Also, Mr. Gibbs, that is an extremely powerful blog post right there, and I am proud to call you my favorite author!
    MR #1 Fan

  3. A couple days in and Biden has already removed countless much needed jobs for the American people. Great way to “unite America and heal our country”

  4. Lewis Harper –

    Um… I’m not sure where you are getting your news, but I din’t think it’s correct. What jobs are you talking about that he ‘removed’? If anything, Biden has been fighting to get financial relief to people and wants to up the national minimum wage to $15 an hour from the paltry $7.25 per an hour that it is now. To me, that sounds like he’s helping people. All people. Not just the people who voted for him.

  5. I agree with Lewis Harper. I don’t know what jobs he is talking about, but I do know for sure that Biden is doing a not-so-great job. I know it is just his first 10 days or something, but he truly is not “Uniting America and healing our country.”

    P.S. what is he healing our country from? Dangerous roits he doesn’t say anything about?

  6. Hey guys,
    Have you guys noticed that when some one says something that you dont agree with, you all attack him or her so that they dont want to come here anymore. This is rude and unfair. So they think differently. What does that mean? They still like what you like, enjoy the things you enjoy, so why not just accept them? I mean no offense, I’m just pointing that out.

  7. Allie –

    You and Lewis Harper need to pay more attention to the news before you post things like this.

    First of all, Biden has only been in office since Wednesday. That is not ten days. That is five days. And the previous president made virtually no attempt to help with the transition, which was unprecedented in US History. So it’s bit early to start passing judgment on how much he has gotten done. (And, for the record, he has already done wuite a lot.)

  8. Just to confirm I wasn’t talking out my ass (like a lot of people like to do), I made sure to double check the statements Trump that supposedly encouraged the mob, including: “I know that everyone here will soon be marching over to the Capitol building to peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard.”. If everyone could be held responsible for what someone in their party did, the Democratic Party wouldn’t exist after the civil war, the prohibition phase, and the riots for George Floyd this past year.
    Don’t get me wrong, the riots on the capital were a horrible tragedy. But I think bias is also behind this second impeachment.

    Also, won’t greedy company owners just increase the price of their products (or fire workers) if minimum wage is increased? The $15 won’t help if everyone doubles their prices. And I’m saying this as someone who makes minimum wage.

    Lastly, I just wanted to say, I have nothing personal against you. This is how I perceived the matter, and if you feel differently, then you have the right.

  9. WHY?-
    I know I can’t speak for other people, but when I have a difference of opinion from someone, I share it, not to be rude, but to state my view of things. This doesn’t mean that I don’t accept them or whatever (online I don’t even know who they are), it just means that I disagree with their point of view about something. It’s ok and important to discuss these points of views.

  10. Immagetsooomuchhate –

    There have been plenty of studies that show that, if the minimum wage is raised, some jobs might be lost, but overall, the effect is much better on the workers and the economy in general, and that prices actually won’t go up that much. Saying that people shouldn’t be able to earn a decent living because greedy companies might jack prices up is not a really effective argument.

    Furthermore, you could argue that the Democratic Party DID cease to exist after its bad behavior. For much of the late 18002-early 1900s, the Democratic Party was the party of racism and segregation. And ultimately, that had to change, because it was wrong. Now, the Democratic Party is the party of inclusion and equal rights (for the most part). Political parties absolutely should be punished for bad behavior.

    Though, I would not consider the peaceful protests after George Floyd’s death to be wrong. No one in the Democratic party encouraged anyone to riot. In fact, they discouraged it. What they did do was encourage people to make a powerful statement, which is what happened.

  11. Immagetsoomuchhate-
    A far as minimum wage goes, there have been plenty of states who have raised the minimum wage, and their economy is still fine. Many companies have also raised their own minimum pay on their own, like Target, and the cost of everything in their stores hasn’t doubled.

  12. Immagetsoomuchhate-

    I am a Democrat but I do agree that here was a lot of bias for Trump’s impeachment, I do feel that he needed to be held accountable for inciting the violence but a lot of people also just jumped on the bandwagon because others were doing it, the fact is that there are a lot of people who are educated and have democracy and are using social media as a way to communicate their views and because some influencers are saying this is a good thing that Trump got impeached, others are just agreeing and blindy making statements about things they aren’t 100% educated about. I’m not saying that Trump shouldn’t have been impeached but it was widely biased and not handled correct. Everyone else said what I would’ve said so there’s no point of me explaining my opinion .

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