Great new merchandise available now!

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645 thoughts on “Great new merchandise available now!

  1. Its Free Real Estate –

    I have not thought about doing a spin off to LM because I finished that series years ago and moved on.

  2. Aiden O –

    To be honest, I find it pretty annoying when people write comments asking me when my books are coming out when I answer that question of every single page of this website. Also, I don’t like mayonnaise on hamburgers.

  3. Stu-
    This is a common mistake, but I noticed in your book it says one of the guns is a similar-auto machine gun. That doesn’t exist sir. It is simply a machine gun, or a similar-auto. That is the difference. If this note came out sounding rude I am sorry. I meant this as a tip for future books.

  4. Jack
    Maybe Mr Gibbs couldn’t get a copyright to write about machine guns…???

    I’m not even sure how that works. Possibly?

  5. Alexander Hale –

    Are you talking about the similarity where one of them takes place in the modern day in a giant theme park/zoo and concerns the murder of a hippopotamus while the other one takes place in the future on a moon base and concerns the mysterious death of one of the inhabitants? Because they eem like pretty different books to me.

    Maybe you should try being a little bit more specific.

  6. I guess Ravenclaws are okay 🙂 As long as I’m not in Slytherin (sorry this is late I didn’t check the blog post until now)

  7. Mr. Gibbs-
    I’m talking about how they’re both about a murder that no one believes is a murder, and how in both stories a young kid decides to investigate illegally.

    I’m not saying that it makes them any less good, they are both one of my favorite books. I’m just saying that they’re kind of similar.

  8. Alexander Hale –

    Those similarities are due to the nature of writing middle grade mysteries. A middle grade mystery is about a kid investigating a crime. But if anyone actually believed the murder was a murder, then the police (or other authorities, in the case of MBA) would investigate, and the kid wouldn’t have any cause to investigate as well. Other than that, however, I would argue that the stories are quite different.

  9. Erica Hale
    I don’t believe that you don’t need copyright allowance in order to write guns. I could be wrong.

  10. I made an online petition for the ss movie at please sign it.

  11. in one of the spy schools books, you said, Zoe’s eyes were brown, in another, it said they were green. what color are her eyes?

  12. Acknowledgments after Tyrannosaurus Wrecks:
    I think it wasn’t a coincidence that Mr. Gibbs wrote that he loved Dash and Violet to the moon and back, MBA: Dash and Violet literally go to the moon and back.

  13. Arnav –

    If you don’t see t-shirts in those sizes, then there are not t-shirts in those sizes.

  14. Hey everyone! I have heard a lot of people talking about a Sy School Discord server… I cannot find it, so could somebody please post a link? Thanks!

  15. Cool kid –

    There is already a discord for me, run by some of the folks who comment on this site.

  16. – Mr. Gibbs

    In your reply to Cool Kid under thread titled “Great New Merchandise Available Now” are you referring to the Discord Server that can be found on the front page of the Fandom Wiki?

    As always, thank you for your great books. I wish you and yours prosperity and good health. Good luck on SS9 and.

  17. A happy man –

    Here is what I know: Fans of mine run a discord server. There are numerous links to it throughout the comments on this site. I have never been to the fandom wiki, so I don’t know if that’s the same discord, but i assume that it is.

  18. Mr. Gibbs,

    Is there going to be another FunJungle book? If there is, what will it be called?
    Thanks! ?

  19. Mr.Gibbs,

    I think you should ad erica’s black action suit on the merchandise. I would love to get one. They dont sell any on amazon. It would just be really cool to have a utility belt and the sleek black on the outfit.

  20. Jawa –

    While I have some knowledge of how to design a t-shirt, I do not know how to design an entire outfit like Erica’s.

    I have come across quite a few fans who have made their own, though.

  21. I noticed that in Spy Camp it says Cyrus and his son and daughter… I am sorry if this sounds like I am judging you I am not.

  22. hello I love your books –

    Where in SC does it say that? (Sorry but it has been around eight years since I wrote that book and I can’t remember the part you are referring to.)

  23. Mr.Gibbs Have you ever thought of making a funjungle or moon base alpha movie? because those would both be awesome and I know a bunch of people who agree with me.

  24. Jawa –

    I have thought about making movies of ALL of my series. The problem is convincing a studio to make them.

  25. I got one of the spy school sweatshirts and i am in love with it its amazing.

  26. How do you see the first chapter in bear bottom? also is murray ever going to be defeated since i see that there were multiple chances when ben could of killed murray and is there going to ever be another person that ben is going to face if ben defeats murray or if he faces another evil person in general for a long period of time?

  27. wonder –

    The first chapter of Bear Bottom is in the paperback of Tyrannosaurus Wrecks.

    And what happens with Murray is classified. Although…. Yes, Ben hasn’t killed Murray. Which is a good thing. It means that Ben is a moral person.

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