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645 thoughts on “Great new merchandise available now!

  1. I know its off topic but can u release a spy school movie update or has nothing happened or can u tell us if it’s going to be canceled

  2. Hugh-

    That too, but I left that out because that would sort of be a spoiler for people who haven’t read SSR yet.

  3. Zoe –

    The reason I haven’t put up an update is that nothing has happened. So there is nothing to update.

  4. This isn’t directed at anyone but I feel like Ben is going to end up going to somewhere in Asia in the next few books.

  5. your pal-

    Just wanted to let you know that I read Spy School: We Meet Again


  6. Dookieface —

    Wow! I didn’t want to tell you the results but I got put in the super extremely secret 5th house that no one knows about and that only 3 people have ever gotten into. Can’t tell you anything about all I know is that if you get in and you tell someone about it you’ll end up eating carrots for the rest of your life.

  7. IDK- Yeah! I’m glad you read it too! It’s really good and emotional to me. And Aidan O. that would be amazing but do you mind if i ask why you think that?

  8. your pal-

    Mostly because Ben ends up going somewhere foreign and because places like China and Japan are featured in spy movies so I assumed it might be the same for books.

  9. Mr. Gibbs-

    Do you think the SS movie will release anytime soon? I hope so and I wish you luck. Thank you.

  10. Aidan O. yeah hopefully. But I kinda like if this happens maybe in mid of thwarting the unknown organization Ben get’s captured and he is forced to help them out with something with his math skills but he refuses which then he gets totured but he still refuses to help them out or give info, then they ran out of patients and shoot him once they did that they then send a photo of him dead to Erica that he is dead but in reality he almost died, someone from their enemy healed him up, so then he woke up on a tough guys shoulder and he was outside, he then noticed that theres 2 guy and they were digging up a ground so they could make a grave for his body thinking hes died and so on i dont want to write alot due to my bad grammar/English.

  11. People –

    No, the SS movie will not release anytime soon. Disney has not even agreed to film it yet and it will take at least a year to make it once that happens. Probably much longer.

  12. has anyone seen Elf: The holiday’s that made us? Its on Netflix (of course 🙂 ) and it shows the process of making the movie Elf and its really cool. also if anyone watches it, or has seen it, it might give you information on what it might be like to make the spy school movie and how long the process is for a movie to be made. 🙂

    JJ Pickle

  13. JJ Pickle-
    Ooh I haven’t seen that yet but it sounds cool, I’ll have to watch it sometime. 🙂
    Okay, thanks. 🙂 Have you watched Elf yet this year?

  14. Mr. Gibbs-
    When was warren recruited by SPYDER? I can’t remember if it was in the book or not, and I understand if it’s a question you can’t answer 🙂

  15. Coco, I know this comment ain’t directed to me but I’ll answer it anyways. I believe it was after ESS when SPYDER’s headquarter got destroyed, you can go back and check SSSS, for extra details.

  16. New survey!
    Which animal in Funjungle are you?

    1. You think you are kind of fat(Chubby) and kind of rude

    2. You think you are very chubby but cute

    3. You think you are usually quiet but once somebody provokes you, you become angry and savage.

    4. You are tall, muscular and very very mean and strong

    5. You are bulky and you have very sharp nails

    6. You are nice but other people don’t like you for some reason

  17. Answer keys will come Monday-Tuseday!
    Thanks! and happy triviaing (Made that up)
    Merry Christ mas if you celebrate it

  18. Ace Fist-
    I’m leaning towards Henry the Hippo, Rhonda the Rhino, or maybe some elephants.

  19. Dookieface and Benjamin Fitzroy-

    Yes, Hufflepuff is the way to go!! I took the test before twice and got hufflepuff both times.

    Nate Taco (a tote can)

  20. No matter how many times I take the test I keep getting Ravenclaw. I think I’ve taken the test like 10 times. I don’t know what to do

  21. Aidan —

    Maybe, but I don’t want to be in Ravenclaw that’s the problem. Most of my friends are in Gryffindor

  22. Lianna –
    It’s okay if you don’t want to be in Ravenclaw, and it’s fine if your friends are in Gryffindor and your not, it makes you more unique 🙂 anyway the sorting hat always takes your choice into decision (like Harry’s wish).

    Book lover (a proud Ravenclaw)

  23. I see everyone doing the harry potter sorting hat test, and I have absolutely no idea how I got into Gryffindor. I put down “coward” as an answer, and that’s true! I am very easily scared, I don’t want to go in my own basement. so I don’t have any idea why I would be in Gryffindor.

  24. IDK MY NAME –
    I’m 99% sure the question your talking by about is “what would hurt me the most if I was called this” or something like that. And if you put cowardly there then it means you feel like you are brave (opposite of cowardly) hence getting into Gryffindor. Hope this helps!
    Book lover

  25. What’s your #1 theory about any of Stu’s books or #1 unpopular opinion about Stu’s books?

  26. Mr.Gibbs will Zoe and Ben ever be good friends again like they use to or did they lose a part of their friendship from SSR?

  27. Mike B –

    IDK is right, the future of Ben & Zoe is classified. But their relationship certainly changed in SSR.

  28. I’m pretty sure Ben and Zoe are done. I’m pretty sure (but not certain) that Stu made Zoe betray Ben so that no one would want Boe anymore. I think that means he wants Berica. Zoe and Ben are probably just gonna remain as friends or something. Though I wonder if Ben will ever trust Zoe as much as he used to ever again.

  29. Hi Stu!

    So, I know the publisher for the LM (last Musketeer) was not very supportive but did you ever think of doing a spinoff?

  30. -Selena
    That is pretty much my basic deduction too. I have taken some serious thoughts and come up with alternate endings, but basically, any romantic relationship is finished between Ben and Zoe due to SSR.

  31. -selena that actually a really good theory and it might be true, also I keep getting ravenclaw, which makes sense becaue im an a+ student.

  32. Also, did anyone watch spacex hop serial number 8 12.5 km? It was really cool and ended wth a fiery explosion due to engine cut. Sorry, I cant convert that to miles. this goes to you too mr Gibbs!

  33. shut up…

    There have been a lot of people chastizing other people on this site and I am trying to keep that to a minimum now.

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