Great new merchandise available now!

Looking for something different to get for your friends this holiday season?  Or looking for the perfect gift for yourself?

There is now a lot of newly-redesigned merchandise available at the on-line store on this website: new shirts, bags, sweatshirts, caps and more!  Just click here to check it all out.

And… Now, the Spy School vs SPYDER collection is finally available in paperback!

Click here to get it!

315 thoughts on “Great new merchandise available now!

  1. Wondering;
    So, I’m pretty sure we all follow at least either the Spy School, MBA, or FunJungle “fandom”; (it is a fandom, right? It qualifies as a fandom?)
    What other book fandoms does everyone follow?
    I have so many, ha. I’ve got this one, rick riordans, Harry Potter, hunger games, divergent, etc. etc. etc.
    But what about everyone else?

  2. Trixie hale –

    I try to write my books so that they will be enjoyed by older readers as well as younger readers.

    I would love to do camouflage clothes, but it isn’t an option on this site.

  3. -Ace fist…
    I´ve only now read what you said: ,that’s a lot meaner than i’ve been to you. Mr Gibbs hasn’t said anything as that is the smart thing to do is not divide his readers. Just because 2 people agree with you doesn’t mean your right. In a blog post from a few months ago me and other people were doing a roleplaying game of us acting as different characters. After a few days Mr. Gibbs said that it was causing problems for the website because he has to pay for the comments, and that there are better places for it. Mr. Gibbs enjoys when people comment on his website, and I never said you couldn’t do that. But when you keep doing these surveys, thats a lot of comments Mr Gibbs has to pay for. Sorry I acted he way I was, my wording was annoying and it was not the right way to get my point across. I will stop commenting about this matter because you wont understand. you can keep doing these surveys but it wouldn’t be for the best. Also the wattpad thing was my fault I meant Wattpad is blocked on my computer.

  4. Aidan-
    According to, the “j” in sjoberg is pronounced like it is an “h”, so sjoberg is pronounced “shoberg”.

  5. Erica Hale —

    Honestly I don’t look at fandoms anymore, but I used to look at the 39 clues fandom.
    Btw I tried to make cranberry sauce for Thanksgiving but I messed it up somehow. I’ve never been that good at cooking. Thanks for suggesting it though.

  6. Evil spy-
    The 39 clues fandom is great. And I messed up my cranberry sauce too, but it still tasted good and was better after sitting in the fridge for a few hours. Glad to hear you tried it.

  7. Stu-
    I’ve noticed you updated your About me part lol,I might be wrong but am I the person who suggested it ? :/

  8. -Mr. Gibbs
    Have you changed your signature? I just noticed the signature on your signed copies page is different then the one I have on my copy of belly up.

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