And now… the title, cover and plot of FunJungle 7!

Hey readers!  Perhaps you recall my post from earlier this year, when I announced that due to the extra time I had to write (and not travel) thanks to COVID-19, I was able to get FunJungle 7 out earlier than expected.  In fact, it will be out next May!

Well, it is my great pleasure to reveal the title — and yet another great cover by Lucy Cummins:

In the seventh novel in New York Times bestselling Stuart Gibbs’s FunJungle series, Teddy Fitzroy returns as FunJungle’s resident sleuth to solve the disappearances of endangered bison and an irreplaceable necklace.

Teddy Fitzroy, his family, and some other FunJungle employees have been invited to visit a bison ranch just outside Yellowstone National Park that FunJungle’s owner, J.J. McCracken, is considering purchasing. But as usual, trouble isn’t far behind.

The ranch’s endangered bison have been mysteriously disappearing. Then a massive local grizzly bear named Sasquatch breaks into the house, causing chaos. In the aftermath, Kandace McCracken discovers that her exceptionally expensive sapphire necklace has vanished.

Was it stolen? Or did Sasquatch eat it? (And if so, can it be recovered?) And what’s been happening to the bison?

With over a dozen suspects, it’s up to Teddy to detangle this hairy situation, before his family or friends—or any more expensive objects—become dinner.

You can click here to preorder it.

748 thoughts on “And now… the title, cover and plot of FunJungle 7!

  1. Carolyn –

    My movie will still be called Spy School. Because that other movie came out like ten years ago and no one saw it. It wasn’t even released theatrically in the US.

  2. Mr. Gibbs –

    How did you come into contact with a publisher? Or even your agent? Because I see them in the “Acknowledgements” section of your books, but you don’t mention them much when you write about the ideas…

  3. -oreo
    that was one of the articles that i looked at, if you read through it says exactly what i said of there being studies showing a correlation between and music and also some that don’t

  4. Hello, I’m just wondering, and I’m fairly sure I haven’t asked this before just things like it. What was your favorite book when you where twelve-ish, mr Gibbs? Like, so we all here like spy school obviously but what was some books you liked when you where twelve like us? (I say twelve because I feel like that’s middlish in the target audience.)
    Erica Hale

  5. if a movie of spy school came out, are they planning on changing the story? also, would it be like the Artemis Fowl movie where they kind of merge stuff from other books together? thanks
    love all your books great work

  6. Pokemon Geek –

    I found my screenwriting agent first, by writing screenplays on spec. That agent introduced me to the book agent. The book agent sold my first book to a publisher.

    I am the one who generates the ideas, but then I work with my editor to shape them and my publisher handles the details of, well, getting the book published. My agent negotiates my book contracts.

  7. Erica Hale –

    When I was twelve-ish I was a huge fan of the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy series by Douglas Adams. And I also probably discovered Michael Crichton around that time.

  8. Brian –

    Please see the four blog posts i have written about the movie. I have written the screenplay. So far, it has stayed relatively close to the book.

  9. awesome stu! i am a really big fan of your funjungle series (well actually all of your books) so i put the date on google calendar along with all the other upcoming releases and i am super excited for it

  10. I LOVE THE FUNJUNGLE BOOKS! My question is are you going to make more then 7 books? If so please let me know.

  11. Marvin –

    I would love to write more FJ books, although I still have to figure out what those might be about.

  12. Mr.Gibbs- I’m reading Tyrannosaurous Wrecks and Harper Weems said she was working on a space hotel does she own maxium adventure in space case?

  13. Mr. Gibbs

    I was wondering if there might be a Funjungle, Spy School, crossover. Maybe something like where Ben and Erica have to infiltrate Funjungle and Teddy’s school to stop Murray and whatever organization he works for now from kidnapping Summer to get large ransom from J.J.

  14. *SPOILER ALERT* (in case you still haven’t read SSR)

    I wonder what’s going to happen with Ben and Zoe and Erica and all the relationship stuff now that Zoe sort of betrayed Erica. Who knows, maybe Trixen (Trixie and Ben) will be next…

  15. Random Dude-

    In a previous blog post, Mr. Gibbs dismissed the idea of Trixen. I’m thinking more towards Mike and Trixie. I can’t think of a particularly good ship name for them. Does anyone have any ideas?

  16. Random Dude-

    Mr. Gibbs dismissed the idea of Trixen in a previous blog post. I’m thinking more towards Trixie and Mike. I haven’t thought of a particularly good ship name though. Does anyone have a suggestion?

  17. (SPOILER ALERT just finish tryrannasorus recks) So I am wondering will violet stay with a crush on teddy or go with Xavier. y guess is Xavier but the craziest thing would be if violet beats summer for teddy but i highly dought that if that happened though that would be CRAZY or if summer moves away or leaves or something. And just a obsevation J.J seems to be a suspect in books 5 and 6 but more importantly will Vance be busted with another crime? I’m just thinking of things that could happen in Bear Bottom.

  18. Stu-

    My question is what is your favorite FJ book and if you have one witch one? My favorite is Panda-Monium, because I accedently did not know it was part of a seires and read it first. Just saying I probably am the only 9 year old talking on this blog. I don’t know why i said that.

  19. Mr. Gibbs dismissed the idea of Trixen in a previous blog post. I’m thinking more towards Trixie and Mike. I haven’t thought of a particularly good name for them though. Anyone have any suggestions?

  20. Every fan-

    So about violet what if she ends up with Ethen or Dashell that would be CraZy! Just saying, also will Vance Keep Working with the barkdales?

  21. Hi Mr. Gibbs! I am so excited for the new Funjungle book! Your books are my favorite. One question, though. In Lion Down, Teddy and Summer get in an argument and become upset at one another. In what chapter are things resolved? (I can’t seem to find it.) I would really appreciate if you could answer! Thanks!

  22. Funjungle Rocks!

    Teddy and Summer don’t have a formal apology in the book. I honestly can’t remember in what chapter they move on past their argument, but they do.

  23. Forever Berica – I was thinking something like Mrixie or Trike. Honestly I don’t really have any others.

  24. Stu-

    I haven’t been here for a while so I Apologize if you already I answered this question, But why did you change the picture on the top of this website?

  25. Alexander Hale –

    I change the banner on this website all the time. This is my traditional festive holiday banner.

  26. Oh. I’ve only been on this website for just a few months, so I only saw the revolutionary war one.

  27. Funjungle Title Idea: Gorilla Warfare

    I don’t know its just you guys do puns for most of these so this was just a thought. How does it sound Stu (I know you won’t use this but I wanna know how cool it sounds).

  28. -Stu

    I own ALL of your books. You are my favorite author. I am writing a novel and I was wondering if you have any advice for young novleists


  29. Berica Plz –

    As it says in the Upcoming Releases Box, the estimated date is sometime in fall 2021.

  30. Will there ever be anything for TLM or MBA series? (crossovers/graphic novels/same stories from a different perspective)?
    also ghostbusters and stuart gibbs fan i can’t wait for the new movie too! i wonder if it’ll be any good.

  31. Hugh –

    It was going to start to feel repetitive to have the books keep taking place in FunJungle. And besides, one more disaster at FJ might have pushed the park into bankruptcy.

  32. B/T/D –

    I doubt there will be anything for the LM series, but there might be a MBA graphic novel some day. I am not planning crossovers at this time.

  33. I am sooooo excited for this, and about Kandace, Summer’s mom, we don’t know a lot about her, so I think this will tell us more.

  34. Why do u always implicate JJ as a possibly suspect ? Is this leading us on or classified?

  35. Mike B –

    I always potentially implicate JJ because the more possible suspects, the better the mystery.

  36. Do ya know what would be exiting for berica if zen happens the thay break up and berica happens now that would be exiting!!

  37. forever berica-

    Do you mean that berica would break up and then zen happens for a while, then berica starts up again? I can’t tell. Also, can you please choose a different name? I’m pretty sure people will get our names mixed up…

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