And now… the title, cover and plot of FunJungle 7!

Hey readers!  Perhaps you recall my post from earlier this year, when I announced that due to the extra time I had to write (and not travel) thanks to COVID-19, I was able to get FunJungle 7 out earlier than expected.  In fact, it will be out next May!

Well, it is my great pleasure to reveal the title — and yet another great cover by Lucy Cummins:

In the seventh novel in New York Times bestselling Stuart Gibbs’s FunJungle series, Teddy Fitzroy returns as FunJungle’s resident sleuth to solve the disappearances of endangered bison and an irreplaceable necklace.

Teddy Fitzroy, his family, and some other FunJungle employees have been invited to visit a bison ranch just outside Yellowstone National Park that FunJungle’s owner, J.J. McCracken, is considering purchasing. But as usual, trouble isn’t far behind.

The ranch’s endangered bison have been mysteriously disappearing. Then a massive local grizzly bear named Sasquatch breaks into the house, causing chaos. In the aftermath, Kandace McCracken discovers that her exceptionally expensive sapphire necklace has vanished.

Was it stolen? Or did Sasquatch eat it? (And if so, can it be recovered?) And what’s been happening to the bison?

With over a dozen suspects, it’s up to Teddy to detangle this hairy situation, before his family or friends—or any more expensive objects—become dinner.

You can click here to preorder it.

765 thoughts on “And now… the title, cover and plot of FunJungle 7!

  1. Also, I just ordered the complete moon base alpha set. So I’m still working on book 1.

  2. Hey Stu?
    I was reading Poached when I came across the part when the security footage shows Teddy entering the Koala exhibit with a backpack that was empty. But if Teddy was the crook, theoretically, then he would have had the stuffed Koala in his backpack when he tried to make the switch. Why didn’t Marge, Teddy, Bubba, JJ or anyone else realize this? When Vance broke in to the exhibit, he had a stuffed Koala, but Teddy’s backpack was “obviously empty.” They could have used this as evidence of Teddy’s innocence.

  3. BigFan –

    A stuffed koala would take up less room in a backpack than a live koala as well as being significantly lighter, so maybe saying ‘a lighter’ backpack would have been a better choice of words.

  4. Hi Mr. Gibbs,
    I would just like to say that you are my favorite author ever. I haven’t read a single book of yours that I didn’t love. Thank you for writing such great stories.

    BTW I’m super excited for all of your upcoming books.


  5. Hello Stuart, i just wanted to say I love your books so much! Honestly, I am a big reader and am interested in many books, but yours are probably my favorite! I love, love love the fun jungle series and I am so excited for book 8!

  6. Will there be a movie about the fun jungle series? I would be so excited if there was!

  7. Stuartgibbsbooklover –

    I have been trying for ten years to get a FJ movie made. So far, it hasn’t worked out.

  8. This is so exciting! I can’t wait! Especially since all the other books Mr. Gibbs has written are better than Harry Potter-my opinion.

  9. Owen –

    Its probably a tiny bit more fun to read in order, but i really wrote the series so that you could start anywhere or read in any order.

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