Here’s Why I Can’t Answer Certain Questions You Have About My Books

Hi everyone –

I have been deluged with questions since Spy School Revolution came out, and while I have been doing my best to answer them, I have noticed that there are categories of questions that come up again and again.  So rather than answering them repeatedly, I figured I’d try to address them in a blog post.

Category One:  Questions about what is going to happen in future books

This is the type of question I get asked the most and there’s a simple reason why I feel it would be better not to answer them: Because it will ruin future surprises in the books for you — and this ruin some of the fun of reading those books.

You hate spoilers, right?  Well, asking me to tell you who Ben Ripley will end up with — or whether or not a character you like is going to reappear in a future book — or really anything about the future of any series — is asking me to spoil something for you.  I know you want to find out what’s in store, but I promise you, the less you know about what’s coming, the more fun the read will be.

Category Two: Questions about things that didn’t get answered in the books

If I didn’t share a piece of information with you in the book, that wasn’t an oversight.  It’s because I didn’t want to share that piece of information.  Often, this is because I’m saving it to reveal in another book.

For example, I know there are some questions left at the end of SSR.  But if I had wanted to answer those questions, I would have.  I promise, they will eventually be answered — although I think most of you could probably make very educated guesses about what happened.

Category Three: Questions about obscure things

And author can’t possibly tell you every single thing that happened to every single character over the course of their lives.  Honestly, we can’t possibly even imagine all those things.  We have to leave many things out of the story.  So if you’re writing to ask what happened to a character after the Moon Base Alpha series ended — or what a character likes for breakfast — or whether someone likes cats or dogs better — the answer is honestly: I don’t know.  Whatever you imagine the answer to be is good enough for me.

Category Four: Questions about what my characters look like

I get a lot of requests to specifically describe characters which is because I didn’t specifically describe many of them in my books.  That’s because, frankly, I don’t think extremely specific character descriptions are very helpful.  My own experience is that, no matter how specifically a character is described, I probably imagine them the way I want to anyhow.  So I’m pretty sure that you do the same.  Therefore, whatever you imagine a character to look like is what they look like.

Now, this doesn’t really work for graphic novels or movies.  You will very obviously see the characters in the graphic novels, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that is the only way they can look.  It’s just one version.  The chances are very slim that any character will look exactly as you imagined them in the graphic novel — or the movie.  There is nothing i or anyone else can do about this.  That’s just the way things are.  Try not to be disappointed.

And finally, this is probably the question I get asked more than any other, even though it is answered elsewhere on this site:

Category Five: Questions about how many books will be in each series

I can’t answer a question I don’t know the answer to.  And right now, I do not know how long each series will go.  Sorry.


863 thoughts on “Here’s Why I Can’t Answer Certain Questions You Have About My Books

  1. Ashley Sparks –

    I agree Rick Riordan and Stuart Gibbs are my favorites to and I think they are the best authors in the world!

  2. People who say Mike is a bad character-
    I think the ss series wouldn’t be complete without Mike.
    He is an awesome character.
    In SSR, the only reason they got out of the bowling alley was Mike.
    Mike is also a very important part with all the relationships.
    I rest my case.

  3. Smokescreen-

    I agree that Mike is a great character but he is doesn’t seem to think things through like the time he snuck onto the mission in SSGS with Zoe.

  4. My case is back open!
    Yes, that did happen, but in that instance, wasn’t it good he didn’t fully think it through? He was able to help on the mission.

  5. People who say Zoe is a backstabber and Zen will never work-
    ZOE IS NO BACKSTABBER!!!!!!! She was only doing what she thought was right for BEN which proves she loves him. Ben forgives her, so nothing is over yet.
    Murray was probably okay with the Croatoan destroying his country because he believed that they would remember him, and give him some kind of power.

  6. Zoe backstabbed in SSR by betraying him and she brought a GUN and she said she was on his side. And Zen is toxic because Ben doesn’t like her he likes ERICA!!!

  7. Mike didnt help much in SSGS but lookout for aquarius and he drove them out on a boat to infiltrate SPYDER’s pent house.

  8. Honestly though I think that at this point everyone is rooting for team Berica because Zoe totally backstabbed ben

  9. Ben x Erica & Mister Mistiri-o
    Zoe only did that because she felt he was making the wrong choice, because he was blinded by Erica. She was trying to do what she thought was right to protect him. In this case, she was wrong, but at least Ben forgave her. And if thus angers Erica, and turns her cold again, then Zen is still alive!
    Ben x Erica-
    Driving a boat is important! 🙂
    And I don’t think Mr. Gibbs would have had Mike come if it wouldn’t be important.

  10. I can see the whole backstabbing thing.
    But its not like she was trying to back stabb him. She was only trying to protect him.

    Unrelated Question For Everyone-
    Is it weird to have 23 stuffed animals and 3 blankets/quilts on your bed????

  11. Berica, DONT LET THEM END!!!!!!!!! This is just a very interesting about their relationship. Mike is one of my favorite! He basically save most of them because of the messes they cause. I would love to see the twist and turns it ends up being. Stuart Gibbs really does portray the characters the best way. When you read it, you do feel like your in the actual book. Oh and can you make spy school a movie?? Nice twist with warren!!!!

    Answer to unrelated question:

  12. I do not know which team I’m on either Berica or Zen
    I also think that Bixie could be possible. (probably not).

  13. Mike is a good character I guess

    and no it is not weird to have 23 stuffed animals and 3 quilts. I have 11 stuffed animals on my bed.

  14. Ben x Erica-
    Oh cool! Do you have any llamas?? (if you dont want toanswer, thats fine)
    Another random question!
    Is it weird to constantly reorganize your bookshelves?
    (constantly as in oce every month or so)

  15. I don’t have llamas but I have 5 bears, 4 dinosaurs, 1 Squirtle (Pokémon), and a dog.
    And its not that weird to rearrange books often, I don’t do it but I do rearrange my books every so often.

  16. Ack you guys stop saying Mike is useless! He helps out in missions, for example with the bowling alley in SSR, and with the boat in SSGS. I get that he messes up Berica and stuff, but still.

  17. I think that Mr. Gibbs is so talented though like really its crazy his books r so good I mean really its unbelievable there so good and that’s why Stuart Gibbs is my favorite author ever

  18. Dear Stu,
    I don’t know if this is significant or just an easter egg but in the first SS one of the people who had access to Ben’s file was teddys best friend from the fun jungle. Are you planning a crossover and are FJ and SS in the same universe.


  19. Leyton –

    That’s not the same person. It’s a person with the same name. Which might just be a relative.

  20. I haven’t read ssr but I think it would be kinda cool to have Zoe and Ben date cuz I know mr. Gibbss leaves his books open ended and in ssbi Ben literally sat between Erica and Zoe and fell asleep on Zoe’s shoulder

  21. can you do a Erica only book told from her perspective that at the end of the book she finds Joshua’s dead body? I think that would be a cool spin off series (or spin off book)

  22. you know……… zoe and warren are both such jerks i’m not going to say there names any more in fact…… im calling them jerk 1 and jerk 2 and they should be together go team berica

  23. I read ssr and am now rerererererererereading the spy school series and now i cringe in hatred every time jerk 1 and 2 appear on the page (though i kind of am found of murphy)

  24. I would prefer they dont date because look what Zoe did it would be awkward and kinda toxic at this point so I think they are better off as friends.

  25. Jude –

    I think that Erica is much funnier from Ben’s point of view than she would be from her own. So I am not planning an entire book from her POV.

    And I don’t really think that it would be appropriate to end a middle grade book with finding a dead character, even if he is a bad guy.

  26. I just figured out something….. in spy camp, the person that put the job file from SPYDER was not recorded on camera BEFORE Warren found it. In ssss, we learn that Warren was a double agent a little before Evil Spy School. Meaning Warren had the file and acted like he found it. That means that the whole of Spy Camp Warren was a mole.

  27. SPYDER man –

    That does not mean that Warren was the mole at all. In fact, Warren was not the mole in Spy Camp.

  28. IT MUST BE BERICA!!! Also all u bums who think “Well she was doing what she thought was right” cuz If she was a real friend she would have
    believed him and not betrayed him

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