Here’s how the virtual book tour for Spy School Revolution will work

Back in March of this year, the pandemic began just as I was about to release Tyrannosaurus Wrecks.  I was forced to cancel my multi-state book tour and did a single virtual event to celebrate the launch.

Well, it’s now six months later and the pandemic is still with us.

Now, when Spy School Revolution comes out on October 6, I am going to attempt a book tour, but it is going to be very different than tours used to be.

Let’s start with the things that you can attend:

Once again, I will be doing a  virtual launch on Facebook Live with Once Upon A Time Bookstore. This will be on October 6 at 7pm eastern time, 4pm pacific time. I will talk about my inspiration for SSR and then take questions from the audience.   You can see it by clicking here.

If you would like a personalized, signed book, contact Once Upon A Time.  Click here or call them at (818) 248-9668.  The sooner you get your order in, the better.

Then, I am going to try something new.  I will be doing a drive by book signing at Children’s Book World in West Los Angeles. 10580 W Pico Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90064.

This will be on Saturday, October 10th from 2-3pm.  RESERVATIONS ARE REQUIRED. For this event, I will be in person at Children’s Book World, although keeping a safe distance from visitors.  Still, you should be able to say hi, ask a question and get a book signed.  Fir more details, contact Children’s Book World by clicking here or calling them at 310-559-2665.

I am looking to add other virtual public events over the next few days.

I am also working with a few bookstores around the country to do virtual school visits.  For these, I will get on Zoom with the schools, do a brief presentation and then take questions. Obviously, I can’t work with every bookstore in the country, but here is who I will be working with:

  • Novel Neighbor – St Louis, MO
  • Little Shop of Stories – Atlanta, GA
  • Pages – Manhattan Beach, CA
  • Blue Willow – Houston, TX
  • Rakestraw – Bay Area, CA
  • BookPeople – Austin, TX

If you go to school in any of these cities and you are hoping for a virtual visit, tell your teachers or your school librarian to contact their local store.  Maybe they can make it happen.

187 thoughts on “Here’s how the virtual book tour for Spy School Revolution will work

  1. Benjamin Fitzroy –

    Erica never went to normal school. She speaks English, mandarin, Russian and a few other languages.

  2. Not Mr E –

    Before the pandemic, I used to visit DC for school visits at least once a year. I have been to Fairfax county many, many times. It is probably the county that has brought me to visit more than any other in the country. It is always nice to come for at least three days.

  3. Hi! I always read these comments but I’ve never actually commented in them:) I started reading spy school when I was really little, but I started on the second book. It took me years of re-reading in order to figure out what it was about! I love it so much!

  4. HelloHowAreYou-

    He edited the HTML, inputed a initialization vector, used block and stream ciphers, by-passed Linux’s firewall, set up a quadrilateral subnet matrix, ossified the syntax and fibrillate the corprolities….no, i’m just kidding. I don’t know how he did it, but I want to know too.

  5. Stu-
    (warning, spoilers in SS8)
    Erica fires a grenade, hoping to attack Ben and his family. Well, in the book (if I can remember, Erica uses an RPG (rocket propelled grenade), and the explosion of those is about 2,760 feet, or 920 meters. How in the world did Ben survive the explosion (and no, I would never want Ben to die- that would be tragic and end favorite book series).

  6. Caden, Claire Hutchins is an MI6 agent wo appears in Spy Camp, and in Spy School British invasion. In Spy Camp, she is Hank Schachter’s girlfriend. Remenber now?

  7. Johnny John Green-

    I’m so forgetful. I should’ve remembered that. I’m still pretty confident there is someone named Claire Hutchins who goes to my school though.

  8. Also, what happened to Jessica Shang after Ben and Erica defused the bomb? And what happened to everyone else, like her dad and bodyguards?

  9. Claire –

    To be honest, I can’t really tell you what happened to every single character in a book after the book ended.

  10. Stuart thank for all your great work I’ve been reading spy school, funjungle, and even moon base series since I was 10. I am 15 now and wow time flies with these books I just wanted thank for all these great memories of reading and I will continue reading spy school till it ends!!

  11. Uhh for the the bookstores you listed that aren’t in CA, are you doing book signing there to because I want to get a Barnes and nobles addition AND want it signed so can you do book signing in like Atlanta?????

  12. Does anyone know the Discord server link? I don’t know if just anyone can join though…

    Also, Stu, is it possible that there might be easter eggs in the future of ss and Charlie Thorne, since both work in the CIA? Maybe?

  13. Also, I don’t know why but I’m kinda getting similar vibes from Charlie Thorne that I get from Erica Hale…..

    I get that Charlie is REALLY smart, but why is she, like, AMAZING at everything lol.
    Every time Charlie Thorne did something bold, I can’t help but make the connections of Charlie and Erica.

  14. Stu, have you ever posted anything in the discord, or do you just occasionally read the messages in the chat?

  15. Oh hi –

    Given that it is really dangerous to travel due to the pandemic, I am not doing any signings outside of California for a while. Sorry. I would love to be able to travel to other states.

  16. Stu-
    I love your books so much. Most of the other authors I read aren’t currently writing, but I really enjoy reading someone who’s books probably won’t stop coming for a bit, and that I can keep up with the character growth and stuff like that. Keep doing what you’re doing?

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