If you missed my virtual conversation with James Ponti for Barnes & Noble, you can still watch it!

Just click here.

And you can learn all about how we write, where our ideas come from, our advice for young writers, how we structure our mysteries — and how sometimes, we have separately come up with the exact same ideas.

46 thoughts on “If you missed my virtual conversation with James Ponti for Barnes & Noble, you can still watch it!

  1. Stu- I bought the Ebook version of your books, can you link me the bonus content at the end so I can read it? It was in Evil Spy School but nothing else.

  2. Is S and S going to market your books and Mr. Ponti’s at the same time now? (It wouldn’t be a bad idea because then they could have two authors on NYT BEstseller list at a time, each in a similar category. It’s good promotion for authors and publisher).

  3. Hey Stu –

    Just a quick question. I saw that Lucy Cummings designed another cover of a Simon book that I am reading. Is she the main designer for all YA books there?


  4. ray –

    I’m sorry, but I can’t link the bonus copy of the exclusive editions. The whole point of the exclusive editions is to encourage people to buy those special editions from Barnes & Noble. If I post the exclusive edition, then I violate that contract. So… If you want the exclusive editions, you have to buy the exclusive editions.

  5. BAN –

    I am hoping there will be a new box set of paperback FJ books, but I can’t say that it is coming for sure.

  6. Teddy Fitzroy –

    When my release schedule and James Ponti’s line up, we DO market our books together. WE have even toured together before. But I don’t know if our schedules are going to line up again for a while.

  7. Stu-
    Is there going to be a special edition with more stuff for Spy School Revolution (I never buy the special editions I always just get the normal one online right when it comes out, but SSR comes out a little but before my birthday so I was going to ask for the special edition if there was anything extra in it)?

  8. Stu-

    Are Ben Ripley and Teddy Fitzroy ever going to cross paths? (Maybe Ben could help Teddy figure put who bombed FunJungle?)

  9. ray-
    I don’t think Stu is planning a crossover between FJ and SS, and plus, I think FJ and MBA are in the same universe, but SS is in another one.

    P.S. And it would be sad if FunJungle was bombed…

  10. I just completely forget the James Ponti thing. It was my first day of school. I’m so glad this was recorded! I’ll watch it for sure. Probably not tomorrow though, because that’s my birthday. My mom still won’t tell me the flavor of cake.
    And because I am bored with nothing to do, I’ll just ask a few questions I guess then.
    1. What is YOUR favorite flavor of cake and frosting? (I like Lemon cake with strawberry frosting.)
    2.If you were able to jump into one of your books and go on a adventure with any of your characters, which book will you chose? ( I think I’d like to try training with Erica. Though that might get hard.)
    3. Do you like any SPECIFIC colors? Not just blue, or pink, but like shades of it like cerulean and razzmatazz. ( I like periwinkle.)
    4. Can you figure out this quote from your book?

    “I was talking to CIA headquarters,” I said. “I was getting an update on the enemy group targeting me.”
    Woodchuck blinked in surprise. “Oh.” He said. ” ___ ____ __ ______.” ( I particularly remember this scene.)

  11. Erica Hale –

    1) I don’t really like frosting. I like cakes that don’t have it. Chocolate, usually.

    2) I would really like for FunJungle to exist so I could visit Teddy there.

    3) I like the color blue after sunset where the sky is just about to turn black.

    4) I can’t fill in those blanks. Although I can narrow it down to one of two books: SC or SSS.

  12. I think it’s in Spy Camp when Ben is talking to the Soccer Mom about the Murray and the license plate. And then Woodchuck tosses the phone into the lake or pond or something like that.

  13. ya woodchuck is saying how thats good for him so them ben says that he was getting an update from agent Hamilton

  14. Yay Amilyn. Yes, the quote is in Spy Camp, when woodchuck threw the phone into the lake. Woodchuck is surprised when Ben tells woodchuck that Ben is on the phone with CIA headquarters. So… can someone guess it now?

  15. Oh yeah and you too, Totally not Mr E. You got it too. I didn’t see your comment until I reloaded the page.

    Oh yeah and todays my birthday! And, for some reason, I already found out two other people who’s birthday is today so happy birthday anyone else here, if todays your birthday.

  16. 1)Um…Happy Birthday?
    2)I think he says “You must be Ripley”. Ripley is the only 6 letter word that would acutually fit in the situation.

  17. Chris –

    James and I have the same publisher who sent him an Advanced Reader Copy so that he could read it before we talked.

  18. Not mr E
    You got the quote yay. So… life’s been boring and that’s all I have to say right now. So. Yay you got the quote.

  19. Hi Stu! Thank you so much for responding to my question it made my quarantine ?! I am a huge fan of yours and was wondering what book was your favorite to write? Also if you could spend quarantine anywhere besides where you are now where would you spend it?

  20. Ellie –

    SSBI and Charlie Thorne and the Lost City were both fun to develop because my kids came with me on the research trips.

    I would like to be in Africa on safari right now.

  21. Joshua Hallal-
    You are fired for letting highly classified SPYDER documents into FBI hands.

  22. Stu-
    After the first two books, Ben finishes 1st year of spy school and spy camp, but in his 2nd year, 5 books take place. Did you decide to do this because if Erica leaves the Academy of Espionage, there wont be a big point in calling the series “Spy School”, because she is one of the main characters?

  23. Totally not Mr E –

    In part, I am slowing the time frame of the series down so that they don’t age up too fast. But it also makes sense that the rate of stories being told would speed up, as Ben and his friends have gotten more and more wrapped up in the spy game.

  24. Elijah (and everyone else who has pointed tis out) –

    I did not forget to take Spanish Spy School down. Sometimes, I like to leave new releases up for a while so that people know about them after they came out.

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