Cover and plot reveal for Charlie Thorne and the Lost City

Hi all.  I am thrilled to be able to share the cover and plot for the second book in the Charlie Thorne series, which will be published on March 2, 2021.  Here’s yet another masterpiece by the great Lucy Cummins:

As you can see, there’s all sorts of great action and adventure here on the cover alone.  Here’s the official plot synopsis:

Charlie Thorne is a genius.
Charlie Thorne is a fugitive.
Charlie Thorne isn’t even thirteen.

After saving the world, Charlie is ready to take it easy in the Galapagos Islands. That is, until she’s approached by the mysterious Esmeralda Castle, who has a code she knows only Charlie can decipher.

In 1835, Charles Darwin diverted his ship’s journey so he could spend ten months in South America on a secret solo expedition. When he returned, he carried a treasure that inspired both awe and terror in his crew. Afterward, it vanished, never to be seen again…

But Darwin left a trail of clues behind for those brave and clever enough to search for it.

Enter Charlie Thorne.

In a daring adventure that takes her across South America, Charlie must crack Darwin’s 200-year-old clues to track down his mysterious discovery—and stay ahead of the formidable lineup of enemies who are hot on her tail.

When an ancient hidden treasure is at stake, people will do anything to find it first. Charlie may be a genius, but is she smart enough to know who she can trust?


As usual, I am not going to answer any more questions about the plot, because the more you know, the less fun the book will be to read.

But I will say this.  I test every one of my books out on my kids and they LOVED this one.  Once we hit the last half of the book, they wouldn’t stop reading.  So hopefully, all of you will love it too.  I’m really proud of it.

Although it doesn’t come out until next March, it is already available for preorder here.

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  1. Hey doc hale guy from aug 11: Is there a way to get to Read the things on watt-a-pad thingy without signing up? It looks like fun fan fictions to read… but I can’t sign up due to reasons my mother gives me. (Sigh.) But… do you know a way to get around the signing in? Very helpful info.

    Erica Hale

  2. BAN –

    Mrs Yingling is a serious reviewer (as well as a librarian) and she reviews almost every MG book that comes out on Goodreads. However, she is prome to spoilers, so read her reviews at your own risk.

  3. weffles –

    I do not have any control over the audiobooks so I’m not really sure what is going on with yours, but it sounds like a glitch. I never wrote anything called folly or madness in the book. Have you actually listened to the book? Maybe its just a glitch in the chapter listings.

  4. Sorry, me again. Whenever I click the link to one of those stories on the doc hale comment, it won’t let me read it till I sign in. And I can’t, so… noooooo. And the review not covered by the “sign in RIGHT NOW” looks fun, so even more disappointing. I’ll stick with the books I have by stu here at home!

  5. Mr. Gibbs—
    There is someone on goodreads called mrs. tingling who left a review for revolution, and like the person on the spy school wiki, gave spoilers for ssr. Didn’t claim to be you, though. She gave a very detailed “description.” Can you tell me if she’s really throwing out spoilers, or if it’s a guess?

  6. Real Nerf Boy –

    That is Mrs YINGLING. She is a real person. And I’m not going to comment on what she said.

  7. Stu-
    So I was bored and I started looking at your Twitter to see of you had any other news (this was the first time I have ever looked at it because I don’t have any social media and I just went on and viewed your profile as a guest), and I saw that a few days ago your you said that your dad published an novel on an alternate history of 1776, and I was wondering if you know what age it was written for and of the book is more of a story or like a historical analysis or whatever you would call some sort of alternate history result thing

  8. Bassy –

    My father’s book is probably more for adults, but it is an interesting a fun alternative history.

  9. Finish the quote Spy school addition!
    “Hello, Ben.” Said the man in my living room. “My name is _________ ____ . I work for the CIA.”

    Erica gave me one final instruction:
    “If anything goes wrong, get the heck out of there.”
    As if maybe I was going to hang out and fix myself a ______ ______.

    “Yeah right,” Fry said skeptically. “my sons don’t even know what a _______ _______ is. They’ve worn the same clothes so many times in a row, the clothes could probably walk around on their own by now.”


    “Man, oh, man,” _______ Gasped. “That Sasha is a ____ __ _______”

    “How do you know all that?” Murray asked.
    “I’ve been doing what Erica has, ” Mike told him. “Learning about the cultures of every country on earth in case I ended up stranded in one of them.”
    “Really?” Zoe asked, impressed.
    “___, ” ____ ________. “_’_ _______ ____ _____. ”

    I gasped at her, startled she could still be calm under the circumstances. “___’__ _____ _____?”
    “______ _____,” She corrected. “__ _____ is starting to _____ __ slowly.”

    Hope you enjoy!

  10. Mr Gibbs,
    You dedicated on of your books to the Sterns, did you name President Stern in SSSS after them? Also was Lincoln Stone in lion down based off of anyone?

    -book lover : )

  11. Hi Stu,

    As you may know, the discord is in a hunt to find you. Can you give us any hints? Also, have you ever sent a message in the discord? If not, could you maybe just like drop in for a few minutes. I know you are busy, and I understand that, but a few minutes shouldn’t be that much of a waste, right?

  12. Erica Hale –

    1. Alexander Hale (First Book First Sentence Good choice)

    2. Ice cream? Frozen Yogurt? I think it was Frozen Yogurt. Pretty sure it was Frozen yogurt

    3. Washing Machine

    4. Mike (can’t figure out the other words I know that it’s Spy Ski School though)

    5.No, Mike admitted I’m jerking your chain. ( I actually was reading this exact line just before checking this website not kidding)’re still blind Mostly blind my eyesight clear up

  13. Bassy –

    It is really hard to narrow down a favorite trip for research. The travel I did to research Charlie Thorne and the Lost City is up there, though.

  14. Evil Spy and Erica Hale-
    The last line that you said form British Invasion reminds me of that one scene in Star Wars: Return Of The Jedi where Han Solo is saving Lando from the Scarlac and Han is using a blaster and Lando says “I thought you were blind!” And Han replies “it’s alright, I can see much better now.”

  15. Yay, evil spy. You did it. I was worrying no one else did and I spent that time racking my brain for phrases and no one would do it. And for that last one, here is some more revealed to help. (It’s hard for a reason though)

    “Man, oh, man.” Jessica gasped. “That Sasha is a ____ of _______.”
    Remember, Jessica is bad at idioms. Or metaphors? I mix those two up. But she’s bad at them.

  16. What is everybody’s favorite Stuart Gibbs book? Mine is Charlie Thorne and the Last Equation.


  17. My favorite Gibbs book. Hmm… Well, I very much like the one I read first, ( it was an accident, really,). which is spy ski school. I read it first, and I like it very much. I also like spy camp.

  18. The first book I read from Stu’s books was Spy School Goes South less than a year ago. Then I looked this website up and started reading his books.

  19. Erica Hale –

    Oh i remember i think she said Sasha was a case of baskets.

    Bassy –

    I’ve never watched a single Star Wars movie in my life. I have Disney plus though i only watch national geographic. I heard it’s good though.

  20. Caden –

    Publishers send advanced copies to people who write lots of reviews and to bookstores. Mrs Yingling is a big reviewer.

  21. Erica Hale-
    Ahem(get ready for a long comment, also the sentences will jump around a lot and most sentences wil, be completely different form ten last), Let’s talk Star Wars. So Star Wars (aka the most amazing thing ever filmed)Is absolutely awesome, and because you are stuck in quarantine I highly suggest you watch the movies (the total time of all of them combined is like 20 or 21 hours). So I love Star Wars and I have Disney plus and watch them all the time and I also own all the movies. Ok so if you are going to watch them all you can watch the, on release order (which would be A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back, Return of the Jedi, The Phantom Menace, Attack of the Clones, Revenge Of The Sith, The Force Awakens, Rouge One, The Last Jedi, Solo, The Rise Of Skywalker) or in chronological order (which would be, The Phantom Menace, Attack of the Clones, Revenge of the Sith, Solo, Rouge One, A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back, Return Of The Jedi, The Force Awakens, The Last Jedi, The Rise of Skywalker), I watched A New Hope when I was 7 and ended up watching them in release order.
    This is my ranking of the movies-
    1.A New Hope
    2.The Empire Strikes Back
    3.The Return of The Jedi
    4.The Force Awakens
    5.The Rise Of Skywalker
    7.Rouge One
    8.The Last Jedi
    9.Attack Of The Clones
    10.Revenge Of The Sith
    11.The Phantom Menace
    all of them are great despite my ranking (although the first 3 chronologically are kind of trashy but are still, good because, you know… THEY ARE STAR WARS) Also the first 3 in release order are amazing and have great stories. Also if you like the movies of you watch them you should Watch Star Wars: Rebels, and Star Wars: The Clone Wars (I watched Star Wars:Rebels when it came out but I just watched all 7 seasons of The Clone Wars in one month on Disney plus at the very beginning of quarantine, and it was amazing!), also if you arch and like The Clone Wars you should read the book Ashoka by E. k. Johnston(I believe that is ten authors name) which I just read a few weeks ago and loved.

    Very short part two of this comment-
    So I saw that you said you watch National Geographic. Well the other day I watched all of the available all of the available episodes of the Wild country series for, Chile(which was my favorite) Hawaii, Russia, and um wait I watched two of the other series but I forgot which ones ? (if the thing before this turns into a question mark it was supposed to be a laughing emoji). I recommend those series to you though if you haven’t seen them.

  22. Dear Bassy…
    I have seen all the Star Wars. At least once. I do not like sci fi, but I like the Star Wars all around and in general. Evil Spy is the one who hasn’t seen a single Star Wars. But thank you very much for the effort put into trying to enlighten me (, or more technically evil spy. You just put the wrong name on it).
    Book recommendation: The phantom tollbooth, which is about Milo, who thinks there is no reason to do anything because nothing can ever be worth it. A phantom tollbooth shows up in his room, and with lack of else to do he drives through it. He then embarks upon a journey to lands where everything has meaning and everything is new, from soup that makes you hungry and where you cannot use a word unless you own it. Follow him on his quest to find rhyme and reason! This book is awesome about perspective and meaning.

    Erica Hale

  23. Bassy and Evil Spy,
    So, I also enjoy watching National Geographic, some of my recommendations are wild China, wild New Zealand, And wild Sri Lanka. But my favorites one is about the Okavango Delta.

    Book recommendation:
    Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen.
    -Book lover

  24. Bassy –

    Wow you put a lot of effort into that. Star Wars looks AMAZING. I’ll definitely watch it now (in fact I even asked rest of my family if they wanted to watch it and they agreed). I think i might watch it in release order.

    Bassy and Book lover – I think I’ve watched the beginning of the first episode of wild Hawaii but then I never finished it. If you guys are looking for something to watch I highly recommend America’s National Parks or Running Wild with Bear Grylls.

  25. Hey Stu –

    Just a quick question. I saw that Lucy Cummings designed another cover of a Simon book that I am reading. Is she the main designer for all YA books there?


  26. hello stu!
    this quesgtion osn’t exactly related to your post, but it is related to your books ^^
    in spy school (first chapter almost last sentence) it says that Alexander Hale has steel gray eyes, but in spy camp (chapter 6, but I have spy camp on my kindle so I am not exactly sure where but a little after alexander comes) it says he has steel blue eyes. Is there any particular reason for this?
    biggest (i promise, you can probably tell) fan 😉

  27. i think so, except the graphic novel that will come out in two years, that is probably by Anjan.

  28. Cookies Forever –

    Lucy is an art director at Simon & Schuster, as well as an excellent writer and illustrator of children’s books. She occasionally does the artwork for the cover of a book, but only rarely, so I am very lucky that she does my covers.

  29. stu (who isn’t me)

    Alexander hale occasionally wears colored contacts to conceal his true self. Spies do that.

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