Cover and plot reveal for Charlie Thorne and the Lost City

Hi all.  I am thrilled to be able to share the cover and plot for the second book in the Charlie Thorne series, which will be published on March 2, 2021.  Here’s yet another masterpiece by the great Lucy Cummins:

As you can see, there’s all sorts of great action and adventure here on the cover alone.  Here’s the official plot synopsis:

Charlie Thorne is a genius.
Charlie Thorne is a fugitive.
Charlie Thorne isn’t even thirteen.

After saving the world, Charlie is ready to take it easy in the Galapagos Islands. That is, until she’s approached by the mysterious Esmeralda Castle, who has a code she knows only Charlie can decipher.

In 1835, Charles Darwin diverted his ship’s journey so he could spend ten months in South America on a secret solo expedition. When he returned, he carried a treasure that inspired both awe and terror in his crew. Afterward, it vanished, never to be seen again…

But Darwin left a trail of clues behind for those brave and clever enough to search for it.

Enter Charlie Thorne.

In a daring adventure that takes her across South America, Charlie must crack Darwin’s 200-year-old clues to track down his mysterious discovery—and stay ahead of the formidable lineup of enemies who are hot on her tail.

When an ancient hidden treasure is at stake, people will do anything to find it first. Charlie may be a genius, but is she smart enough to know who she can trust?


As usual, I am not going to answer any more questions about the plot, because the more you know, the less fun the book will be to read.

But I will say this.  I test every one of my books out on my kids and they LOVED this one.  Once we hit the last half of the book, they wouldn’t stop reading.  So hopefully, all of you will love it too.  I’m really proud of it.

Although it doesn’t come out until next March, it is already available for preorder here.

270 thoughts on “Cover and plot reveal for Charlie Thorne and the Lost City

  1. Stu, last time someone asked the question of, “Why are alexanders eyes different every now and then?” You had answered that peoples eyes look different in different lighting. And Zoe is the one who wears contacts and that’s why HER eyes change from green to brown. So which is it?
    The completely confused Erica Hale

  2. Erica Hale –

    Obviously, you are doing a better job keeping track of my answers than I am.

    The answer is whichever one makes the most sense to you.

  3. But if you decide that alexader was wearing contacts, then the CONTACTS are the ones that are Steel Gray, couse all Hales have icy blue eyes

  4. Stu-
    Do you have any books so recommend? I ran out of stuff to read so I’m using an online library.

  5. Totally not Mr. E figured my words too fast, so I am going to go evil on this thing that Erica Hale started, and I am going to grab sentences from Charlie Thorne and the Last Equation.

    “____ her?” _____ echoed. “But she’s ____ a ____”.

    “Looks ____ we’re in ___ _____ _____” Dante said.
    As they stepped off the bridge, ______ came along _______’s side.

    Hard/ Expert:
    “What ___ ___ two _______ _____?” _____ asked __________.
    “_____ stuff,” _______ told him, ___ ____ shared a look with ______.

  6. Jet –

    I’d love to have a video game. But…

    1) I don’t know how to design one.

    2) I don’t have the time to design one.

    3) I can’t afford to pay someone to design one.

  7. I just started reading the first one, I am excited! But are these true facts or 100% fiction? I Know Charlie Thorne is not real but like is the lost city, is pandora?

  8. Nic –

    Since the books are fiction, some of it is made up. Pandora does not really exist. (If it did, that would be TERRIFYING.) As for the lost city… there are rumors of one. So maybe it’s real.

  9. Stu-
    Imagine that pandora was… in the lost city!

  10. I am the only Mr. E on the whole site, so it makes it much less confusing luckily. There are like a bunch of erica hales. Or maybe there is only on. see what I mean?

  11. Dane –

    There is a preview in the back of paperback versions of SSBI I believe.

    But… I feel like a preview doesn’t do anyone any good. You get to read a chapter — and then have to wait for another few weeks to read the rest of the book. It’s much more fun to just wait and read the whole thing when it comes out.

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