I am the Barnes & Noble Summer Reading Hero!

More exciting news today.

I am the Barnes & Noble Summer Reading Hero.  (Perhaps you already deduced that from the title of this post.)  That means that they are promoting my books a lot — and I am promoting their great summer reading program.

Basically, you can get a free book of mine from B&N this summer.  All you have to do is:

  1. Be in grades 1-6
  2. Download a B&N summer reading journal
  3. Read eight books and record them in your  journal
  4. Tell which part of which book is your favorite
  5. Bring your journal in to any Barnes & Noble

Click here to download the journal, get a list of 100 great suggested books to read — and find a nice little post from me.

And while I’m at it, the FunJungle series was selected for The Week Junior’s Summer of Reading List.  So that’s nice.

Lots of great reading lists out there.  Lots of time to read this summer.  So why not do some reading and get a free book?

UPDATE:  I have received dozens of messages and comments from readers who say that they are older than sixth grade and asking if they still qualify for this book.

The answer is: I don’t know for sure.

If you look at the parameters that Barnes & Noble laid out, it clearly states that this is for kids in grades 1-6.  I am not a Barnes & Noble employee, so I have no idea if there is any wiggle room on this.  In theory, you should ask your local Barnes & Noble that question and hope for the best.

Sorry, but that’s the best answer I have for you.

121 thoughts on “I am the Barnes & Noble Summer Reading Hero!

  1. Ben –

    I do reread my books on occasion. But it gets harder to do as there are more and more of them.

  2. Yay I am in the summer after 6 but I am still eleven so I am still doing this. Yay! I’ve also already read 9 of these books and remember the plots so this will be easy. But how come Gordon Korman only has one book on the whole list, ungifted? (I have read it too.) I don’t think that is fair, because he is also a great author, and has over a hundred published books. Have you read any of his books stu? He also has movies about one of his books, named swindle, (main characters get swindled out of 1 million dollars and steal it back) and has movies of another series called bruno and boots. ( Sounds like dora and boots, but trust me it is a lot better and not “Can YOU say fabuloso”. That doesn’t happen once. Point is, have you read any of his hundred books or seen any of his 4 movies?

    P.S. There is more than one Erica hale on here, I am the one who capitalizes my H.

  3. Oh yeah and stu I wanted to know, can I preorder spy school revolution with this? I’ll just buy if I can’t, but that’s really the only book I want right now.

  4. I am sorry for not putting this all in one post, but I only notice these things after I post the last post. So, it says in earlier posts that you know who ben chooses. But that does not necessarily mean that he ends up with that girl. Say he chooses Zoe, but Zoe already fell for Mike. So he gets rejected by Zoe because he took too long, and then he tries to go to Erica but she gets jealous he left her even though she asked him to go, so she also rejected him and then he doesn’t have anybody. Then, he would have chosen Zoe, but he didn’t necessarily get the girl. Oh and some people might not understand Ericas logic but it makes sense if you remember the quote, “girls say one thing but really mean another”. That is true often. But anyway, stu, does Ben end up with the girl he chooses? That was a long post for a short question, so sorry I like to write.

    Erica Hale

  5. Erica Hale –

    Not only have I read many of Gordon’s books, but I have become friends with him over the years. I can’t say why only one of his books is on this list. I did not make the list.

  6. Erica Hale –

    SSR is available for preorder. But I don’t think they will let that be your free book.

  7. Stu answer one: Thats great that you’ve read many of his books! My favorite series of his are masterminds and swindle. Have you read any of those, and if so which is your favorite?
    Answer two: Thank you for clarifying that. My sister is also doing this, so we both don’t know what books we will get. We will have to decide soonish, then.

    Answer three: Half your answers are classified! I guess that is because everyone asks classified questions. But you never spoil us! Is that because only about half to three quarters of the people here want to be spoiled?

    Thank you all in all. I want to be friends with you and Gordon, too!

  8. Hey Stu!

    Congrats on being the Summer Reading Hero! I just wanted to ask you one question. Who wrote Zoe’s Diary in SSBI? Was it you or someone else? That’s it for now, thanks!

  9. Hey maybe I could get superpuzzletastic mysteries for my free book. Do you think Id be able to get that?

  10. Erica Hale –

    I like both those series and refuse to pick favorites.

    The reason I classify so many answers is because I don’t want to ruin the plots of the books.

  11. DuckBruh47 –

    I write all the material in my books. Including all bonus material in the exclusive editions.

    Unless you are asking who did the artwork? In which case the answer is: I don’t know. Lucy Cummins might have done it.

  12. Erica Hale –

    I think B&N has certain books that you can get for free, at least some of which are books by me.

  13. 2 questions, but first, great job for being the Summer Reading hero!
    Ok, back to questions. First, how do you get bonus features for your books? I love your books and would like to see the loose ends sealed up (and more entertainment).
    Next question. Who did you envision first in your SS series and how did you envision them then? I would like to know how you envisioned your characters before the series.
    Thank you for your time!

  14. I just finished tyrannosaurus wrecks. (I just got it yesterday, Barnes and Noble didn’t deliver it on time.) It was really good.

  15. Stu-
    I had few things in mind to ask.
    1. Are you Christian?(Because theres a lot of stuff includes god and heaven in a lot of your books)
    2. Is Dash(the real one) older than Violet( the real one).

    3. Which match do you like more? Erica & Ben/ Erica & Mike/ Zoe & Ben/ Summer & Teddy/ Violet & Teddy?

  16. Stu —

    wait…wait..WHAT!? There are bonus editions of SS!? I must get my hands on them. Stu, which of your books have bonus content? Also, where can we get the bonus content?


  17. Kalani –

    Barnes & Noble and my publisher have worked together to develop the exclusive editions. I write the material and Lucy Cummins oversees the design of it.

    Are you asking which characters I came up with first? Ben, Erica and Alexander. As for ‘how’ I envisioned them… are you asking what the process was? Lots of brainstorming.

  18. Zan Perfonic –

    1) I hope you don’t mind, but i prefer to keep my religious views private.

    2) I also want to keep information about my children private.

    3) And this one is classified because answering it would be a spoiler.

  19. Ben –

    There have been bonus editions of almost every book I have written since Evil Spy School. However, the special editions have limited runs and so, are most likely all sold out. (Except for maybe my most recent books, like Tyrannosaurus Wrecks.) Check Barnes & Noble’s website.

  20. Stu-

    Just have 2 questions we people at discord really need the answer to

    1) When is Erica’s birthday? Like the exact date because it says she’s 2 1/2 years older than Ben. And we were wondering because we want to celebrate it

    2) does Ben have any PTSD? After all the adventures with SPYDER?

    That’s it, thanks for the time!

  21. Yeah,(about the process) but just make it simple and what character did you envision first, or come up with first.

  22. Stu-
    So I just remembered that some people spell zoey as just z-o-e so is Zoe in spy school “Zoey” or “Zoe”?

  23. DuckBruh –

    I am not sure of Erica’s exact birthday, but is somewhere around January-March.

    I have thought about giving Ben PTSD, but it didn’t seem very funny.

  24. Ugh. I’m going into eighth grade next year. Can’t get a free book. And I don’t have a sibling who can get one for me.

  25. Amilyn-

    If two people ended up with each other who were 4 years apart (unless they were adults) that would be pretty weird, and absolutely nobody would be rooting for Berica.


  26. Stu-

    I am going into 8th grade, but am only 11 and have skipped two grades (don’t usually say that as it sounds like bragging, but I really want this free book). Am I still eligible for the book, or is it specifically grades and they don’t care about your age?


  27. Oreo-
    Thats awesome! From your vocabulary I assumed your were 14 or 15. I’m going in to 8th grade as well and am thirteen.

    Do you think they’ll let me get the free book even though I’m going into 8th grade? I’m trying to earn money to buy all the books in the spy school series, so this is a great chance to get one for free. So far I only own Spy Ski School and Spy School British Invasion.

  28. Oreo –

    Barnes & Noble makes the call on this. Not me. I really don’t think they check your transcript to see what grade you are in.

  29. Caden –

    Barnes & Noble makes the call on this. Not me. I really don’t think they check your transcript to see what grade you are in.

  30. Stu –
    Hmmmmmm……I thought you said Zoe’s pronunciation is simply Zoe, not Zoe-EEE
    Well if that is the case then never mind. Also, I have a random question:
    Do the students in Spy School use Duolingo (a language learning app)?
    I bet there is a 80% chance that you will say something like “that question is so random that I don’t even know how to answer it”
    Anyhow it is summer vacation here in China, and I’m seriously bored. I just guess I’m gonna reread your book and read the 39 clues.
    Peace Out

  31. BAN –

    I don’t recall ever saying that Zoe’s name was pronounced any other way.

    And yes, that question is so ramndom that I don’t know how to answer it.

  32. Oreo—
    I’m in the exact same situation…just two years late. I’m only 13 and going into 10th grade (I skipped 2 grades [and don’t want to brag])

    Mr. Gibbs—
    I’m a really big fan of your books!!!
    Do you think I would be able to get one because of my age?

  33. CoolKid –

    I really don’t know about the age thing. I don’t think B&N is going to ask readers for birth ceritifcates.

  34. Stu-
    Hi Stu! My mom really aproved your amazing books!
    She liked it so much he actually started reading your books on her own!
    She says she appreciates the fact you put endangered animals in the FJ series and wrote how we can stop animals go extinct!
    She told almost anybody she knew that has a kid to read your fabulous books.
    My moms saying when I told her I was going to write this comment, ” Tell Stu to keep up the great work” she said.
    Anyway thanks a lot for those great books and I’ll be sure to tell my friends about your books!

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