I am the Barnes & Noble Summer Reading Hero!

More exciting news today.

I am the Barnes & Noble Summer Reading Hero.  (Perhaps you already deduced that from the title of this post.)  That means that they are promoting my books a lot — and I am promoting their great summer reading program.

Basically, you can get a free book of mine from B&N this summer.  All you have to do is:

  1. Be in grades 1-6
  2. Download a B&N summer reading journal
  3. Read eight books and record them in your  journal
  4. Tell which part of which book is your favorite
  5. Bring your journal in to any Barnes & Noble

Click here to download the journal, get a list of 100 great suggested books to read — and find a nice little post from me.

And while I’m at it, the FunJungle series was selected for The Week Junior’s Summer of Reading List.  So that’s nice.

Lots of great reading lists out there.  Lots of time to read this summer.  So why not do some reading and get a free book?

UPDATE:  I have received dozens of messages and comments from readers who say that they are older than sixth grade and asking if they still qualify for this book.

The answer is: I don’t know for sure.

If you look at the parameters that Barnes & Noble laid out, it clearly states that this is for kids in grades 1-6.  I am not a Barnes & Noble employee, so I have no idea if there is any wiggle room on this.  In theory, you should ask your local Barnes & Noble that question and hope for the best.

Sorry, but that’s the best answer I have for you.

121 thoughts on “I am the Barnes & Noble Summer Reading Hero!

  1. NNNNNNNOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! I am going into 8th grade. But I guess it can just buy all of your books.

  2. So unfair! I’ve read your books since i was nine and NOW this happens. They decided to do this as soon as i got out of 6th grade.

  3. Hi! Is this for people who are going into grades 1-6 or is it for people who just finished grades 1-6?

  4. Dang I would love to do this but I just graduated 6th so that sucks
    Still awesome though!

  5. Evil spy-
    Lol exact same thing as me, I started reading spy schoo, when I was nine and now I’m going into 7th grade

  6. Stu-
    So this isn’t really related to anything you have said in recent post, it is more of a comment. So I have seen some comments and different points (mostly during stretches where you haven’t posted Somthing) saying you should post more often, but I like The nonregular postage (idk if that is proper grammar) because it add unpredictability and if you just posted something like every Wednesday then you probably wouldn’t always have a thing to talk about so you might just do some minor thing like “oh Belly Up has now been out for 673 days” which would just be boring.

  7. quick note
    Stu’s new novel from the mystery book is out! Oh and it’s a FunJungle novel.
    Question: does the novel take place before FJ6 or after?

  8. Jason –

    This is a promotion that Simon & Schuster arranged with B&N and Musketeer is a different publisher.

  9. Bookworm –

    I assume you are asking if this is good for people who have finished Grade 6? (It’s hard finish grades 1-6 all at once.) The idea is that, if you have finished grade 6, you’re too old, but I think that maybe, you can ask nicely and get the book.

  10. BAN –

    I think you mean ‘story’ not ‘novel.’

    The story doesn’t relate to any of the other books at all, so it could happen anywhere in the timeline of the series. It really doesn’t matter.

  11. I can’t wait to start the Reading thing. I am so glad that I can do it because I am going into 6th grade.

  12. Stu- time to take the super puzzletastic mystery book off of the outcoming releases box!

  13. You said the funjungle story could take place anywhere in the timeline- is there a place you would put it if you had to put it somewhere? Is it canon?

  14. Stu –
    Would you say it would be a good idea to try and make a book and get it published when I’m still in middle school?

  15. I literally just graduated 6th grade 2 weeks ago, so does that mean I am too old for a book free book? I am technically not a 7th grader yet…
    And if I am not too old, does Spy School Revolution count as a free book?
    Thank you!

  16. Ugh! I’m in 11th grade, way too old for this. But I just wanted to say that I love your books, and your writing. What I love the most about your books is that you take subjects that are so far from our reality — like a 13 year old being a spy, or people living on the moon — and write them with in such a way that it all feels real. And NOT cheesy. That’s spectacular, and I can’t wait to read more from you.

    – Sarah

  17. anonymous –

    It makes sense to leave a release in the box for a little while after it has come out.

  18. Ki-Adi –

    I really don’t have any thoughts on where in the timeline it is. I wrote it specifically so that someone who had never read a FunJungle mystery didn’t have to know anything about FJ to understand it.

  19. Evil Spy –

    I tried to get books published when I was in middle school. It didn’t work, but that doesn’t mean it was a bad idea.

  20. Pretty funny how a lot of us are going into 7th, right?
    How was 6th grade for those of you who attended it this past year?

  21. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I live in Canada! Barns and Nobles don’t have stores in Canada!!! I read a lot of books during the summer, so I could have finished the program in like eight days! But NOOOOO I had to live in Canada.

  22. Bassy –

    One was a story about a kid with a dog that got him into all sorts of trouble. Another was a mystery.

  23. Stu-

    Do you ever work with other authors to make a story?
    And I have another question: My friend and I have been working on a sci-fi story since we were in the middle of 5th grade and now we just finished 6th but we’re still working on the 3rd one, but the problem is that he is probably moving to a whole different continent which also means that he’s awake when I’m asleep and vice versa most of the time. So should we just rush the third and make the series end there (Also that would mean it’d be kinda sloppy), 2) We just work on it during the weekends when there is the few hours that work for both of us and we don’t have school, or 3) We just drop the third all together and modify the 2nd to make that one the end of the series? Thanks

  24. I love your books! I live in Canada. Could I mail the journal in, or is there a place in Canada where I could take it?

  25. Stu —

    Nice job being the Barnes and Noble Summer Reading Hero! (I just graduated 6th and is hoping that they will let me get a book even though “technically” I am in 7th). I LOVE your books. I have a few questions on the Spy School series. It is fine if the answers are confidential.

    1. I once read on the Spy School Wiki Fandom that — “the legendary Nathan Hale had a crush on someone who was engaged to a certain Elijiah Ripley”. Is this a coincidence?

    2. Do you currently know who Ben chooses between Erica and Zoe?

    4. Does Ben choose in SS8?

    5. When you are writing books, do you typically plan a couple of books ahead?

    6. Is SPYDER done for good?

    7. In the SS wiki fandom, it lists Ben and Erica as the main characters and Zoe, Mike, Chip, Jawa, Cyrus, and Catherine as supporting characters. Do you agree with this?

    8. How do you decide names for your characters?

    9. Will Jessica appear in any other books than SSS?

    10. Is the Croaton in any way related to the name carved on the tree in the colony of Roanoke?

    Sorry for the many questions.


  26. Aiden )

    I have never collaborated with another author — although I did collaborate on screenplays.

    There are now plenty of options, like Google Docs, that allow you to work on the same document as someone else, no matter where you live. Perhaps you could consider doing that and then occasionally talk during hours that both of you are awake.

  27. Ben –

    1) It could be a coincidence. Or maybe i am just very clever.

    2) Yes.

    3) What happened to question 3?

    4) That is classified.

    5) Yes

    6) Maybe

    7) Yes

    8) There are many ways to come up with character names. I don’t have any set method of doing it.

    9) That is also classified.

    10) That is also classified.

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