BIG NEWS: There will be a Spy School graphic novel!

Over the years, many of you have asked me if any of my books will be translated into graphic novels. The answer is: Yes.  The graphic novel version of Spy School is coming.

Simon & Schuster has hired a very talented artist named Anjan Sarkar to illustrate it, while I am adapting the book.

I am pretty sure of what your next question is:

When will the graphic novel come out?

Some time in 2022.

And I am now betting your next question will be:

What??? Why do I have to wait so long???

Because making a graphic novel is A LOT of work.  Especially for Anjan.  We are only in the early stages.  But what I have seen so far is great and very exciting.

I will now answer a few more theoretical questions.

Is the book going to stay true to the original Spy School novel?

Yes.  Although there has been some adaptation to take advantage of the graphic storytelling.

Will other Spy School novels be adapted to graphic novels?

I certainly hope so, although I don’t know that for sure.

What are Ben and all the other characters going to look like?

You’ll have to wait a bit until you get to see them.

I went and looked at Anjan’s site and some of his stuff looks too young.

First of all, that’s a complaint, not a question, but I know I’m going to hear it over and over again.

So, know this: Anjan is very talented.  If you come across some illustrations he has done for younger readers, that does not mean he can only do illustrations like that.

When is the Spy School movie going to come out?  When is it going to cast?  

Yes, I know that these questions have nothing to do about the graphic novel, but I still keep getting asked them.  And the answer is, yet again: I don’t know.  I don’t even know if the movie will be made.  Sooner or later, I will know this, and when I do, I promise you that I will not keep such big news a secret.

182 thoughts on “BIG NEWS: There will be a Spy School graphic novel!

  1. Hi Mr.Gibbs,

    I extend my extreme condolences to you. I hope your are dealing ok with your wife’s passing. I just finished SS – IT WAS AMAZING!!! I can’t wait till SSR, I even pre-ordered it! I have a few questions on SS. Would you ever consider doing a book not in Ben’s POV? And does anyone die in SS8?

    Thanks, Please Reply!

    PS: I am really hoping for Ben and Erica to work out!

  2. Berica –

    I think that the charm of Spy School is due in a great deal to it being told from Ben’s POV, and that if a story was told from another character’s POV it wouldn’t work.

    I am not going to give away plot points, but I will say that I do not make it a habit to kill off characters in books intended for younger readers.

  3. Hi Mr.Gibbs,

    Thanks so much for responding! It made my day! I know I already said this, but I can’t wait for SS8!!!!

    Hope you have a great Father’s day!

  4. Yes! I can’t wait. I’ve read all of your series! I hope it will be like Percy Jackson with the graphic novel, the books, and the movies! Not comparing you to Percy Jackson though. I love your books.

  5. -stu

    Since Ben isn’t that good with guns why isn’t he good with knives? Knives don’t have kick back (unlike guns) and Ben only has trouble with guns because of the kickback. if he is gifted with math he can easily find out where to aim a knife and with knives since there is no kickback he can do it with no problemo. so why dont you make him a good knife thrower?

  6. -stu

    Since there are not really any serious violence i expect u don’t want someone getting stabbed so instead he can throw the knife so the handle of the knife hits them. (witch would knock them unconscious)

  7. Bassy –

    I like all sorts of kinds of music. I can’t really listen to it when I’m working, though, so I usually only listen to it when I’m driving. (Which isn’t that often, these days.)

  8. PersonPerson –

    Um… Have you ever tried to throw a knife? It’s not nearly as easy as you make it sound.

  9. Also quick thing
    Whoever asked which characters are black, I saw somewhere that Tina Cuevo is black but that might not be true, she also might be related to Ms. E but I don’t know for sure.

  10. PersonPerson-

    You do know that throwing a knife is so much harder than firing a gun, right? It takes years of formal training. If Ben has trouble with a gun, he can’t throw a knife. And knife-throwing involves things other than aim, like hand-eye coordination and astoundingly accurate technique, things Ben doesn’t possess. And even if he was fantastic at throwing knives, throwing them backwards would be essentially impossible, I would mess up all of the balance-related physics of the knife and any wind whatsoever would completely knock it off course.

    This is more of a matter of opinion, but even if all of these problems were nonexistent, I still wouldn’t want Ben throwing knives. It just messes with his entire character— he isn’t a natural spy, he has to use his brain to be a spy instead. Sorry if this comment seemed harsh, your comment just seemed really outlandish and weird and I wanted to clarify all of these things.


    Ps: If this posts twice, once without this postscript, my software is really old.

  11. Hello Mr. Gibbs. First off, I wanted to thank you for creating this series of books~ your work is incredible, and it has definitely gotten me through this isolation.

    Also, I can’t wait for the comic book & movie! I didn’t even know hey were in the works!
    Will it be in theaters (maybe?) or streamed on tv?
    Lastly- do you think there will be any more books after SSR?

    Sending condolences to you and your family. ??

  12. Stu
    Not to be rude, by I just realized that aren’t your kids named Dash and Violet? Isn’t that the names of the kids in The Incredibles? Did you name your kids after them? Just wondering

  13. Saint Smithens –

    No one has any idea what platform the Spy School movie will be released on — although given COVID, I think you are going to be seeing a lot more movies released straight to streaming. (Although perhaps at premium prices.)

    I am planning more SS books after SSR.

  14. Erica Hale –

    My children were not named after the kids in the Incredibles. I like the movie, but I don’t like it so much that I would name my family after it.

  15. Great! But why does SSR have to come so late? I was really looking forward to reading it. I am your spy school BIGGEST FAN!

  16. Hi!
    SSR is going to be the best book ever. I just know it. But is there a way to make it come out earlier? I am SOSOSOSOSOSO looking forward to reading it. I read all your SS series. A million times! You are the best author ever.
    Stay healthy and safe.

  17. I figured I should ask, although it would have totally given it away if you had a third kid named jack jack. Thanks for clearing it up! And just wondering, (I feel like you have been asked this and I am sorry I missed it, but…) what is your favorite series out of these and what was your favorite book as a kid?

  18. Here is something to debate about, if you are bored post you’re reaction.Both sides have valid points!: which is the more important, better side? Evil or good?

    Evil: They make the story fun. If the story was named “Ben in normal middle school,” (remember he only got introduced to the spy world because of SPYDER,) the story probably would have not only not been published, the publishing company would send out an email to the other publishers and tell them this book is terrible, don’t publish it.
    (No offense, Stu. Although, this didn’t happen because you are very good.) And so if there were no bad guys, this would not push the good guys to emerge as the hero we know and love. So evil could be more important, because they make the story fun to read and give you somebody to mix up the plot.

    Good: These people might also be the more important ones, because they save the world! They learn together and the story goes through their point of view so we grow with them In their espionage! They make most of the jokes and plots to keep us engaged! Without them, we would probably die ten times over living in their world. Albeit, if they did not emerge it is very likely that another hero would become the hero. Although it then might end up being the story of how little Freddy died eight times and got resurrected to die once more. So this proves the point even further that the good people could be more important, because these specific good people ARE the story!

    I personally think the villains are more important, but every quiz I take online says that Im evil so that judgement might be a little biased. But I really want to know the over all opinion! So ultimate decision: Who is more important in spy school, 🙂 GOOD, or EVIL >:)? Please answer and if you do Yay! I want to know! From you too stu!

  19. Oh and e1912b…
    Sorry, and this might be only by me because I only tried three times before I hit the wall and was un allowed to use a bow and arrow till I was 18… but anyway it is also really hard. You have to pull it somewhere in-between taunt and loose, and he can aim, I guess, and I figure he could find the balance… oh wait he might actually be good at this I am in experienced so I’ll just wait for a expert to answer that one sorry never mind haha.
    Can you do archery Stu?

  20. Sorry this is my third post in a row but I thought of another question for you…( *sigh plus eye roll…* ) How do you write a story? Do you come up with the whole story line, like say SS1, you know it goes ben gets phony drafted to spy school, he becomes friend with mrs super spy, he looks for moles, gets attacked by assassin, fends off in least suave way possible, bully might be mole, trusted person might be mole, real mole is even more trusted person and then woo hoo we save the day oh no we lose credit. Those were like, the main plot points, right? But anyway do you come up with all that fluff and then right it all down, or do you just make it up as you go? Because this would be helpful when trying to write a book. *cough cough, right here cough cough cough.* I actually inspired my best friend to write a science fiction. She is also making this up as she goes. Funny, I just realized in both of our books we are currently stranded in water. Did you know bully meant sweet heart a long time ago? It went from sweetheart to macho man, and then another fifty years or so go bye and it becomes what it means today. Sorry, I just referred to chip as bully and it reminded me of that sliver of info. Anyway once again, how do you write a story? Thanks

  21. Stu-
    Moving away from the knife throwing subject and since it’s pride month I just wanted to know what your opinion on the LGBTQ community is. I fully accept it (Mostly because my best friend is part of the community) but I’m not part of the community.

  22. Urbiggestfan –

    You think SSR is coming late???? There is still a lot to do until that book can be released. Please see my recent blog post about how COVID has affected publication for more details.

  23. a –

    I do not use a website. I use a word processing program and then my publisher handles the rest.

  24. Erica Hale @ Spy –

    Please see my recent post about how COVID is affecting the release of SSR

  25. Erica Hale –

    I don’t have a favorite series of my own. (If I did, I would only write that series.)

    I loved (and still love) The Westing Game by Ellen Raskin.

  26. Erica Hale –

    If you’re going to have a story, you need some sort of conflict. So neither good nor bad can be more important. They are both necessary.

  27. Everyone CAN throw a knife, doesn’t mean everyone SHOULD throw a knife

    And throwing knives is easy, it’s just getting the knife to reach a precise location that’s extremely difficult and takes skill

  28. Aiden O –

    By that argument, one could say it’s easy to shoot a gun. The hard part is hitting the target,

    Really, the point is, I want Ben to be a hero who doesn’t use a weapon. His greatest asset is his brain. So… no guns. No knives. No bow and arrow.

  29. SUPER PUZZLETASTIC MYSTERIES COMES OUT TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????????????????????????????

  30. Those question marks were supposed to be emojis, if you see this: “!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????????????”

  31. Stu-
    Are there any Easter eggs in your books for your other books? All my friends are saying there are but I’ve never noticed any. Thanks!
    -Jane L.

  32. Hey Stu, if you had a reader’s point of view of Spy School, would you ship Erica and Ben, or Zoe and Ben?

  33. Hi!
    I am you all time biggest fan! The SS series is by far the best I have read. Words simply cannot describe it.
    Sorry, but I have a question: Does Ben end up with Erica or Zoe? And is that jealousy make Erica turn against them?
    I hope you and your family are safe and healthy. I will keep Suzanne in my prayers.
    Your ALL TIME BIGGEST fan,

  34. Jane L –

    There are a few easter eggs in some of my books for others. But not many. And not in all the books.

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