How COVID is affecting the release of Spy School Revolution and the Spy School movie

Hi everyone –

At this time, there are two questions I have been getting over and over and over again.  So I figured I would post to answer those questions before anyone else asks them.

Can you please release Spy School Revolution early so that I have something new to read during the pandemic?

The simple answer is NO.

Here is the more complicated answer: You have to realize that releasing a book is not easy.  After I write it, there are still many steps.  The book has to be designed, then printed, then shipped to stores.  All of that takes time, and each one of those steps has been adversely affected by the virus.

Plus… to release a book, it helps to have bookstores be open.  Thousands are not right now.

Now, you might be arguing that you could order the books on line, so you don’t need the stores to be open — but it still helps to have stores open, so that people who don’t know about the book can see it and decide to buy it.

Due to these issues, many author friends of mine are having their book releases pushed back, rather than moved forward.  Hopefully, the release of SSR is far enough away that this won’t happen.

Also, if you are still ordering books on Amazon… stop it.  You are hurting the publishing business!  Instead, order your books through either your local independent bookstore (if they are still open), or Barnes & Noble.

Is the Spy School movie going to film after all this is over?

I have no idea.

Hollywood is completely shut down.  I haven’t heard from the executives on the project in weeks.  Disney, which now owns the rights, is having severe financial problems because all its theme parks are shut down.  No one can film anything because there is no way to do that while being socially-distanced.

At some point, Hollywood will need to start making movies again, but no one knows when that will be.  Until that happens, I will have no further updates on the movie.

One more thing:

Not to sound like a jerk here, but please please please stop asking me if I can cast you in the movie.  I know you are all shocked that I won’t have any sway over casting, but here’s the best explanation I can give:

Actors are hired by casting directors.  That is the casting director’s job, and they train for years to do it.  So, if I were to call a casting director and say, “Hey, you should consider this kid for the movie,” that would be like the casting director coming up to me and saying, “Hey, would you mind if I wrote a chapter of your book for you?”  The casting director has their job.  I have mine.  It is not cool for me to try to tell them how to do their job.

Thus, I have no idea if there will be an open casting call or when that would even happen.  My bet is, it is unlikely.  If there is an open casting call, I will post about it on this blog.  So please do not ask me if I can contact you directly at your email to let you know about this.

Again, not to sound like a jerk, but I have a lot to do.  Emailing every one of the thousands of kids (and a lot of parents) who has asked me to contact them directly would take me weeks.  I do not have time to do that.  I have books to write.

That is all for now.  Stay safe.

197 thoughts on “How COVID is affecting the release of Spy School Revolution and the Spy School movie

  1. Stu-
    Thank you for writing so many amazing books! Also, can we have your email? Once again, thank you!

  2. Lola –

    I don’t really have time to make videos right now. I’m too busy writing books.

  3. Lola –

    Please look at the right hand column of every single page of this website. You will find the answer there.

  4. Stu

    I have never been an actor, more like an organize the actors and help them person, and I am sorry you have all these emails and questions 10 times over every day. Although I think you do have a typo three paragraphs down under the sub title of ONE MORE THING. I think you tried to write THIS but wrote TIS. Can’t wait until everything gets published, whenever that may be, happy quarantine ( this last part was sarcastic ).

  5. Hi mr.Gibbs, I am so board during the quarantine so I have been reading and I just finished my 36 book and now I am looking for a really good book/series and I was wondering if you could recommend some to me. Oh and I have been reading on an app called Libby and I totally recommend it, it’s the library on an app!
    Thanks for your time,

  6. i love ur books so much! i can’t stop reading them. can u give people a sneak peak of ur next books?

  7. Zoe –

    I have a blog post from a few weeks ago where I recommend lots of great writers and books.

  8. anonymous –

    Sorry. No sneak peeks. All they do is make people more upset that the book isn’t out yet.

  9. Hey Stu, just wanted to tell you that I greatly appreciate your books. While they correctly represent teenagers nowadays, you don’t give focus to phones or other things that a lot of books that are based on our generation focus on. And while there is “romance” in the books, you represent it so well that I feel like I’m rooting for someone to be with another like in movie. You are really talented. Thank you for what you do.

  10. Hello Stu. I really love your books. I can’t wait until Spy School Revolution comes out. I hope that you are staying safe.

    By the way, can someone send me an invite for the Spy School Fan Club on Discord.
    Thank you.
    – Spy School Fan

  11. Hellloooooooo Stu!!!!!! I am a HUGE FAN and I realllly want THE MOVIE TO COME OUT! My friend wants to watch the movie before the book, because she is LaZy. Thanks!

  12. Hi me again! So also I rly want the new book spy school revolution to come out!! As I said I am a HUGE fan!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Quarantine –

    There is no doubt that the Marvel movies are far better than the DC movies. As for the original comics, I like them equally.

  14. a friendly reminder not to push him to give updates on the movie/book release- writing takes time! 🙂

  15. hey stuart i love ur books they are awesome! i was wondering if u could send me the invite to the spy school discord thanks.

  16. Mr. Gibbs

    So when I was reading the last funjungle book you made I noticed something. Teddy says that Sage is a classmate. Then later when they are first going to the ranch to look at the T. Rex Teddy says that his father doesn´t want a SIXTH GRADER driving him around in a car from the road to the Sage´s house. So in the past books you said that Teddy was in Seventh Grade not Sixth Grade. And since Teddy and Sage are in the same Grade.( And also that Summer is in 8th grade.) Just a reminder. Now go back to work.

  17. Ben ‘Ripely’ –

    As I made clear above, I do not know how the auditions would work. Therefore, I do not know how anyone would audition.

  18. I don’t wanna sound kinda like…dumb or anything but Stu, or anyone reading this (Maybe you something about this up there but I didn’t see it)…Who do you think would be some good actors or actresses for the main characters in the SS series? (Just people you guys think would fit the roles, like known actor and actresses, not like your brother who claims he’s Stu’s biggest fan)

  19. Hi again
    was wondering when you think they will start fliming/aditioning. Also around what time do you think it will come out. ( same with the book) I love your Books so much! anyways thanks a lot

    – Hi from texas!

  20. Hi From Texas –

    As I pointed out in this post, Hollywood is shut down. So no decisions on anything concerning the movie can be made. There is no timeline.

  21. – Stu
    I realized that your children’s names are the same as the incredibles children. I am guessing it is a coincidence, but as Cyrus says the are no such thing as coincidences and every action is a result of another action.

  22. Hi Stuart – I started reading your spy books out loud to my fourth grader 10 weeks ago and it has been a wonderful way to bond with him and pass the time. He’s an excellent reader on his own but I really enjoy doing the different voices and having the special time with him. My 13 year old has also occasionally joined in too which I love. Hope you are staying well. You are appreciated. Julie and Cody

  23. Mk4kwok –

    My children have those names despite the Incredibles. They were names that my wife and I wanted before the Incredibles came out.

  24. Ok, as for bookWarsSScharacters.

    1: Orion.
    The guy that really likes coding and goes in is private helicopter which he cant fly in SSBI. I dont know why I like him, but its brobably with coding and computers.


    3: Erica
    If you like action,danger,thrills, sarcasm or are a Berica shipper like I, YOUVE GOT THE RIGHT WOMAN.

    Honestly, why not.

    scroll down.

    scroll down.

    just a bit more scrolling.

    For numbers 4 5 6 7 its because they are hilarious, and you gotta love their dialouge.

    8: Alexander Hale
    Hilarious,funny, and all-time embarrasment.

    9:Barnabous sidebottom (Principal)
    just so hilarious.

    10: Woodchuck Wallace
    just so smart and useful.

    everybody in it. obviously,because they are the bad guys.

    12: Everbody else.
    literally every other bad guy.

  25. How are you gonna release Charlie Thorn 2 without revealing Pandora and what it is, I don’t know why, but this question has always bothered me.

  26. Daniel –

    Please think about what you are asking here. In the first Charlie Thorne, the whole point of the book is that Pandora is incredibly dangerous. Also, someone as smart as Albert Einstein had to come up with it.

    I am not as smart as Albert Einstein. Pandora does not really exist. There is no way that I could possibly tell you what the equation actually is.

    But if I could… I still wouldn’t do it… Because it would be incredibly dangerous information to share. That is exactly why Charlie argues that it should be destroyed throughout the book.

  27. Hi Stu,
    Yes, I realize that, but it seems almost impossible to find a way to not write it in. Most likely, (this is a guess) Charlie will have to, at some point, reveal Pandora to someone. How are you gonna make it so it’s not gonna be revealed to anyone?
    P.S. When is the cover reveal for Charlie Thorne 2, the release date and title are on the right side of your webpage, so it can’t be long

  28. Daniel –

    I really can’t explain how pandora will play out in CT2 without ruining the book.

    I do not know when the cover reveal will be. The cover is still being designed.

  29. I really like your books and my favorite is SS British Invasion, because it is set in Europe, and it is just a really good book. I just want to thank you for being my favorite author and writing so many good books for people to read.

  30. Hey Stu,
    A recommendation of something you should watch is Disney Characters in Quarantine, it is hilarious and you should check it out.

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